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Drives: 2013 1SS 1LE Black - Std Exhaust
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In 1993, I bought a new Z/28. In 2002, my wife and I traded the Z/28 for a 2001 WS6. Now in 2013 we sold the WS6 outright, and bought the 2013 1SS 1LE. For 20 years I have driven a Camaro or a Firebird, and I do not regret any of them. The 2013 is the finest one of the bunch, but I do not regret any of the cars. I have always bought exactly what I wanted so I do not have any problems driving the cars for 10 or more years.
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Drives: Black ZL1
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No regrets. This sounds like a regret and it's not, but last time I buy a black one. But I love the car. And yes I plan on buying another Camaro, so i garage this one and break it out for special events, when it has about 50k miles on it, maybe a 6th Gen? Depending on when they come out.
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Forever Pontiac
Drives: 2012 Black 2SS/RS
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No regrets. It's what I wanted since I was a kid.
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Drives: 2013 SS/RS VR 1LE
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HUD would've been nice but my finance situation choice was 2ss or 1ss 1le. I think we all am agree which is the better choice for same price

2013 SS/RS 1LE VR-Backup System, SOLO Perforsance HF Cats, Muffler Delete, BBK Off-road X-pipe
2002 35th Aniversary SLP SS-Sold
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I still grin when I am walking upto my car in a parking lot.

Had it almost 4 years.
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Angrybird 12
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2nd 5th Gen and the only regret I had was buying a coupe in 2010 and not waiting for the convertible in the first place. Not that I didn't like the 2010, it was a blast, we just prefer a convertible.
No regrets buying my 2012 Convertible at all, 14 months and 14,500 miles of permagrin! Including the 2010 make that 44 months and 42,100 miles of permagrin!!!
Cancer's a bitch! Enjoy life while you can! LIVE, LOVE, DRIVE...CAMARO!

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Drives: 2010 Camaro LLT/RS
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My only regret was that I didn't do more research on getting a v8 rather than a V6. I didn't even consider getting a V8 as an option, when in actuality I could have gotten one. But I'm extremely happy with my V6, but my next camaro will definintly be a V8.
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Drives: 2011 2LT RS Convertible InfernoOrng
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Originally Posted by ucla View Post
Just wanted to know if you guys have any regrets buying a camaro? Would you buy another one in the future? How do you feel about the money invested in your cars?! Do you regret not buying something else?
No regrets! The wife now wants a Synergy Green model!

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2010 SSRS

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no regrets at all, I love my 2SSRS, best looking Camaros ever made
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Drives: 2014 2SS 1LE
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I have a 1LE on order which will be my 4th Camaro, no regrets, they are fun cars to own and drive.
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Drives: 2015 2LS Red Rock
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No regrets.
Great work car, fun road car,economical to operate, will probably recoup most of my 22k "investment" when I sell or trade it in if I keep it clean.
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Drives: 2011 2SS/RS
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My only regret is not getting the exact color I wanted as cyber grey met. Is the worst color ever for dust and fingerprints lol but I got mine at an unbeatable price so it's all good ;-)
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Drives: 2011 2SS Synergy Green
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I love my car.. it's my dream car really.
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Gone Euro!
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Drives: 6spd Manual Mercedes, Daytona 955i
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Interesting question that I'm happy to answer. I actually DID regret purchasing this car in the beginning, but after modding it and getting all of the issues ironed out, I'm happy with it.

I'm a difficult customer. I've had a lot of different cars and know what I like. To me, here's where Chevy failed with the bone stock 5th-gen Camaro:
  1. The stock SS exhaust barely has any presence. At least when a stock 5.0 rolls by, you can hear it, and identify what it is.
  2. Paint issues
  3. Lack of basic equipment that is now considered "standard" by today's measure (i.e. automatic temp control, etc.)
  4. Fit and finish issues (i.e. instrument cluster bezel fitment, etc.)
  5. Basic parts issues (it took GM three years to correct a leaking master cylinder reservoir...really??)
Had I gotten a better trade deal, a Boss or Cobra would be sitting in my garage right now. Having my Camaro set up as I do now, in retrospect, making that trade would have been a regret.
Bye bye, Bumblebee!
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