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Originally Posted by Rhino79 View Post
No sir, that would require at least 800-850 rwhp at his car's weight.
I see 200 shot of nitrous in his future...

I'm glad you guys were able to do this for him, seems like most companies don't want to invest in the V6.
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Thanks for the video. next is ladder bars and a chute. haha
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Thanks everyone.

No real plans to get too drastic at this point. I should dip into the 10s as it is now and I'm at only 75% duty cycle on the turbos with fuel to spare. I only have the safety stuff to be a 10.5s/135 MPH car, so I won't be going beyond that anytime soon. So when I take it to a 1/4 mi. track I be shooting to get as close to 10.5 as I can without going over 135 MPH. That way I can keep the car fairly streetable.

Right now I'm running it with all the seats in and it has a cage, so it is a heavy car. I'm willing to take the rear and passanger seats out and run a braille battery at the track, but that's probably all I will do for weight reduction.

More important to me is getting the tune right so it doesn't hold me back on launch. Once that's fixed I don't see a problem hitting 10.5.
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Have you thought about maybe running it at everything it's got just to see what it'll really do. Like right before you leave the track or something?

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well i got done reading all 40 pages worth of this thread and was too tired to write anything last night lol so Im doing so now. Im extremely impressed with this build on so many levels. gives me hope and something to work towards when I decide to tear into mine. You have paved the way for the LFX in the aftermarket community. Keep up the awesome work man!
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