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Originally Posted by Msmall143 View Post
^ this is the type of advice that made me realize tuning is the option for me if I go with long tunes. Long tubes without a tune, although due able, is not the right way
I ran around with Longtube headers/no tune for 3 months, only because I wanted to have my car tuned in my home state with a tuner I trusted. If I were to do it over again, any time I do any performance mod, I would head straight to the dyno.
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Originally Posted by 1LE801 View Post
With the high cost of cat back exhaust systems, would it be beneficial to put headers on my 14 1LE as my first performance upgrade?
If you get shorties with the mid pipes as well it's about 30HP
Most get one or the other but they were meant to go together

Look up Padre on the fast list to see its true

And you don't need a tune
LT's better but don't. Sleep on the shorties w mid pipes
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honor first
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Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
If you don't want the check engine light to come on though, you'll have to spring the extra cash for Kooks Green Cats.
vibrant o2 spacers are supposedly 100% effective. I have them sitting at home to put on, will report.
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GM has to prove that the tune or aftermarket mods were the primary cause to whatever warranty work you are getting done. A tune will not cause your molding to fall off, seats to wear faster than normal, headlights to go out, strut to collapse, muffler hanger to break...
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Dr feelgood
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op go to padres build journal. He has the numbers to back up the fact that shorty headers with hi flows make decent gains. His numbers are based on track times before and after each mod. Shorties with hi flows keep your warranty and don't throw codes. They don't make the power of long tubes but they aren't as bad as people post. this is a video of my car with...solo hi flow ..jba shorty headers....magnaflow muffler delete exhaust.

K@N CAI....Vmax ported throttlebody...JBA shorty headers...SOLO hi flow cats....JBA Powercables...Magnaflow competition exhaust.... Hurst shifter.
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Myself I was thinking of shorty headers, Solo HF cats, and Corsa catback exhaust. LT I dont believe is an option for me due to the fact my ride is a convertible. (Corsa exhaust kit supposed to fit convertible with manual trans.)
So all these parts should bolt up together without CEL? Just verifying before I drop the cake... I cant seem to find many threads on convertibles with specific performance mods like this, and i know theres extra bracing under the car, hence some cat-back systems wont fit. Just unsure if shorties and HF cats will fit.
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Da Mammer
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Originally Posted by GMTool View Post
No. Headers without a tune will cause a check engine light to come on because of the rear o2 sensors think there is a problem and you do not get the full benefits of headers. The car will not be at top performance, myself I would not do it. I can't think its good for your engine to run rich and be down on power because it is not tuned properly. I tuned my car at 7 weeks old with 2200 miles. A lot of people have tuned their cars with less miles than that.
I would drive it for a while until you know it's not a lemon, talk with your service manager at your dealer and discuss it with him. See how he feels about warranty work after a tune. Like I said above, I would not install headers on my car without a proper tune. There is a lot of info on the forum about this. Here is a couple threads I quickly found.

I put on ARH 1 7/8" primaries long tube headers with hi flo cats and an x pipe through the stock mufflers. Didn't have it tuned, and never got a check engine light. It's not a guarantee his will pop a code, but at the same time there is a chance it will and a chance it won't. we all should know by now everything we do is a gamble. You just have to accept the risk/reward before proceeding.
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If you aren't going to tune dont do long tubes. Put my 14 1le on the dyno today with just sw long tubes and a k&n cai and it was lean at around 13.6 afr and already pulling 6 degrees of timing.
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My $.02, when addressing first power mods, do air in air out first. So get a good intake and a good set of LT headers! No need to touch the factory exhaust for "power" as it flows fine. That's just a sound preference. I "personally" don't believe in "dancing around" the warranty. If you have an issue with the shorties on and they want to give you hell over them they will. Buy quality parts, and only use the best tuners!! My last 2 cars were full bolt ons, cam'd, and tuned before the first oil change! ALL aftermarket parts are a gamble tho! Please don't flame me, but I feel like if your going to mod, just do it and don't cut any corners!!! I personally wouldn't mess with shortie headers, and the green cats DO NOT gaurentee no cel. They have had them pop too. Best wishes with your build!!!
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