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VIN#9382 , Car is lost!?

Hi y'all. First of all i would like to thank you for giving me 5 minutes of your time for reading my thread. Here is my story:
First i saw the movie, then i saw the car. Then i went crazy and pre-ordered the car as soon as i had the money! NOT only did i pre-order this car but i also paid for it upfront in full. This all happened 21'st of March! My car was scheduled to be built 23rd of April. However when the recall happened it was postponed to the 12th of May (BTW these dates are not exact, HOWEVER they are only 1 or 2 days off TOPS). I didn't mind because i as a person, try to be patient. My dealer is cool, he said i will receive the car 7-14 business days after it has been built. I said perfect! (because my birthday was on the 23rd of JUNE (turned 19) and i wanted to drive to Canada with this sexy ass car for my birthday so.. well you know what you can do in Canada when you're 19). However time passed, i got worried. Called my dealer (he the type of dealer that never answers his f'ing phone) which didn't work so i just went there my self. It was June 3rd and he told me not to worry and the other dealer that's receiving my car should get the invoice for shipment anytime soon. 10 days passed. "Well I'mma call this guy and wait for his response". 5 days later. "I'm sorry but... it seems we do not know where your car is?". At that moment in time, i was preying to god that he was kidding.... hahaha he wasn't -.- My birthday passed.... 20 other days passed.. they do not know what happened to my d@mn car. That's not just it. The dealership got their display car which had a VIN#22000+. Meaning there are 13000+ who ordered THIS CAR AFTER ME AND GOT IT BEFORE ME..

Please, i do not know what to do. Can someone... anyone out there help me please? My VIN#9382. I need to know where my car is..

Car Information:
Camaro 2010 2SS/RS package include
Automatic transmission
Black with no stripes
Inferno orange interior
Sun roof included

Please help me if you can.. if you cant, i really appreciate you reading my thread and i hope to god you're not going through what i'm going through.
Thank you,
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Yes we can. Click on the link in my signature and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY!
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Sane, what is your full VIN and Order # (6 digit alpha numeric code dealer will have). If they told you it is lost, what options did they give you? Reorder?? you paid upfront, that takes some courage (and cash on hand I don't have!) I hope it works out.
"As evidence that we're not completely brain-dead, GM will build the Chevy Camaro."
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1100 = Preliminary Order: 6-03-09
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3400 = Broadcast: 8/27/09
3800 = Produced:
6000 = Delivered to Customer 9/21/09
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I will not hand over all the cash and trade to my dealer until my Camaro is there for me to see. I only put down $1,000.
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