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TREMEC6060 1-2 needs fix
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If you think it's not real here's a link for you.

Go back through the history and click on some of the links to other information.

Bruce Schneier is one of the worlds formost secruity experts. He wrote "Applied Cryptography" which is highly mathematical. He wrote some of the best hash and crypto algorithms and he didn't sell out like Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman, (RSA, early publishers of Public Key Encryption in the 1970's). PKE was actually invented a few years before that by British GCHQ, and even earlier by a secret US agency.

If you think On-Star doesn't track you just because you don't pay for it, do you think somebody might want to have the tracking information they collect? Like maybe Law Enforcement Agencies, or insurance companies? Do you think On-Star just sits on that data and doesn't make a profit? Yeah, right.

"They" can turn on your cell phone camera at any time, and smart TV's have a camera built in to watch you! Yes, it's true, I mask off my cell phone cameras and laptop webcams with duct tape, and I covered the TV camera with blue painter's tape. It's all there ready to track everything you do.

Do I sound paranoid? Well take the test. Just call a buddy and say the magic words they are looking for. Sound like you really mean it, and make your plans. Funny, nobody who doubts me ever bothers to take the test to prove me wrong. Because you all know what will happen. You won't notice anything right away, but I guarantee they will notice everything you say and do after they hear those magic words. DO NOT TAKE THE TEST! It will be bad for your life.

Here's a link to a very technical video about how much they can do.

You might not understand much of it but I do because I have a degree in computer science and I work in IT. All that stuff makes sense to me because its the language I speak at work. It's very scary. But to be sure, that video is just the targeted stuff, not the fullsweep collection like On-Star and the phone company records collection.

The reason we're not all in prison is because if everybody is a prisoner, there's nobody left to guard the prisoners.

Oh, I did a back of envelope calculation. They don't record the voice data of your phone calls right? Only the "metadata," start time, number called, length of call, where you were at the time, and so on. But not the actual contents of the call. You know how much data a phone call is? It's about 100KB per minute. (Its not hi-fidelity like an MP3). A standard 1 TB disk drive costs $80 nowdays. If you talked on the phone, for 8 hours a day, every day, they can record 57 years of your phone calls, not just metadata, but every single word you say, on a single 80 dollar disk drive. But they are smarter than that, They don't record everybody's phone calls, only the originator. That gives them both you and the other party on the same recording. That means they can record all your conversations for 114 years of your lifetime, if you talk 8 hours a day on your cell phone. Do you think the government can afford to spend 80 dollars on you? I think they can, since they spend about 15,000 dollars a year for every man, woman and child in the US already, and the hidden slush funds are pretty substantial.

If you doubt me, start with the Bruce Schneier link. Search him on google, and other things about three letter agencies and other things in this post. Some of it will be garbage, but track it down and you'll find out.

Search on google for these things

AT&T Wiretapping Room

fiber optic tap patent

James Bamford

I might have said too much already but once I click Submit, its done. I hope I don't get in trouble, but I'm already on somebody's radar. Just hope it's not my employer, (a private company).
Asimov's Fourth Law of Robotics: If you don't know what else to do, wave your arms and run around in circles.
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Spying is big business. Once you understand your victim (I mean) customer you can control them better. Buy this! Do that! Trending towards...! Look at Onstar for example... They have to have meetings about their future, what will they offer? Onstar in your car is just a glorified cell phone. Your smartphone does everything it does. They try to sell 'safety' but that is about it. So as tech gets more out there, what is the future for Onstar? Well, on the nav system, they could sell advertising on their maps, or.... sell information to insurance companies, product companies, or the government. They already tried this once or twice and there was a huge outcry that stopped them. Maybe. If you can't make money as a glorified smartphone, you are going to go broke. But insurance companies would LOVE to know what you are doing!! Did you put your seat belt on? Did you make sure the proper air pressure was in your tires? Are you speeding? Etc... One day you will get a bill saying your rates are going up because your GPS reported you driving too fast or recklessly. One day you could be in an accident and the insurance company will refuse to pay because the data shows different. Other companies want to know where you are driving to shop, the government would like to know the big picture of how a town travels in an emergency, say if they do something stupid, it goes on and on. The mistake the average idiot makes is that something small cannot become something big and dangerous. Sorta like cancer. That little spot? Ahh,,,, it will go away. Or not. I read once where Onstar reps were just turning on the mic and listening to people in cars... Just out of boredom. Would you like that? You don't need an active account, your system is ALWAYS on. If you do not subscribe, hit you button, you will get someone right away. That is because you are always connected and you data is always available. And don't think for a second they are not collecting data. Do you really thin a business would let an opportunity go? It may be valuable some day. Of course for the media all these companies like Onstar will deny, but all business do that, they are good at it. People are gullible and naive, it doesn't take much to distract the average public, just give them something, change the name of your project, and proceed. Simple. If you don't have a choice to have something or not, that is a problem. Cell phones are just as bad. Make sure you are watching what you text! ALL of it is being stored. Why? Because they can. It may be valuable some day. If not, who cares? Keep it anyway because it is possible.
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Originally Posted by eymang View Post
In addition to insurance companies tracking mileage...They are exploring how, over the next decade, they can move to a system in which drivers pay per mile of road they roll over.

