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Old 09-12-2013, 10:26 PM   #1
Prime Time
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NEED HELP! Pioneer AV-X5500BHS and Scosche GM5201B Kit

Hey y'all!

I need help here! I just purchased a Pioneer AV-X5500BHS DVD head unit and the Scosche GM5201B dash kit for my 2012 Camaro. My problem is, I can't seem to get the steering wheel control to work correctly.

I plugged the 3.5mm plug from the Scosche harness to the WR jack on the back of the dvd head unit. According to the Pioneer manual WR means Wired Remote so I'm assuming that is the correct jack to plug in the 3.5mm plug for the steering wheel control. So i have that done correctly

Problem: with everything working the way it's suppose to be except the steering wheel control. Where it's not working correctly is when I press the SRC knob it brings up the telephone and as I keep pressing it all it does is bring up and close out the telephone feature but it never cycles through USB, Radio, Disc. Also, the volume doesn't work, and when I press up and down on the SRC button of the steering wheel control, the dvd head unit goes back and forth between two tracks and not go through the 30 tracks I have on the USB drive.

I called scosche and they said that On the current year models of pioneer unit there is something going on that scosche can't seem to figure out why the steering wheel control is not working properly. However they said that the steering wheel control works fine with all other head unit but for some reason on the 2013 pioneer models, it's having issues.

Can anyone confirm this? any of you have this problem and how have you fixed it? THanks in advance .

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Old 09-14-2013, 11:16 AM   #2
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Had similar problem years ago, there was no fix, pioneer claimed there was nothing wrong with my head unit at the time. Ended up returning the head unit and getting a kenwood and never had another problem. Ever since i never recommend pioneer products cause I've heard of problems like this over and over again. Been in the audio scene for a while, lots of competitions and my dad used to be sponsored a long time ago and hated pioneer products as well. They look nice and have a decent price point, but I'm not a fan of them, just my opinion. But i would just return it and get a kenwood unit, i think they look better anyway
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I can help you! I had the same problem with my Kenwood unit not two weeks ago. Alright, this is what you do. If you have a steering wheel wire from the Pioneer then use it with the kit. If not, you need to solder a 10k resistor between the ignition wire (red) to the 3mm jack cable. If that still doesn't work, move to a 6.8k resistor and it should. Worked for me!

Edit: I would contact Pioneers Research and Development team to figure out a solution for pioneer before trying what I did on my Kenwood.
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