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Ghostly Unknown
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Simply two different animals
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I have a camaro on order. Unfortunately, i found a 2008 Black/Black MN6 LS3 Vette for the same price as a new Camaro 2SS. I'm gonna take it. Camaro is just taking way too long to get produced.
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I would take the camaro but that is because I have to have more than 2 seats, but I was at my local dealer and let me tell you a lady had just bought a '10 Camaro 2SS in black with the black factory 21's and a body kit with 900 miles that she was trading in because she wanted a Vette.
Semper Fi,
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Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
I just sold my 2007 1LT black C6 M6 coupe for the Camaro. I have not driven a SS yet but so what. I drove a 1LT Camaro and i know i love how it drives and feels. I sat in several 2SS/2LT cars so I know the seats are far superior to the base seats in the base Corvette but... don't kid yourself:

#1 a "base" Camaro and a "base" Corvette are not the same. Most desired options are in the 1LT Corvette. The rest is BS. I didn;t even have the Z51 pkg but you know what, you don;t need it. 99.9% of drives won't/couldn't drive even a base corvette to its limit in stock form. I know I coldn't.

#2 a Camaro is a muscle/pony car. A Corvette is a SPORTS car. It will out run, out corner, out stop, out perform in all ways a Camaro.

#3 With the Corvette comes some bad stereotypes... daddys car, penis envy, cocky ass...etc. I am only 32 and somethimes hated driving the corvette b/c of this. just be prepared if you get a corvette...

I tapped out of Corvette ownership after having a 67 coupe, a 92 coupe, a 95 coupe, a 2000 coupe and a 2007 coupe for the camaro for several reason...

-I have 2 other Camaros and want all 5.
-The new Camaro is totally bad ass looking and so comfortable.
-The Corvette many be faster but seriously do I need 192 mph at my disposal? I think 155 is pleanty.
-The non-sport seats in the C6 SUCK!
-I was sick of black
-and on and on

This question has no answer. They are differnt. Utopia would be both but I can't afford that. In the end, you can't go wrong with eitehr on.
That is an interesting comment about the stereotypes, and I think you are right. I don't have a corvette but nobody blinks when someone pulls up in a $70k lexus or bmw, but somehow guys in a $50k corvette are trying to make up for something or prove something to others. Especially if you are a young guy I think people look at you funny. Not that it would stop me from buying one if I wanted to either way but a good point.

To me it comes down to the number of seats and the cost. For a short time the vette is relatively cheap and there are no used/excess camaros around but that won't last long. 6 months from now the corvette premium will be back, so if you want one, now is a good time!
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Originally Posted by Fogey View Post
Every time I see a Vette, I think I need one. But,the only one I can afford is a basic 1lt. How is the performance of the 1lt relative to the SS Camaro?
If you even have the option of owning the vette (you don't need the rear seats, ie; no kids) do it. A Camaro and a Corvette are two completely different cars. I love my Camaro as much as the next guy but how many times have you heard a Corvette owner talk about 'when they get a Camaro'? Now how many times have you heard a Camaro owner talk about 'when they get a Corvette'? Exactly.
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Camaro SL,UTs
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No comparison. Corvette FTW!!
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Gotta say the Corvette stereo types are better than the Camaro stereotypes. .
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This is kind of where I am now. I have a 96 Corvette "Collectors Edition" LT4 coupe for my "fun car". My commuter car is a 07 Mazda 3 and we also have my dad's old Explorer and my wife's VW Passat as the "family car". 4 cars for 2 people (our daughter is 2).

What I am seriously considering is selling the Corvette and ordering/buying a Camaro (undecided on LT or SS) and trading in the Mazda to consolidate things: fun daily driver. But I fear "missing" the Corvette (bought it used 3 years ago) and that the Camaro won't quite fill the same need.

On the other hand, we don't need this many cars, would have overall reduced insurance and licensing expenses, etc. Parking space would improve. And how often does the Corvette get driven? And DRIVEN? Not much. Even the Camaro V6 is PLENTY of power for any fun driving on the street. And the Vette needs lots of tinkering due to its age, is a bit tough to climb in and out of, cannot carry the little one in an emergency, is NEVER driven by the wife, etc., etc., etc.

So, in practical terms, the Camaro makes a lot of sense. But will I miss the Corvette too much? (BTW...just before I bought the Vette, I had nearly purchased a Mustang Cobra a couple of times).


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speed freak
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I found an 09 z51 6m in orange,new for 44k 10k off sticker.That is a hell of a deal.My SS is sitting at the dealership now so someone is going to get a great buy.
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also think about insurance prices.
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I have the 2010 camaro, but have to admit I have always wanted a vette. That is a very tough question. Drive em both and decide based on your interest. This camaro is like a dream car to me but then again so would a vette be.
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They are different cars for 2 different purposes, no doubt. Camaros(5th gen) have that NEW "THING" about them right now. When they flood the roads they won t be as "unique" as they are now, and will be for a year or two, maybe a little more. I remember when GTOs came out and the new Mustang. They were the COOLEST. But it does wear off. I still think that GTOs and the new Mustangs are awesome to see, etc. But u gotta admit that it does wear out when they get "common" on the roads. On the other hand - Corvette. U can get a used 427 Z06, with low miles for a good price right now. It is a hard decision, i know! They both have something the other doesn t. It would be cool to have a new Camaro cause they are soooo "unique" right now! Personal preference! Good Luck! (Im thinking "out loud")
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true, the new does wear out... the cool does last though
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Originally Posted by 08z51c6 View Post
I have an 08 base C6 Vette with the Z51 package. Never driven a new Camaro but the Vette has outstanding performance. I'd say the deciding factor for me would be if I needed the rear seats or not.
Camaro has rear seats ???
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Originally Posted by Ferrarimk13 View Post
also think about insurance prices.
funny you say that!! my insurance on my previous vette was cheaper than than my 4th gen camaro. same year and all. id take the vette sorry
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i have an 06 c6 convert. 1lt and a 2010 camaro ss fully loaded...if you want performance go vette, but i personally am thinking about trading my vette for another camaro, IMO it is just the better car
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Comes down to if you need the extra room or not, the camaro looks huge compared to a vette. Either way you can't go wrong. For a full vette expirience though I would recommend to look for used Z06's, there are some great deals out there.

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Hell's Belle
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2 incredible cars but 2 different beasts! Having had a few Camaros in the past I had been anxiousely awaiting the 2010's arrival. Amazing looks had me immediately drawn w/ that old school vibe. Initially I wanted to buy the 2010 Camaro SS. I think being a Corvette owner I was disappointed just because I expected quicker response from the SS. They don't compare in speed.
In NJ any dealer that had a Camaro had them marked up and I was not going to pay over sticker. However, I still would have bought an SS if I found one immed. available at sticker because it's still a great car. Luckily, I found a 2LT/RS in PA at sticker (Carfagno Chevy) they were awesome. I even had GM points and they had no issues taking them.
So for an everyday car the Camaro is the one and I can keep the miles low on the Vette.
2 different Beasts, 2 incredible cars, both are Bad Ass!
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