"This really is a must for our nation. It is not a matter of something we might choose to do," said Hasan Ikhrata, executive director of the Southern California Assn. of Governments, which is planning for the state to start tracking miles driven by every California motorist by 2025. "There is going to be a change in how we pay these taxes. The technology is there to do it."
Put larger than OEM diameter wheels on our cars that would slow down the mileage issue
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I have rarely come across a more assuming set of ideas, Earthshaker. You're off-base.

Originally Posted by Earthshaker6 View Post
Everyone acts like they are living a life in the CIA and every part of it should be secret, No, that's not true at all. I feel I have a certain expectation of privacy during every part of my life as an American citizen, and I demand it. That's hardly expecting things to be "secret", it's one of the things you're supposed to simply have, and I mean you too if you're a US citizen. Why do you so meekly agree to sacrifice that? yet they post every bit of it on social media! speak for yourself. I do not do this. I have never tweeted, I don't use facebook, etc. I do not share every moment of my life in social media. The closest thing is a forum like this, and what I post is nothing you would not learn about while having a conversation with me face to face- because I chose what I say. You do not have access to what I don't say. If you want to live the super-secret squirrel life this is a straight up fallacy and great assumption on your part- since I expect reasonable privacy, I must want your so-called 'secrecy'? I don't know how you've gotten this twisted sense of public vs private, but if you feel that this is right for you, that's fine. I do not. I can remember very clearly when it was nobody's damned business what I did so long as I kept myself to myself and I wasn't breaking any laws. Now you say I need to prove I'm not breaking laws by being able to demonstrate it, that is cool…give up your iPhone I don't have it, computer why? my computer forces me to prove something with a GPS? or it forces me to share details I don't actively share?, satellite TV (with the Smart TV functions) I don't have that either, etc…but (or build so no one else knows where it is) a house in the mountains somewhere. This is all stemming from your strange notion that since I don't want a corporation knowing what I'm doing, I must want to be a reclusive hermit. You can't assign me qualities or desires like that unless you do a lot of very broad, flat out assuming. Just because in your mind this is "true", you can't expect the world to fall into line. Frankly, it's hard for me to see how you can be more wrong in your assumptions. Grow your own food where did that nonsense idea come from? so the frequent buyer cards I don' t have one you use at Food Lion does not let anyone know what items you are eating that is simply bullshit, nobody tells me I can't pay with cash…and live the quiet life. What is this "quiet life" you link to my not seeing any legal or reasonable need to monitor me? You seem to feel I need to become a pastoral loner or join an Amish community because I take the standpoint that I have the right to not be monitored. How do you arrive at that conclusion exactly?
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Camaro Dude
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Thank Allah for Assange and Snowden, etc.

Our societies deserve an open debate on these issues presented to the table, here and elsewhere, today and not tomorrow, when we will asking ourselves, why didn't anyone debate it back then?

Alas, the mainstream networks won't budge to promote such debates, so I'm inclined to believe, that due to the lack of people in our society, who are incapable of thinking out of the box for themselves, and depend on Hollywood to get their history lessons, and the big 3 tv stations to understand the world today....

.....we are doomed, DOOMED!
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It's time for an older pro touring Camaro for the street or track.
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black box, ford, pfadt, spying

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