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Old 12-21-2013, 03:58 PM   #188

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this story sucks 7 ways from sunday. People wonder why I don't car as much about facotry waranty on cars like this.

Well this is why. Facotry service now a days is like playing the friggen lottery.

If this happened to me the person that told me they were not responsible would be unconciouse and I would be trying to come up with some O.J. self defense on the assault charge.

maybe if i had just waxed my unibrow i would play nice but I doubt it.
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Originally Posted by sporto20 View Post
Per the OP's original post, the dealer made it clear that it was not going to help him out AT ALL. I would submit that it was BECAUSE of the online pressure that the dealer is now making it right. I have no sympathy for businesses that don't make these kinds of issues right. It's called integrity and is sometimes the cost of doing business.
Thats right per the OP's post,but the owner said that he had already told the op he would do everything he could,and he had given all the insurance info to his company up front,and offered him the deal with a used car with much less miles,and more options on it..The dealer said the op posted all of this after he requested a new car,and said nothing else would be excepted.The dealer said that it never once said that it would not help him,it only said that it was not able to give him a new car,and thats been the issues all along..Its really sad that people dont realize how hard dealers have to work to stay in business,why would a dealer thats been owned by the same guy for 40+yrs act that way,makes no sense if you think about it...
don't get me wrong there are some really crappy dealers out there,I can give you list of a couple of them,that's for sure...It all comes down to the fact of the matter that its a insurance claim and nothing else...Its no different if someone crashed into your ZL1 while you drive to work,the only thing you can do is take the insurance pay least the dealer is acting like a loss Gap for him..
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Dealer should have give him the 13 vert sitting on their lot. Then part out the wrecked one and claim the rest as a loss. By the time his accountant was finished with it for the 2013 tax season he'd never even seen the loss. And he'd saved face and kept his insurance record good. The dealership is an absolute idiot for letting a service writer even have after hours access to this stuff in the first place and if I owned the place I'd probably fired the service manager too for giving the writer access after hours. Just my two cents. Doing good business involves learning from your mistakes and looking at the bigger picture. I don't think they are looking at anything but trying to save a buck!
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Here is my way to look at it. The service writer did not kick the door in, tear the keybox apart, take a pair of bolt cutters to the padlock locking the gate blocking the driveway all dealerships have, and steal the car.

Instead he used his company supplied keys and alarm codes to abuse his power and position to appropriate this customers property. Where I work, we have special procedures and protocols when we have 'high value' assets in the building.

In addition to the special protocols for high valued assets, we have more mundane security precautions in place. For example, if the alarm is not armed by a certain time, the monitoring company calls the general manager and works his way up a contact list until they reach someone making them aware of the issue. If the alarm is deactivated off schedule, meaning way before normal time for someone to be in the office, or on a day we are closed, the GM gets the same call.

In my opinion, the dealership was negligent in their security protocols for high value assets, and the access to the facilities. I would wager a bet, they have higher security protocols for the keys to the new inventory than they do the repair lot. Last time I went and test drove a car, the sales person has to key in a request for a key, use a key fob to authenticate the request, and get the one key they needed out of the drawer.

It's not uncommon at all to see the keys to a vehicle sitting on the drivers side tire when they are awaiting service at a garage.

Since in my opinion the dealer is negligent due to their lack of properly securing the vehicle, they owe the OP a bit more than a used replacement.
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Todd in Vancouver

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Originally Posted by mickmosh View Post
Extended warranty is worthless! New car
Really? Wanna see my receipt for my extended. Some of us pile the miles on quickly and the extended warranty is my insurance that I am able to keep working every day without encoring any large added expenses. To each their own opinion but obviously others see the value in them because they keep selling them.
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RIP 2012 ZL1 #1635 UPDATE

