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Old 03-16-2008, 12:17 PM   #57
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Supercharger with FORGED internals = AWESOME!

stickers = not so much.....

What is the curb weight of the V8 5th Gen Camaro ?????
I'm hearing 4000lb.
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Originally Posted by comiskeybum View Post
Honestly I am liking this car less and less. That SS looks like a glorified street legal funny car. And it looks horrible in white.

Honestly the Shelby mustang with racing stripes looks better and ive been a chevy fan all my life.......sorry
no need to post it twice bud.

on the other note im realy thinking this is a ZL1 those stripes reseble it sooo much more than the ss.
and lol at the glare right were the hockey stripe is usaly were the "427" or "ZL1" would be... crap.
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Old 03-16-2008, 12:43 PM   #59
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Originally Posted by camero View Post
The upper fascia vent can't be opened because the hood latch is right behind it!
Isn't it amazing though, that GM has so many unbelievable performance engines to choose from in this day and age? I still remember the late 70's when there was NOTHING.
I will be so glad when Gm gives us all the details(engines, paint, price, etc..). I Really Really am looking forward to this vehicle coming out and is like a drug that i can't get enough of.
thx camero(even though you remind me of the teacher on kung-fu, plenty of wisdom but it is over my head ) I appreciate every little tid bit you can give me.

Awesome pics BTW!!!
Delivered 12-16-09
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Old 03-16-2008, 12:44 PM   #60
Sir Charles
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Originally Posted by Tran View Post
Seen here is what is likely the Camaro SS!! It was spotted by one of our members with his cellphone in Mesa, AZ, outside the GM proving grounds. It is being tested concurrently with other similarly configured Camaros in the GM proving grounds. From what we can see, the car's distinguishing body work includes the black hood stripe and hockey stripes running down the sides of the car.

We've been told that it sounded like "a demon"! And had a whistling sound at idle

The first photo is the original. The second has been magnified.

Attachment 4099

Attachment 4100

Looking good.
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Old 03-16-2008, 12:45 PM   #61
9 YEARS on Camaro5/6
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My best friend use to live right down the street from the proving grounds. I can't believe there's a new Camaro here in Phoenix!
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Old 03-16-2008, 12:49 PM   #62
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The Chevy Connection site has interviews with the Camaro designers; it might be tricky for some to navigate but worth it as this is the official Camaro site and where you can soon order your Camaro. By the way, it also shows the very first Camaro commercial: - listen to the option list, too.
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Old 03-16-2008, 12:54 PM   #63

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I'd say there has to be at least 2 V8s coming then, because there is no way they'd have the only V8 available be S/C. A lot of us couldn't afford that and don't want that. Good to know our SRT8 and GT500 fighter is accounted for. Check that box.

The stripes, well personally I'd prefer the twin racing stripes as seen on the vert concept. If I couldn't get those, I'd want either the single broad stripe OR the hockey stick stripes seen here, but not both. Both seems a bit much. I'm withholding final judgment until I see them in person or at least a better picture. I cell phone cam pic taken outside in motion does not do it justice I'm sure.

TT C6, I don't think the Camaro will come anywhere near 4000 lbs. The G8 comes in less than that, and it is a full-size sedan with a number of luxury features. The Camaro has the same platform but shrunk considerably. It really is comparable in size to the Mustang. We have also been told by people close to the program that weight will not be a problem. So no worries. I'd say 3500-3700 lbs is closer to what we'll see. Its no Lotus, but it isn't a Challenger either.
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Old 03-16-2008, 01:03 PM   #64
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Is it just me guys or what.....

but those headlights look a little concept dont they????????

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Then you're gonna love me
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Originally Posted by Fandango View Post
**On a really, really important note**What will you listen to???
Own- "Does it come in Black?" Exterior/ Grey Interior 2LT/RS Automatic
The Batman would only drive a 2010 Camaro and buy from Camaro Scotty. 'Nuff said.

Anyone that knows of a place that is making the Concept Shifter for the new Camaro. (Auto specifically) Please let me know.

Order# NDTMVP Ordered 10/23/08.
2000 on 5/21/09... It begins.....
4B00 on 6/26/09... In transit to the Cave
5000 on 7/6/09 it waits for my arrival!
1000000 on 7/10/09 The Tumbler is in the Cave!
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Originally Posted by mega_man_01103 View Post
Is it just me guys or what.....

but those headlights look a little concept dont they????????
It's just you.
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Camaro Lives On
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Mr. Wyndham
I used to be Dragoneye...
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Originally Posted by TT C6 View Post
What is the curb weight of the V8 5th Gen Camaro ?????
I'm hearing 4000lb.
I highly doubt that with all my heart. The G8 GT came in at under that.
Jenny Craig was called. Weight is a high priority for the designers. The Camaro is NOT a Challenger.

I'm not too worried, and 4000lbs is WAY out in left field, as far as Im concerned.
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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Jayhawk USN
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Originally Posted by balonywolf View Post
It's just you.
:notheadlights: He's right. Look at the grill. That's not production.

I'm not a fan of white because that is just a boring color on most cars. I like the vinyls on the side and hood, although I'd rather see 2 stripes down the center of the car.

Don't get too hyped up about it being different than the others. While this might be an indicator of what production paint schemes might be available, this is not a confirmation or official. This is just a spy shot of a car that is in testing. They might be testing how well the vinyl adheres to the paint for all we know. There is no indication that this is the SS, Z28, RS, base or any other potential trim. Don't worry about what we won't know for a few more months.
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Cool pic. Adds to the intrigue.
I'll patiently wait as to what they will offer.
I don't think this pic adds a lot of clues.
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