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Originally Posted by mondain View Post
They've done it this way for decades, you were just ignorant of it.

Never ask how sausage is made. You might just find out.
Actually they didn't and your last statement is very appropriate to describe how things used to be handled in the 70's. They are doing the right thing today.
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Originally Posted by SWHCPA View Post
+1. Thanks, Scott for sharing and you're right on the $$$. There are things discussed in this forum that would never get out of the boardroom or QC departments of other manufacturers.
Originally Posted by mondain View Post
For the first time in American automotive history we have an obscene amount of public insider info on this car, its one of if not the hottest selling car in America right now, GM is under a microscope for every little thing, and the moment a bug or issue comes up everyone jumps down GM's throat for not handling it this way or that.

GM is going to address the issue, just like every other auto manufacturer does: research, experiment, and hopefully, fix. Just because you have a front row seat to the process doesnt mean they're doing it wrong. They've done it this way for decades, you were just ignorant of it.

Never ask how sausage is made. You might just find out.
Originally Posted by SSwitzerland View Post
..beleave me... here in europe you have things like this very very often... even in the lux-range of the mercedes and bmw's! the only difference is..these manufacturys make their announcings of tec-problems very often much toooooo late and only if they become pressure for a coming-out! means.. GM is top with the reaction an fairness! NO model is absolutely perfect in the first half year of production... the Cami is it just! lots of regards from the biggest camaro-fan in Switzerland

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My M6 has 4500 mi and has done 6 dyno pulls on it and some hard driving and no problems at all with the trans, I now the ones that have to wait for your order to be made are upset, But you are better to wait and get the car, Than get the car and be mad that it has problems.
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Originally Posted by usmcjlp View Post

But really, when was the last time you heard of Honda launching a new vehicle with these issues?

When was the last time you heard about honda

A) launching a car this many people cared about?
B) anything with close to the Hp of this car?
C) a platform this advanced?

You need to compare apples to apples. Honda doesn't design performance cars.
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Though not a union member I respect everyone's right to choose. Regarding the most glaring 2010 Camaro issues reported to date, the transmission is a product of Mexico and the Camaro is assembled in Canada, with parts shipped in from all across the globe. Although it is true these are global "New GM" issues, I don't see how American UAW members have anything to do with the problems reported thus far on the Camaro. Frankly, I'd feel much better if the whole car and all it's components where produced in America. Not a knock on rest of world GM employees, just my wish that American workers ( both blue and white collar ) of all skills and occupations were not the victims of so much outsourcing. Ed M.
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I don't want this taken the wrong way but:

I just went thru GM Global Connect and all related areas and there is NOTHING about this issue. So when it's reported on the front pageof this forum, who is the person giving out this info without letting the dealer's know what's going on?

Can some of my fellow dealers chime in on this?
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not good!
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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
Subscribed and watching...
Finally got the Batter cable issue fixed the beginning of the month... hopefully there isnt anything else wrong, but if there is I hope the recall fix is a bit faster...
My 2010 2SS/RS SIM, LS3 was ordered on 10/13/08 and delivered on 5/9/09!

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Glad I switched to A6. Push it through GM!!!!!!
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there seems to be always some excuse that its not gms fault, or gm is aware of the problem and there doing the rite thing to fix it,or some one saying its not all makes or models, or every manufacture has issues.when is enough, enough?regaurdless of where the product comes from or what paticular manufacture is making it its still has gm name on it, which means its gms fault.
they chose to use that manufacturer, they choose to use that product for this car, and they chose to hire the employees that cant tighten a nut down on a spoiler drew a good car, but it seems like gm chose cheap parts to build the car.
sure every car manufactures has issues, some worse some not so bad, but gm is the one whos head is on the chopping block, gm is the one that turned out the american icon camaro and is haveing severe issues now, not every one else. you would think gm would be doing things better and cleaner then the others guys just to prove they have staying power and they can build a dependable car.
every time i see another report of something going wrong with this car it makes me said.i think its great that gm is willing to fix the problemS, but i think it should piss alot of people of cause they are inconienced, they have to take there car in to get a tranny replaced(we all know its coming). so now you are with out your 40,000$ car and you are hoping that gm sends that better tranny. you also hope it doesnt it take weeks to fix.
the worst part is every ford dodge or race inspired car that pulls up to you is going to make fun of your ass a say gm cant even build a tranny( it has gms name it therefor its gm)
also every problem including this major one is killing the resale value because its all ready showing its not dependable. sure it might be a small batch of paint or piller or trannies,but when is the last time you put your faith in a used with this many issues, or possable recalls and you know there is more to come!
sooner or later you as a consumer needs to say "thats it no more".build the car like its suppose to be built or dont build it all. the more things go wrong with this car and the more people read and see it the less likely gm will make alot of camaros, and if gm doesnt make enough of these car to where its aprofit over the next couple of years, you can kiss that z/28 idea good buy and the whole camaro good buy. i dont think the goverment is going to allow the company to limp along like that. o wait they didnt. they went it bankrupcy
i guess ill see you in line at the dealership waiting on a new tranny!!!!!!
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WHAT I RECOMMEND: (....from a PERSONAL viewpoint......)

DO NOT do 6,000 RPMS and then DUMP the clutch.

That's a foolish thing to do....regardless of what you are driving.

I'm not saying you have to 'baby' the car -- but don't go out and 'flog hell outta it!"

Meanwhile - we will have more info. as details develop.[/QUOTE]

Can you explain why launch control was designed into the car? I mean was it intended to protect the drive train from us nuts because of the long warranty on thease cars. If your not to use it why put it in the car. I saw a post on here explaining it on the corvette and the engineer said it wouldn't hurt the car. I do believe that this sight has alot to do with getting gm to jump on this problem quickly and I gain some respect back for them over that. Do you think this has anything to do with weight of car? That alot more to get moving then the corvette.
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I had the tranny replaced in my 2007 Camry with less than 1500 miles on it. Go read the Toyota forum about all the V6 tranny problems when it came out. Many folks had their tranny replaced in this model.

This is not unique to GM. When you rely on third party vendors, things just happen.
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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
I've asked for clarification on the matter. Since there have been no early cars breaking, I think it is a bad "batch" of something.
This is what I was hoping. I hope your right.
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Dr Jkel
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I have a M6 2 SS and have had no problems, but I have not dumped the clutch, probably never will, even NHRA, NASCAR, and just about everything else mechanical breaks. Just wait and see, if yours breaks and they fix it so be it, if they do not then that is another story.

I personally applaud GM, The Camaro Team for putting a hold on these vehicle to makes sure they are right.

On other thing is that alot of complaints about quality. Let me just say if you want show quality vehicle, build it yourself, spend about 70 k and you will have your car. But you will never get SHOW quality from a PRODUCTION vehicle. Every car built has a flaw somewhere. So please quit dogging GM, if you do not like it don't buy one, or selll the one you have. You get nowhere with that.
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