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Torq Custom Turbo Install. result blown engine!

I don't really know where to start or what all too say but ill give it my best shot. A little background I've been a Torq customer for over a year now, I've gotten all my work done there from lowering springs to a Cam install and even had a Torq sticker across my windshield. Well Me and Erik (no longer at Torq) talked about getting a custom Torq built turbo kit installed on my car which all sounded great because I've never had a problem with them before so I didn't think anything was going to happen. The build took about a month to finish. The horsepower I was told they achieved was 570RWHP. Paul never showed me any dyno sheets to prove that those numbers where actually achieved. When I got it back there was multiple issues. I kept it for about a week until there was what looked like Tranny fluid leaking. I had to trailer it back to Torq. All the issues were fixed (two weeks) when I got it back everything seemed to be working with no problems but then the next day I broke a Rod and blew a hole in my block... The way it happened was really strange. Here's how it happened, really confusing hopefully I can make It understandable (Cars automatic btw). I was driving home from a car show and was about 10 15 minute's into my trip when I gave it about half throttle to go over a interstate bridge when the engine went from about 3000Rpm to redline back down to 3000 and back to redline... then the engine cut off and had to coast to the side of the interstate. Tuning issue?? anyway I looked underneath fluids everywhere. I couldn't tell there was a hole because the hole is underneath. so I had to wait on the side of the road for about 5 hours for a tow truck! the car was towed to Torq around 5:00 AM and dropped off outside. I got a phone call the next day from Paul and he informed me that there was a hole in my block and it would have to be rebuilt. Two days after getting my car back and spending over $15,000!! Paul at Torq said that it wasn't their fault or anything that his shop did to my car could of caused it. He said that its very rarely seen that an L99 breaks a rod and that I was just unlucky enough to get one of the engines that do break a rod. He also said that it would cost around $6000-$12000 to rebuild it! I can buy a brand new Ls3 for that much money. He basically said to me that he's not going to help me out and that I am on my own! So now I have to save up even more money just to get my car running again! This whole experience was a nightmare and hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else. Torq NEVER said or warned me that my engine could possibly break because of this, the only warning Paul gave me was that my tranny would go out in about a year(I was more than ok with that) Please spread the word to all your friends so everyone knows what happened. below are pictures of the build, install and invoices of all the parts. Hopefully I didn't leave anything out I tried to be as specific as I could. I can proudly say I will no longer go to Torq for ANYTHING and the Torq sticker has proudly came off my car.
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I think i met u at the bbq at torq. I didnt ready the whole story yet but i remember you said that u didnt upgrade ur oil pump. Sid u upgrade the oilpump ?
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Sucks to hear. How much boost were you running?
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Damn sorry to hear this Jon. 15 friggin large for 2 days of semi sorta fun? Wow. Sickening to think about.
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TORQ has gone down the drain. Thank god my car has not gave me problems as they tuned it. Sucks to hear that happend man. Good luck
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WOW!!! Jon, i'm sorry to see this happening to you man. Most people/shops reading this know that you were taking advantage of. We were warned once before by our fellow Pontiac friends to stay away from Torq.
But i know how we were all pretty close to Erik so we decided to hang around. But just know that EVERY member and friends of Tri-county isnt going to rest until you are giving the help you deserve.
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This is absofackinglutely ridiculous. I am so sorry to hear about this. You were definitely taken advantage of, then only to have the door slammed in ur face when their custom build blows. You were "unlucky "they said? OMG! I have never heard such a bullshit line like that, .... and I've been in sales for 15 years. This goes well beyond unprofessional, this is criminal. Please contact the State attorney general to start a case. There are paths to dealing with shady scumbag retail establishments. Sorry again for what ur going thru..... I'm pissed just by reading it. Can't imagine how ur feeling.
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Wow Jon!!! This makes me sick to read. They deserve to go belly-up for taking advantage of their loyal customers

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Send a message via AIM to Meister@Torq Send a message via MSN to Meister@Torq
John, we are sorry to learn of the incident(s) with your Camaro. Please be assured that the overall satisfaction of all Torq customers, concerning both the products and services provided by our organization is of great importance to us. It is Torq’s objective to provide exciting, durable and reliable products and services, which will require a minimum of service and not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

At the point the vehicle was removed from our location, all you/we knew was that the connecting rod broke and no further investigation was authorized (we wanted to continue the tear down to see what happened but were not given the opportunity as the cost of replacement was not something you could handle at that time. We insisted on investigating further and were never given that opportunity). From the investigation we were able to conduct, at no charge to you, we advised that the most likely cause of this failure was due to exceeding the limit of the factory components and discussed the approximate costs of building a stronger than factory replacement engine. At this point you are accusing us of breaking your engine and not replacing it without any proof of the failure was caused by anything we did.

As everyone knows, factory engines are not designed for boost and the increased power everyone has been throwing at them; however, many have been able to push the limits of the stock engine time and time again and abusing the fact that only limited failures occur. It is unfortunate when these types of failures happen; especially to a great customer of ours who’s build was recently completed. There is no rule as to how long a motor will last when using them beyond what they are intended for (it could be years, months, days or weeks but the amount of abuse put on them prior can shorten the life of an engine). I can assure you that our power adder policy is discussed with all customers: “When adding boost to a stock engine anything can happen, although we have not seen a failure to date, we do not suggest adding this type of modification unless you are prepared to replace the engine should an engine failure occur”.

Due to the complex nature of this build and that everything is one off our standard procedure is to keep the car once it is complete to extensively street test the vehicle to verify there are no issues after delivery. Because this car was needed for daily transportation, we delivered the car, took you on a test-drive and instructed that if there were any issues to please bring it back immediately and we will take care of them, which we did promptly and without cost to you per the terms of our workmanship warranty.

When you dropped the car off to us we were quick to diagnose it and report of the engine failure and that a rod had broken due to the additional power added to the motor, most likely not caused by tuning or any negligence caused by anything we did. Because of your long history with us as a great customer, we offered to store your car as long as you needed, finance the motor in-house for you for however long you needed to complete the build and our entire team was supporting you to offer heavily discounted parts/labor to replace and re-build the motor.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this matter may have caused. Should you wish to discuss this matter further please call us.

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Sorry hear that John. You should take legal action against them fight for ur hard earned money. I have my turbo camaro for over a year now n still running hard with stock internals no issues. It's sad that they are just calling it bad luck. It's not bad luck it's lack of knowledge n no respect for their customers.
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Sorry dude. That's a lot of cash to just be "unlucky"
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Damn, Jon, that really stinks. That's a whole lotta dough, just in labor alone, custom or not! I hope they reconsider. If possible, I would try to get a second expert opinion by someone that knows what to look for with engine failure.
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