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NO Dealer sales people coming to help the guy who looked broke in a wheelchair

I thought I might share my car buying experience when I went to get my car.
I went to the dealer with cash to buy a new ZL1 and normally when I used to drive up and get out of my car I would be flooded with sales people trying to get my business.
I have purchased 4 or 5 cars from this same dealer in the past,but in 2005 I was crippled.Anyway I rode metrolift there which is a direct ride to a destination for the disabled.I had my helper with me who helped push me from across the street and half way across the lot and right pass where all the sales people wait in golf carts.
I video taped myself thinking it was going to be the same old buying a new car thing,but turned into me sitting in front of the ZL1 for what seemed forever,30mins and they were less than 30-40yards away,till finally someone came to help me who walked out of the sales floor,and passed the other salesman with their feet up talking to each other.
It sort of shows that the program "WHAT WOULD YOU DO" MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO IT AFTER ALL ,LOL.
I let it go and just played it off as nothing happened being there are so many other more important things going on in this world,but some may say why post it then.Well being a disabled vet,and it being it was close to sept 11 I thought I would do it anyway just in case any others have dealt with the same thing. I spent over three hrs with the salesman who was a pretty decent guy,but I just didnt feel I was getting a really good deal,even if it was a vert ZL1.
I ended up going else where and purchasing A 2013 Vert ZL1 that night from a dealer and saving about 10k for one that had a couple thousands miles on it.
I dont think the reason I was not getting any help was because I was in a wheelchair,I just think it came down to the fact I looked broke,lol. The whole point of this post is that even though some may say Man that sucks,and it shouldnt happen to the disabled,I believe it comes down to as i said early there are so many other more important things going on, we shouldnt get upset over ever little thing that happenes,because i have much more problems in life than that,and learn to just be focus on the good,like i have great kids,beautiful grand kids,and hey I got a ZL1 anyway
A foot note to all of this is that after I purchased my ZL1 I went to FASTLANE here in Houston on a rainy day and NICK the owner came outside and stood by my car in the rain for over 20 mins talking to me about mods for my car,and afterwards he and the guys pushed another car out racked my car spent some time checking it over and then dyno it all for free just to make sure it was alright since I purchased it used.He offered to do this without my asking.SO I will say this FASTLANE made up for what happened at the dealer ,and showed me what customer service is.Fastlane also matched any price on parts i found on other web sites,and had no Prob;em installing my own parts. Fastlane earned my business ,and after checking them out on Facebook(i follow it from his web site) reading what his other customers said is the reason my car is sitting in his shop now.I can also tell you Evan from DEp3 is a stand up guy,and that's why i purchased his HEX,and his res because he took the time to come out to my car,and provide good customer service Also.IT "Takes a Yrs to build a good reputation ,and only seconds to destroy it".

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Cartoon Maus
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I think you're probably right about the appearance of money thing. I walked into a dealership in cargo pants, beater shoes and a t-shirt with holes in it. I finally got someone's attention because I wanted to open up the Zed in the showroom. I got that sour look of, "Tire kicker."

When I told him I was pre-approved and would drive it off, his tune changed. And so did mine. I drove off to another dealership an hour away. And bought the car there.

Dealerships are like any retail establishment. The level and quality of service vary widely. Vote with your wallet, just as you did. Enough people have those experiences and dealerships feel the pinch.

It improves the breed.

Glad you ended up getting the car and are happy with it. Drive by the other dealership a few times and honk every time. Or go buy the cheapest thing in the parts department. You know. Just to **** with them.
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Drives: 13 ZL1 vert blac fastlane/LPE 750
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well I do intend on going back there, because i want to get a car cover for it with the ZL1 printed on it if they have them
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I secretly enjoy walking into the dealership in cargo shorts and my 13-year old fraternity t-shirt, and being mostly ignored, until I pick my choice then pay cash. The truth is, salesman know all too well that MOST people have done an extensive amount of research already, and therefore will have very little to do with "making a sale". I mean, we have already basically been in test drives already with you tube and GoPro cams, etc. My point is, I don't think your disability or appearance necessarily was a factor. My personal opinion is that, at least with new high-end cars, salesmen are useless. Thank you for your service BTW, we are all indebted to you!
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el ess A
formerly "el ess X"
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Hell no. Order the car cover from or some other online GM accessories dealer. Don't order it from the DB dealer that snubbed you. You'll save some $$ going online I'm betting.
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Glen e

