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Old 08-16-2013, 12:54 PM   #26
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Wow that gave me goose bumps , It's amazing how the story came along for the better .
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Very touching story, and congrats on organizing such a successful event!

Keep us updated on the father of that little boy. That is so incredibly sad that the doctors can't figure out what is wrong.
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Touching story! Really gave me the goosebumps. It gives me hope for the world knowing that some people are so nice, and truly care about others. Great pictures, by the way. My favorite is the one of the kid sitting in front of "bumblebee". So glad you had a chance to help out your local military shelter. (thats what I got out of it, at least.)
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Autoboticus Roboticus
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That is awesome.. I'm sorry I missed this gathering.

But I'm also very proud and humbled to have such great people who do these things as real life friends of mine.

We (Rachel and I) absolutely love you guys!!
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Thank you for doing this event a second time. Thank you for writing this thread, very well written!!! Not only did I get a chance to hang out with some great Camaro Owners I also helped out our verterans.

Way to go!!!
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What a truly beautiful story. It brought tears of sadness (for the family) joy (for the little boy) and disbelief (that there are still people out there doing random acts of kindness) to my eyes reading it. What a wonderful group of people you all are.
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Posts: 1,219 sir are a a dad myself, still quite choked up. the car pics are great, the pic of the kid with his prize and dad is priceless...
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that would be a good Camaro Now article.

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That was an awesome story! I also was choked up from reading. I also have a little son and it really made me think about that little boy. You are a great person to be able to share something that we are so passionate about with a little boy in the way that you and your friends did. It made me rethink the way that I see things and share this passion I have for our mutual "Friend" with others. I hope that I have a chance to make somebody's day in a similar way in which you did.

I also would like to say that the pictures look great. Congrats on a very successful day! I wish you continued success with this annual event and I wish the little boys family well.
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The goodness of people does manage to shine fourth in spite of all the evil in the world!

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Awesome story and a wonderful cause. God bless each and every one of you.
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So amazing!! Brought tears to my eyes. It's so good to know there are such generous and caring people out there! I give so much respect to all of you!!
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Adam E. Lucchesi
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That is so awesome!!!!!
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Wow, what a great event! Mya May... that was so sweet to give that boy the car you won, just so sweet! Great story, you guys rock!
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With envy
It's a Synergy thing..
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Originally Posted by Macina View Post
Beautiful story.. Really nice to read something like this instead of so many other "hard" threads... Beautiful!
I was getting a little tired of hearing people's opinions about tail lights, myself.

Originally Posted by brengeek View Post
Even more honored to have been a part of this. Where's the Kleenex???
Yeah, I never would have got those last pictures, had it not been for you grabbing me and telling me to start snapping pics.

Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
Very cool story.

Reminds me of a long story that's going to get shortened.
Went to a test and tune at local drag strip. After a few runs a guy comes up and says "it's my sons 17th bday, what would it take to get you to take him down the track." My response was "nothing, get in." I let him keep the time slip of course.

Point is kids love Camaros. Mine is black so they don't call it Bee, but definitely just need to embrace it if you have one.
If I had handed my story to my English 101 teacher she probably would have read it, handed it back and said "Great story! Now start cutting."

Yours is a great example of telling the most with the least. I'll bet that kid's dad was a hero after getting him that ride. Very cool!

Originally Posted by z28-conv View Post
It made me rethink the way that I see things and share this passion I have for our mutual "Friend" with others. I hope that I have a chance to make somebody's day in a similar way in which you did.

You will.

The catch is that you may never know the good you've done. But don't let that stop you. I just got lucky enough to have people around to point me in the right direction to see what was happening. I hope you will have that same luck too!
It's a Camaro thing...
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Looks like candies for adults.
I like!!
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Very nice story. Thank you for passing it along
With this in the garage, I smile every day
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Wow!!!! I just don’t know what to say but I’m gonna try.

First and foremost lets not take away from the reason behind this event, Fisher House. Whether you agree with the reasons our military goes where it goes and does what it does is irrelevant. These folks go where they are told and risk their lives daily so we can enjoy the lives we live. With that said I would like to publicly thank all former, current, and future members of our country’s armed services for providing the daily freedoms we all too often take for granted. Without you, there wouldn’t be this very forum I am posting on today. Maybe next time there can be a way to identify you so I can thank you in person.

