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Old 07-30-2013, 04:20 PM   #18
RJT Impala
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Originally Posted by Comrando View Post
Who installed the lowering springs?

If they didn't realign the wheels then the camber will be wrong and wear the inside.

Suspension / Brakes / Chassis
IMHO Comrando gets the A+! Lowering typically results in a positive camber that must be corrected with an alignment. Left uncorrected, the inside edge will wear excessively.
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If it was both sides, then it would be caused by underinflation. But it looks like it's only one side, which means that it is caused by poor alignment.

OP, since you after overdue, and did not alert your dealership at the start of the vibrations, then I believe the ball's in your court.
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My question to you is how many miles did you have on the tires before the rotation?.
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All Star
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You had your car lowered? It sounds like TC doesn't know what he is doing and is blaming the dealer unfairly.

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Old 07-30-2013, 07:48 PM   #22
Scalded Dog

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Damn lucky a flat tire caused this to be discovered before a highway blowout happened. That tire looks like it's about 25 more feet of travel before BLAMMO! Chalk it up to good luck, get new tires, have the alignment work done, and from now on, at least glance at the tires every few weeks or so.
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That tire looks older than hell.
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Originally Posted by midnighter View Post
That tire looks older than hell.
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Old 07-30-2013, 09:03 PM   #25
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Had the same type of thing happen on a Taurus once. It was the alignment, nothing to do with tire rotation. Bought new tires and an alignment.
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Old 07-30-2013, 09:11 PM   #26
Blown Cool Breeze
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Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
Judging by the photos... looks like OP doesn't pay much attention to detail regarding his vehicle in general. I regularly look at my tires for signs of irregular wear and, if I see/feel a problem I address the issue right away. It's my responsibility as a driver and vehicle owner.

Suck it up. Get some new tires. Get your alignment, camber, toe-in, etc. checked by a good tire shop, and pay attention to your vehicle's condition. Tire, especially, can cause serious safety issues.

Agree totally...with tire wear that bad it would be easy to spot 10 feet away long before tires were rotated,unless one is totally oblivious.

That kind of wear took many thousands of miles to occur and if not the car probably wouldn't have steered straight at all.
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Hard to believe it was only a little vibration and no pull.
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Not a tire rotation or balancing issue what so ever.

That being said, that tire was pooched the day they did your rotation. I would start by putting some fresh rubber on the car, all around, then I would get a full 4 wheel alignment and go from there.

Now if you think I'm full of shit and just taking the dealers side, I'm not, they should have told you your tire/tires were finished, and if u post up your pre alignment specs, ill tell you exactly what's wrong, why this happen and what needs to be adjusted to achieve a good alignment. And if this happen to one tire, maybe the one tire was faulty but I highly doubt it by the picture that was displayed in your post.

And to everyone who thinks tires are covered under bumper to bumper, they are not.... they are only covered if u purchase the tire road hazard extended warranty (might not be exactly what it's called) when you purchase the vehicle new I believe (In Canada, not sure about US). Other then that sorry your out of luck. If u get tires covered at your dealer without tire protection warranty, keep going there they have a great service manager lol.
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You had them rotated recently? And they didn't mentoin or even notice that your tires look like this?

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Had a similar thing happen with a new Nissan once. They crank the car down so hard on the transport truck it screws up the camber. Didn't notice and wore out the inside of the front tires in less than 10k miles. Nothing they would do, had to buy new tires.

Always inspect your tires for wear, especially after making suspension mods.
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Old 07-31-2013, 09:04 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by sdmaro View Post
I recently went to rotate my tires on my LS late in February. Initially, I would feel the car shake at highways speeds really bad and I figured it was the balancing not done or incorrect or maybe the tread was worn uneven. Well today I received a flat tire and to my surprise the tread was completely worn on one side! I'm thinking the dealership did not balance or align the tires correctly resulting in me having crappy worn tires. Are they going to replace the tires even at 3 months past due. I had absolutely no issues before the rotation and have been going to this dealership since I bought it here at Ron Baker in San Diego. Below are some pictures of the damage, what do I do?

Why did you wait so long? If I felt the shaking back in Feb I would have taken the car back in to get check. I don't think the dealership is going to help you on this one. Even if it was there fault they are going to say "why did it take you 6 months to alert us of the issues."
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Like others have said, I would have my alignment checked and get fresh rubber. Most dealers are not cooperative about "wear" items and probably won't do much for you even if you bought it there.
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I have 24,000 on the same tires and they look like new.
Tow or camber is way out.
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