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A good sales guy knows that all sorts of people have the bucks, no matter how they are dressed or act. Only idiots do this crap anymore.
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Thanks for your service. I greatly appreciate it. Some salesmen and dealers do profile and that sucks. But I think in most cases these days, they don't typically have an "up system" where they just stand around waiting like vultures to get the next customer. This is because most people shop online, send requests online and make appointments online so the salesmen are working their emails, text messages, etc. hopefully this was the case.
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I did something similar back in my early 20's. My dad was talking to the Porsche dealer about a 928. He knew his salesman was out of town but decided he wanted the car. He wanted to see if the dealership would sell the car to a kid with a T-Shirt, cut off blue jeans and some pretty badly worn tennis shoes.

Well they ignored for a while till the sales manager came and asked why was I in his dealership. Told him I wanted to buy the 928, had a check and he could call the bank down the street my checking account was at. He sold me the car and the freaking other sales folks freaked out that they lost out.

Funnier yet was when the salesman my dad had been talking to came back to work he called my dad and said he was sorry but they sold the car while he was out. Dad said it was ok since it was his son they sold the car to.
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Originally Posted by gen=5 View Post
well I do intend on going back there, because i want to get a car cover for it with the ZL1 printed on it if they have them
Given the way that your were treated, mail order it from Becky at Rodgers.
I was taken care of perfectly by my local dealership. The best buying experience that I've ever had. That said, because Becky does so much for C5 members, I ordered several ZL1-related products from Rodgers, that I could have purchased close to home, because of how she treats all of us.
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I went through a similar thing with a local dealer to me. This is a dealer that I had been to many times for parts and even went with my Grandmother and helped her buy a Cobalt which she stroked a check for.

I'm a typical T-shirt and Jeans kind of guy. I also make a fairly decent living and so does my wife we both have excellent credit also. I went in and told them the truth, I was on the fence between a Camaro and a Corvette. I wanted to test drive them both and see what I really thought of the two. Verdict? The Vette is sick and I would have loved one but I really need a back seat for my son. Well long and short they treated me like crap acted like I was a broke bitch and didn't do much to earn my business. I drove 35-40 minutes away to get my car from a bigger and better dealer. They KNOW how to treat a customer. I've also referred 3 sales to my salesman and drive all the way there to get ALL of my service and buy my parts.

I also make sure to give the other crappy dealer the finger every time I drive by it...
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In 1981, my sister wanted a new Z. I, a constructiion worker, a friend, a welder, and my sister, a waitress, all still imn work clothes went to the chevy dealer in Turnersville N.J. After 10 minutes of no salesman coming over we left and she bought the Z the next day at another dealer!
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Don't waste your time going to dealerships. Do your research and communication online until you find what you want.
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ernie scar
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Sorry to hear about your buying experience, unfortunately you arenít the only one. What bothers me about some of these salesmen they figure they are doing you a favour by selling you a car.

It like listen hear buddy, if it wasnít for me buying a car you would be out of a job.

Just my 2 cents.
They say money canít buy happiness; well they never drove a Camaro.
A Corvette engine and a Cadillac suspension stuffed into a Camaro, thatís what Iím talking about!
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white ZL1

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So...we've got salesmen who won't come out of the building but what about salesmen who JUMP at the sight of a car on the lot.
A couple of years ago I stopped at a local dealer to pick up something that I'd ordered from the parts department. To get to the parts door, you have to drive around back of the building and around the main car lot. I pull on the lot and down a short drive that gets you up to the main building, turn the first corner to get around back to the parts dept, and a salesman walks out the side door of the building and right into the isle I have to drive through. He walks right in front of my car, puts his hand up (as if to say: STOP), walks to the side of my car, and says "is there something I can do for you?".....
To which I politely respond, "Yes, you can get out of my so that I can get back to the parts department to pick up something that I ordered."
"Would you like to take a look at any cars?"
"If I did, I would have stopped to look at one. Or maybe even called ahead. Is it ok if I go pick up my part now?"
To which he says nothing, and backs away from the car.