My name is Tim; I am the father of that wonderful boy in the pictures. In April of this year I was struck down with an enormous amount of pain and endless vomiting that have plagued me on a daily basis since. I have visited countless doctors, surgeons, and specialist running every test you can imagine and a few you probably can’t. At first, we thought I had the flue but the symptoms never went away and I began losing weight at a remarkable rate ( I began at 250 and am now <180) the rapid weight loss carried its own list of issues and I currently take both pain and nausea medications to control symptoms and prevent the hospital visits we were making to try to stop the gut wrenching vomiting. To date my longest episode has lasted more than 72 hours and each time is worse than the last. The weight is still falling just a little slower than the 10 pounds a week I was losing without it. I have been off work all this time trying to survive and take care of a family of 5 on the meager $300.00 a week my short term disability policy pays (that’s less than a days wages if I was able to work). Needless to say I live with daily stress and concern for my family. As of this post whatever is causing this is unknown and all of the tests indicate there is nothing wrong save a mildly elevated white count, yet the source has not yet been discovered. All that said I have been doing my best to create memories for my children that will last long after I am gone should things not work out in my favor. Tim Jr. my son was diagnosed with Autism very early on and we have learned the triggers and how to deal with them and he has come a long way and is quite the amazing child. He is very outgoing and friendly and always makes me smile. This all started as Gary said with a simple “how ya doin?” from his wife and my asking if Timothy could “meet” her car knowing this would leave him with a fun memory that would last forever. When she told me about the fundraiser it was more than I could ever ask for, a in-your-face testament to the saying “all things happen for a reason “ upon our arrival Maggie stopped what she was doing grabbed my sons hand and off they went to meet “Bumblebee” I can honestly say that was the happiest day of his life. The day was amazing and in no way was it supposed to be about me, this was just a father wanting to make sure he left his son with some memories he would always cherish. Gary has pretty much covered the rest of the day and I can’t thank Mya May enough for what she did, what may have seemed like a small act at the time impacted me and my family in a way I could never imagine. Its little things like that that make me smile even on the worst of days, thank you so much. My deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you for helping me create the most amazing memory ever. You truly are an amazing group of people and made us feel like we belonged and were part of your very special family. Gary and Maggie, thank you from the bottom of my heart that car has allowed you to bring joy to so many, maybe one day I will be able to park along side that beautiful machine and join you in bringing such joy and happiness to someone’s life. No matter what life throws your way remember that day and the smiles and joy you brought to that little boys life when everything around him seemed to be falling apart, for that day, you made him the happiest boy on earth. I will never be able to thank you enough.
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OP, Awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing! Tim, you're in my prayers....stay strong.
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Originally Posted by 376LS3 View Post
Awesome story man! Its nice to see there is still a glimpse of humanity out there. Kudos to you for all your hard work organizing and best wishes to the boy and his family. Hope all ends well!
WOW - ditto

And Tim, you and your family are in our prayers.
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That's awesome!
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Wow. Just wow. Thanks for sharing man.
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Tim, thank you so much for posting here with your story. Thank you for being a fantastic father. I work as a mental health therapist and know how challenging and wonderful autistic children can be. I can see the joy in your son's face in the pics & can hear the love and pride in your post. May God bless you and your family and may a medical miracle discover the solution to your issues. I have been blessed to be able to use my Camaro to help me help the children I work with and know how much joy these cars seem to be able to bring, but your story is simply amazing. This is indeed a community of fantastic people who do a lot of wonderful things using these beautiful Camaros.
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........And this is what all of us Camaro owners know in our hearts: this is way more than 'just a car'

This story both warmed my heart, and broke my heart.

I am so glad for Tim, that his son got the experience of a lifetime; both meeting 'Bumblebee', and winning 'Bumblebee'.

Tim, I hope and pray hard that they will find out what is wrong with you, and that God will put his hands on you and restore you to full health, so that you may live a very long life with your family.

God bless all of you.

This magical Camaro has brought me, and all of you, so much joy and life experiences like this that others will never know; much less even imagine.

OP, thank you for sharing this heartwarming story, and starting my day off with a smile, and a tear.

God bless them, and thank you, to our brave military heroes, who are out there making their sacrifice to keep us safe.

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Scalded Dog

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Sometimes I don't know why I even visit C5... the bickering, the whining, the trolling, the needling and silliness... worse than my grade school kiddos. But, being a sucker for pain, I still check in every now and then, and it is posts like THIS that are so top- shelf, beautiful, touching, inspiring--- even well written!--- that redeem every troll's negativity ten times over.

Great pics (how I do love SGMs... ), great backstory, and GREAT to see how the Camaro brothers and sisters ARE when it comes to philanthropy. THIS is what I dig about the "club..." good people.

(I will say this, though... you referenced how some of the yellow Camaro owners may have seemed mildly irritated by Bumblebee references by kids... while mine is not a Transformers Edition, nor even close, few things are more enjoyable to hear than kids talking about, or even talking TO "Bumblebee." It NEVER gets old... any yellow Camaro owner who gets irritated at a kid who is thrilled to see "Bumblebee" needs to turn in his Camaro, and go get a greyish, mid '90s Honda or Toyota, so he can blend in instead of stand out!)
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