Originally Posted by gen=5 View Post
I know i have been one of those shouting to help the OP,so i thought someone should look deeper into it.So I asked a friend from a local paper to call the dealer,and he spoke to the owner of the dealer..
Here is the story from the other side,and what is really happening behind the computer keys of the OP...
Yes the car was taken and it has been totaled..NO under state law no charges can be filed,as even the owner of the dealer himself went down to the State Police and was told that under the state law because he was a employee ,and had the keys when he enter the building,as well as the keys to the car,no charges can be filed,THATS THE LAW...
The dealer has fired the employee,and past on all of his info if the OP wants to sue him which is his only course of action .
Now as far as the dealer,not calling him till the next day it was because it was the next business day since it happened on a closed weekend..Also the dealer took the time to contact their insurance,etc..The dealer stated that he turned over everything to his insurance company and advised that the OP do the same thing to his own insurance company.. Both insurance company's are working this out between themselves ,which is normal. Its the 2 insurance companys that determine who is at fault and who covers it,thats normal operational standard for any company.
Now back to who said what and who is willing to do what .The dealer has stated that there is plenty of equity in the car to help replace it...Neither of the insurance company's have determined the value yet.So the OP went on the web stating all of this before there has even been a offer of settlement from them or he knows how much out of pocket he could be to replace it..
The owner of the dealer personal went on the web before a insurance settlement has been offered and located a 2012 ZL1 with less mile and more options,plus offered to cover any out of pocket expenses to try to make sure the op will not have to pay anything..The OP turn down this offer,the dealer located other low mile mint ZL1 of the same yr,and the OP turned it down..The OP has made it clear that he only wants a brand new ZL1 given to him,with no out pocket expense to himself...
The op and the dealer met this morning,and the owner tried to work it out,but the op seems to think that the only fair settlement would be to be given a new car..
I stand behind the OP to a point,and i also see the dealers side of it..The dealer would have to sell 4 to 6 ZL1's to cover the cost of giving him a 2014 ZL1 less the settlement..
Did the dealer give the ok for the thief to steal and drive his car, the person who caused this should have to pay the difference by being sued for it,in court like any other business dealing.Its the thief that should be outed by all of this not so much the dealer.
I think if the op gets the same thing he had and there is little or no cost to him,plus the car is better optioned its fair..There are way too many people that try to take advance of someone else's miss fortune
I know the OP may feel that he doesn't want a car someone else drove first,or he wants that new car smell,and as a car lover i understand that..If that's the case why not take the settlement,what the dealer is offering and just pay the difference your self then..
Anyway the dealer has agreed to help,and stated the op went on line after he was offered help,but it was not to his liking,and some lies have been told..The dealer will go on line and explain their side of this next week..I look forward to reading it,as i am sure the rest of us do also.As yes there is 2 sides to every story ! I hope that the phone call helps get this settled and both sides realize its in the best interest of both parties to give in a little.
I have gotten to the bottom of this,as best as anyone else can,and wish both sides good luck ,merry xmas and a happy new yr..
You can believe the dealer if you want, but here is what happened this morning. I met with the dealer this morning. He offered 1 car with a sunroof and I did not WANT a sunroof. AND he did not offer to replace the car, he offered to sell me the car at full sticker price.

There was no offer of a 2nd car, so I don't know what he is talking about.

The dealer made it clear he was not offering me anything beyond what my car was worth according to the insurance value. AND I will have to buy the car from him--FAT CHANCE. All he is doing is trying to locate a car--he has no intention of REPLACING the vehicle.

The dealer STILL has not offered insurance information.

There was also a passenger in the car--a friend of the service writer. The dealer refuses to give us any information on the passenger, including his name. We are worried this unknown guy will come back and try to sue us for injuries.

I walked out when the owner of the dealership called me a prick.

Thanks so much for all the support here, guys. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately the dealer is not being honest with whomever called him.
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Old 12-21-2013, 05:08 PM   #195
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I am sorry but you really need to learn a few things. Stop posting on the internet regarding anything about your case. Hire a good Lawyer. With a letter from a good Lawyer to the dealer and/or GM, the case should be closed rather quickly with some kind of settlement...far over your car's new value.
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in ADDITION to contacting a LAWYER id call up CHEVROLET AND GM and file a complaint against that dealership.. they will investigate it and ALOT of people will be getting fired for that shit.. especially for an over 60K car....
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RIP 2012 ZL1 #1635 UPDATE 2

Originally Posted by gen=5 View Post
The courts are not going to give him a new one,and if you have to hire a lawyer,the fees are going to make the out come even worse,the only person that needs to be sued is the thief,its not like he was some bum off of the street,he is worth something i am sure..There is not a court in this land that will not find against him. merry Xmas
The service writer has been fired, which has already been disclosed on this forum. He lives in a rented single-wide trailer in a trailer park. Believe me, I do not have any problem with where people live, but considering where he lives I do not think he has anything to go after. That is why we are trying to get the dealer TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

The dealer DID mention on Wednesday evening that the aunt and uncle were considering paying the damages if the service writer would not be charged criminally, and we were asked to wait to hear about that. Nothing has come out of it, but nothing has been offered either.