2013 ZL1 #7922
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The appearance is a factor when purchasing cars unfortunately. But for me honestly I hate being flooded by salesman. It's annoying and for me personally as soon as I walk in I ask for the most experience salesman there and that hasn't failed me lately. Quality over quantity.
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Same kind of experience for me here in Alberta. The local dealership here is a large volume mover of trucks and is probably #1 in Canada for that. So they obviously know how to sell vehicles.

I went down with my brother-in-law one day to look at Camaro's. We were there almost 2 hours and not a single salesman came over to ask us if we needed any help. Not impressed. Went down again a couple of weeks later, and the same thing. However after about an hour a salesman came up and asked if we needed anything. One of the Camaro's there was locked and I wanted to look in it. He said not a problem. He goes across the showroom, grabs the fob for the car and unlocks the doors. However he never comes back. Again, not impressed.

Next day I phone the Sales Manager (good friend of mine) and ask if they have been allocated a HWSE Camaro. He said they were not allocated one. I then proceeded to tell him about my bad experieces with the sales people the last two times I was down. He said he would make sure to talk to his staff.

Phoned another dealer in Sherwood Park (4 hours south of town) and they had allocation for one HWSE, so I put my deposit down. 2 weeks later the local dealer phones me wanting to know if I was still interested in the HWSE. I said I wasn't as I had already put my order in at a different dealer. My "friend" goes on to tell me that I should cancel that order and get the car through him as this other dealer does not contribute to the community, etc. I told him no because I have a truck that I take for service at his dealership, along with the car we bought for my wife. Also my parents have bought 4 vehicles from his Dad who owns the dealer over the years.
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More mods to come!
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Glen e

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I have been training car sales guys in the proper sales approach for 20 years. Just do this:

1. get your financing together before you go
2. Know what you want
3. Walk in and see the receptionist - ask for the "floor sales manager"
4. Tell him you are serious, have your financing and want one of the top three sales guys in the place.

be direct and get it done. Don't be a jerk and defensive - walk if you don't get what you want - don't argue - walk and find another that will get it done.

Of course the above does not always work, but it works the majority of the time...
2LT C7 Cyber/Red
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SRT and SS
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Being 23 and young looking at cars like SRT and ZL1 is what I loe to do, I love getting treated like shit, cause it really goes to show you never judge a book by its cover. I had a salesman, im not kidding, chuckle at me when I told him I was giving thought to ordering a ZL1 from them, I went to the bathroom and left immediately. Went back a few days later while on break with a friend in his car, Ferrari 458 Italia and made sure he saw me, look on his face, priceless .
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Gen=5, first let me say we are all proud of you and your sacrifice. There's a debt there that nobody can ever repay you.

That being said I feel your pain. I have about 20 cars, and usually buy and sell several cars a year. I deal with car sales people on a very regular basis. They have generally become the laziest bunch of people I have ever dealt with. Just last week I spoke to 3 sales people on the phone about a ZL1 they showed to have on their website. Not one of them could even be bothered to call me back to tell me if it was still available. I know for a fact one was, since I bought a different one from the same dealership and saw the one I had called on. I did refuse to buy from the sales person that never called me back though.
These experiences are just the ones on the phone, I usually dress in jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes and if I walk onto a dealers lot can't get a sales person to even look at me. I don't look like someone who can afford a new car, they don't seem to notice that I drove up in another new car. Sales people definitely make judgements on whether they "think" you can afford a car when they look at you, which is why I prefer to deal on the phone.

I refuse to work to give some salesperson my money, I require they work to EARN my business. My money spends just as well at any other dealership, I don't have to buy from someone who treats me like dirt.

You surely aren't alone.

