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^^^So true. It never ends. Keep it around 600 rwhp and have fun. Or just go and buy a piece of crap and make that crazy fast.
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Thanks for adding that Robert. That is invaluable information, and everyone can learn a lot from your experience in the game. It couldn't be more true. One of the most amazing aspects of this website is that we all get a chance to share and learn from each others experiences. Hopefully the information contained in this thread helps members out in one way shape or form.
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jordan 572

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Good advice everyone. Now that you hopefully understand what your up against if your going with Ted first thing he will have you do is probably get the zr1 map and spark plugs. Then you'll need an sct handheld to datalog with. Once you are running his tune you will be able to see map exactly on the computer. Then you'll be able to fine tune your wastegates to hit the desired 7 psi. You may not need new springs as there is fine adjustment on the gates. The lowest my 9 psi springs will go is 11.6 ish. So datalogging is probably the best way to dial in boost. Like tcat said you should probably get injectors, go with injector dynamics and don't look back.
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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
This is a general statement not directed at any individual...

Tommy, you hit the nail on the head with the statement about enough is enough... If I may add... To those wanting more and more... Be careful what you wish for... It's easy to get these cars beyond what is considered street friendly.. For every power upgrade, you trade off some drivability.. It's incremental until one day you realize it's not fun to drive anymore... Some are willing to give this up, most are not...

You as an individual have to give an honest self appraisal of your desires... Bearing in mind someone will always be faster, quicker, etc...

EXPENSIVE is only the beginning... Another aspect is... Can you as an individual honestly afford to replace... Insert item... Turbos, heads, valves, pistons, cranks, rods, blocks... If it breaks... Without breaking the bank, making others do without...

These cars are a ton of fun stock... Sometimes I've wished I could go back and do it over... I'm still trying to make a pass as the fastest 5th gen in a standing mile... Here is a short list...
Blocks... 2nd one, third rebuild
Turbos 7 & 8 going in the car... These are not training turbos either...
Clutch... 3rd one... Thanks to The street slayer, don't need another... Ever...
Drive shaft... 4th one...
Heads... 3rd set... Turbo manifolds, 2nd set...
Injectors, third or 4th set...
Plugs, change them out almost like underwear...
Transmission... 6th... Five iterations of the factory then a purpose built trans that cost roughly 3 times a factory replacement... It handles the power and shifts where the previous ones did not...
Fuel pumps... Damn, let's see... Original... Lingenfelter duals, outgrew those, went aero motive big boy... Junk... Then a Weldon external... And the duals from Lingenfelter back in the tank, feeding the Weldon.. And the stand alone in the cell for nitrous...

My point is, as above, be careful and absolutely honest with yourself about you goals and what you are willing to give up to achieve them... It isn't long before the cash pits we call modded cars are no longer what we wanted to start with... And you wil almost never recoup your investment...

I had a guy at the Texas Mile watch me blow up a turbo and offered me a huge sum of money for the car and trailer while we were fixing it... I turned it down. I have no regrets about that but I was already in so deep I knew what to expect...

Be honest and you may not be disappointed... I had a goal and we are close...

Very good point that many miss. It's the old "gotta pay to play" ....or "how much will it cost me?" .... well, "how fast do you want to go?"
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