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That's wild. Get a lawyer ASAP
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Southern Comfort
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Yeah, this sucks. Probably worth a consultation with an attorney.
Otherwise, people love seeing these businesses called out on the local news.
Such publicity will cost far more in sales and service than helping you into a suitable replacement.
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Originally Posted by Dubscamaro View Post
Looks like you just got yourself a brand new Z28! Look on the bright side! Watch Chevy contact you and be on their knees! Contact chevrolet and they should have that dealer shut down. Chevy has never been someone to treat their owners like that. Ugh reading this upsets me..
Might've able to own the dealership. This is BS good luck op

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Something as insane as this, I would also contact your local news station and tell them everything

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That sucks! Unless you signed a waiver absolving the dealership of all responsibility (highly unlikely), their position is a joke, a bad joke. I'm not so sure you'd be entitled to a 2014 ZL1 to replace your 2012 though, but an attorney could tell you for sure. Hire one sooner rather than later.
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Considering their employee essentially stole your car while it was in the dealers' posession,they owe you a new '14 with zero out of pocket. IMHO.
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Go Public
Hire a Well Known and a Hardass Lawyer to bring them to their knees.
Call the BBB
Call GM and raise hell on the dealership
Keep Everything on File / on Voice / on Record / Pictures Etc.

Do not settle for less, they owe you a brand new car and deserve to be shut down for this criminal activity and refusing the fact they are at fault.

On side note pull out some civil justice on the punk who stole the car, so he can never get another job at a dealership again.

Reading this brings a a flame inside me , i mean holy crap today's people are so pathetic to even accept the fact they are at fault.
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I had this happen to me with a dodge ram 2500 the dealership (of course being nice) had one of the salesmen take my truck to fill it with LSD and was totaled when he pulled out of the gas station, the paid the truck off and put me in a 10 2500 free of charge, thats service, never had to threaten nothing took me upstairs and told me to pick any 2500 slt long bed i wanted, rolled the payment that was left, the truck totaled was a 08 2500 4x4 sport, now my loyalty will always be at that dealership and have bought numerous work trucks.
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The girl with the 2 Danes
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Originally Posted by jhoop302 View Post
On Sunday, December 15, 2013, my prized 2012 Camaro ZL1 took its last breath at 4:47 pm. The car was at the dealer in Georgetown, DE for paint issues (under warranty). It had been locked in the service bay over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, an employee of the dealership (service writer) entered the locked building, removed the keys to my car from the service department, and went on a joyride. The car was totaled when he lost control and sheared off a telephone pole.
not responsible.... uh WHEN the hell did paint issues require a TEST drive???
there is the FIRST clue that something was wrong about this story... next thought is what would warrant a hard test ride that results in a wreck that TOTALS the car.... if it was a small bump or fender bender this would be acceptable and the dealership would need to correct the issue... but something is COMPLETELY wrong with this whole thing...

1. Contact GM and demand to speak to the Regional Service manger
2. Contact a lawyer and seek legal advise
3. I would think that dealership insurance should be public knowledge
4. call GM daily until someone responds and gives you a satifactory answer
Ex- BMW service manager and warranty admin mode off....

on a personal note I am so incredibly sorry to hear this man good luck and yes please please keep us posted!
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You'd be surprised how fast social media spreads. Example. If you entered a posting topic here (to start with)..... "xxxxxxx Chevrolet Emplyoee Totals ZL1 and Denies ownership" ...... Google searches will pick up on that immediately.

You need to (as others said), to get a lawyer, explain what happened, and get on this dealer immediately. You should be able to recover for a new ZL1 (and then some for damages...etc). I've seen where many of these places are LLC's and GM does nothing much in this type of case. Net-Net....Please DO NOT settle for anything less than a new vehicle with ZERO out-of-pocket.