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I regret you had a bad experience at that dealership. I love reading the stories of some idiots that unfortunately work at dealerships. I have always walked onto a dealer lot in jeans or shorts and a t shirt. I have been shopping that way since 1985 when I purchased my first new vehicle a Ford F-150 4X4. I had a similar incident while getting replacement parts for my girlfriend's Tahoe. I had looked online on the Chevy website and noticed this small dealership had a black 2013 ZL1 which I was ready to buy. I walked around the car and the salesman came over after I attempted to open the door to look at the interior. It was locked. This car is on the showroom floor in front of the sales managers office. The salesman states they keep it locked to prevent people from "looking inside". He then asks the sales manager if he can unlock the car to show a customer. They unlock it and start on me about "it's a limited production car", no discount and maybe a markup since it's "limited production" etc. I told them that they are still producing them as I had been on Camaro 5 and was monitoring VIN numbers for new 2013 owners. I could tell they thought " Oh, he's not serious buyer".

They didn't know that I was already approved for the purchase thru my credit union, found my ZL1 at another dealership in my area. It was posted above about the dealership "working" for the sale, these guys did exactly that! I came back and parked it as close as possible for the sales manager to see along with the sales geek who was insulting to me. I walked in and gave then a bunch of feedback on treating customers better in the future. It was actually borderline racism and I told the sales manager that exactly. They were apologetic but way too late as I will never use that dealer to buy a car from! It is always said, "don't judge a book by it's cover".

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Camaro Fred
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Appearances are so overrated. I don't think it was your disability, I do think it had to do with how you were dressed. I wear clothes that are not good enough for a thrift store on the weekends, and I get no respect. What matters is not what is on your outside or even in your wallet, but what is inside. Glad you got your ZL1, you will enjoy it.
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Unofficial Glass Tech
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there are a couple of things to mention to your original post.. the most important thing to start off with is that we (humans) have a natural repulsion to anyone with a disability.. second thing is if the TSA profiled people the way car salesmen do, we wouldn't have near the problems we do when we fly.. third is that I hope you weren't playing the pity card because you served in the military and were handicapped..
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DJ-Silver 2SS
Ah DJ-IOM ZL1 haha
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I completely agree. Why is it so many of us have had this same type of situation? When I returned from a 3 year tour in Korea this past February, I wanted to buy a ZL1, period. I was driving in my '10 2SS and I was looking. After looking online, I decided to stop by the local dealership to see what they had. I had my financing in order and was ready to go. My normal attire is golf like clothes, shorts and a polo shirt. None the less, I pulled up in my 2SS to the front door, got out of my car, walked around the lot, then walked into the show room. This whole time, no salesman greeted me. I saw that the dealership had the car I wanted, but I was slightly upset that no one even said anything to me, so I left not talking to anyone. I gave up that day, but went to the neighboring dealership and received the service that I was expecting and bought my car.

Of all things considered, my wife and I have bought cars from Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, and Toyota. As I have witnessed, BMW and Toyota have the best service I have ever had. The dealership I bought my ZL1 from is one of the best dealerships I have been in, but for a Chevrolet dealership, it seems to be against the norm...

Just my 2 cents.
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Account Suspended
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Courtesy Chevrolet in Arizona wasted my time and called me a roach because I asked them for a discount on the ZL1 I simply asked for my GMS price minus the rebate. I then went to Sands Chevrolet in Glendale Arizona, I called before hand and spoke with the GM. He said come down, I said I'm on my way he called to check up on me, I told him I'm running a little behind, when I got there to my surprise the car was detailed. It was upfront, it took them 10 minutes to get the bank to approve it. I signed and left.

It's amazing how much proper management makes a different.
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Originally Posted by qniknam View Post
Courtesy Chevrolet in Arizona wasted my time and called me a roach because I asked them for a discount on the ZL1 I simply asked for my GMS price minus the rebate. I then went to Sands Chevrolet in Glendale Arizona, I called before hand and spoke with the GM. He said come down, I said I'm on my way he called to check up on me, I told him I'm running a little behind, when I got there to my surprise the car was detailed. It was upfront, it took them 10 minutes to get the bank to approve it. I signed and left.

It's amazing how much proper management makes a different.
You are missing out on the 13 GT500 thou !!!
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