We have been waiting to contact an attorney to give the dealer time TO DO THE RIGHT THING. The owner made it very clear this morning that he is not putting ONE PENNY out. I will be forced to pay taxes, tags, gas guzzler tax, etc. all over again.

Should I really have to pay anything when my car was at the dealer's for service and was stolen by their employee?

I guess I will have to contact an attorney now. Good luck finding one this week...
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Old 12-21-2013, 05:57 PM   #198
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You should not pay a dime. Legal wise im not to sure but i would not even give this dealer the chance for anything more. I would believe you over the dealer even though i have not met you. Calling a damn customer a prick!? Yeah this guy is bonkers. I would def send any evidence of your ordeal to any chevy reps on this site and of course send it directly to GM followed up with several calls. Man im not in your shoes and im getting worked up lol. Best of luck and let the attorney make some noise!

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That's so messed up. Id have a hard time containing myself if this were to happen to me.
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Originally Posted by Devryn17 View Post
EVERY dealer reacts this way when this kind of thing happens. EVERY dealer that does this gets blasted all over internet blogs. EVERY dealer that does this is found wrong in court, yet the CONTINUOUSLY do this. Contact Jalopnik and Autoblog. Contact GM. Hire a lawyer.
not sure every dealer does, but I'll agree some do ... had a situation with Jiffy Lube where they didn't put the drain plug back in the rear differential tight ... it worked out and the car wouldn't move (at a stop light, thank goodness it didn't lock up or whatever rear differentials do when moving) ... they tried to settle with some BS but when I got a lawyer involved they paid the total repair bill ... at one point they tried to tell me I couldn't say they were responsible ... I told the guy I could tell anyone I wanted what I thought happened and what the facts were (i.e. Jiffy Lube was the only one to ever touch that part of the car and it had happened recently)
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Originally Posted by driyac View Post
Dang it, I was just about to post this. lol

DO feel bad for both parties involved though.
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This is one of the reasons why I cringe each time I give my keys to the dealership to work on my car. After reading this thread there seems to be more going one here. 1st it's the service writer in the car. Now come to find out there were 2 people in the car. It would seem to me that the dealership is protecting someone. 2nd person in the car maybe. Anyone with good faith can see that this situation is wrong. I hope you contact GM and report this to them. Don't give the dealership any more time, get a lawyer. A suggestion would be to speak with lawyer and see if it would help to speak to the local news in your area, sometimes they have news on your side and if they exposed this to media is further pressure on the dealership. Back in the day I worked at a dealership. Service tech reversed a car into another, right in front of the showroom. Tech was fired, both cars were totaled and replaced by dealership. Dealership did the right thing. Also don't forget the better business bureau can't hurt to make a complaint if it gets that far. Just hearing about this makes me sick to my stomach.
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Originally Posted by Todd in Vancouver View Post
Really? Wanna see my receipt for my extended. Some of us pile the miles on quickly and the extended warranty is my insurance that I am able to keep working every day without encoring any large added expenses. To each their own opinion but obviously others see the value in them because they keep selling them.
Want to see pic of my paint, window seal, leaking front window, flaking panels, leather that are not covered under extend warranty? It my own fault for buying used / certifed car.

Op needs new car...
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You are not in the wrong for requesting a new ZL1 (to your specs). This was the fault of the dealer. It is called NEGLIGENCE!.

You should also request:

- that it is sent to a different dealer (this dealer is now unpleasant to deal with, and they obviously are out to screw you over).
- that you are paid for a premium rental car during this time without a car,
- that they cover every single expense of the "purchase" (taxes and fees)... since they owe you a car that just like the one you dropped off to them, and intrusted in them.
- that they pay all of your legal fees

..... you have given them an easy way out (new ZL1 to your liking), and they didn't take it. So now, Lawyer up.

I will be very surprised if the big dogs at GM don't hear about this, and make this right. This is not how GM does business.

Any lawyer would love to have this case... easy win.
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1st state chevrolet, stealership, stolen, totaled, wrecked, zl1

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