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The girl with the 2 Danes
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also is this a small dealership or privately owned dealership? Take it to the top!!! and go further...
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I have some friends higher up at GM that helped me get my car #230 back when my daughter was sick with cancer. I have sent this thread to both of them. Do not know if they can do anything but it may help.
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Diode Dynamics

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The first thing to do in any of these situations is contact an attorney. Also, I would send a PM to the GM rep (William) on the forum.

I wouldn't be too worried about getting a replacement ZL1 OP. I've seen threads with similar stories on several forums.

Nick C.
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I know if I have an accident or damage to my car I contact my Insurance Agent and then they go after the other party. I have experienced something like this before and the insurance company hired the lawyer and it cost me nothing. The lawyers worked on my behalf and ofr the insurance company to get everything needed to make the situation correct. BTW---got any photos
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Originally Posted by gmgdave View Post
I know if I have an accident or damage to my car I contact my Insurance Agent and then they go after the other party. I have experienced something like this before and the insurance company hired the lawyer and it cost me nothing. The lawyers worked on my behalf and ofr the insurance company to get everything needed to make the situation correct. BTW---got any photos

I was going to say something similar. Your insurance company if it's a good one will pursue the matter. The dealer will cave in once they realize they are totally liable and told by the insurance company or GM themselves.
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We should all go stand in front of their doors and sit on their steps and tell each customer that walks in about your story!
Billy B.
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Round these parts we hang people with their own balls in their mouths for stunts like that. I'm just saying.

Seriously though, as others have stated. Get an attorney ASAP. The dealership giving you the run around is them hoping you will just take a settlement from the insurance and go away, but that's not what you need to do.

I hate this happened to you.

Originally Posted by jessrayo View Post
The dealer is liable for the car but only the appraised 2012 used ZL1 price.
Screw that. They have to pay. I mean as a former business owner myself, now I wasn't in the car business, but if something like this had happened on my watch, I would have told the customer don't worry about it, let's see what the insurance does and then our company will make the rest right for you. If I owned the dealership I would simply tell you to order a 2014 brand new, when they let you start ordering again, and whatever the insurance paid would be enough and the dealership would eat the rest.

That's just me, let's hope these jokers do the right thing.

And if I were the dealership, I would want the joker that did it in jail. I would be the one pressing charges.

Originally Posted by BigBoyBlue View Post
2. See if your local news/paper has a "shame on you" type of segment. It's a long shot, but if you get to tell your story, it may shame the dealership into stepping up.

BTW, has the dealership already said that they won't give you a newer car? They should be going overboard to make this up to you.
One of the local news stations in Birmingham, AL for years has done "Fox6 On Your Side" and they covered exactly this sort of thing for people. Contact local news agencies as BigBoyBlue said, those people don't want to see their named smeared all over the place.

This is a big forum, and we all know people all over the country, if it doesn't get resolved to your satisfaction quickly enough then we'll mount a campaign, we'll just put them out of business. I believe we can do it.
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Give us their phone number so we can voice our piece of mind.
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Sorry to hear that. If it was my ride and that happened, I'd own the damn dealership by the end of the ordeal. Lawyer up and get your new ride free and clear.
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Wow! All I can think is that I never seen a ZL1 in Delaware and now I may never.

Skimmed through the comments but did you post the dealers name, I wouldn't mind knowing where not to take my car.

Also I know a pretty good attorney if you need it. Best of luck.

Also if you need some Delaware goon squad ill show up and do my

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anyone find it a little unusual the OP only has 1 post and just joined? I hate to be skeptical, but to doubt is to learn....
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"Something about this whole thing just doesn't seem right. What would you do if this was your baby?"

This doesn't seem legit or I'm very skeptical right now. ANY owner of this car would solve this ASAP and not worry about posting on the forums. But good luck if this is true OP.
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I'd like to know the outcome of this................

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Bull Call GM they should make it right. Keep us posted..
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sorry for your loss. lawyer up and hit em hard. you deserve the car you babied and went all out for.
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