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View Poll Results: The wife says get a Vette, what should I do?
Keep the 1LE, it is awesome and makes the most sense. 45 18.00%
Live the dream, get the Stingray before time runs out. 163 65.20%
Sell the the house and all the cars and live in a trailer in Key West. 42 16.80%
Voters: 250. You may not vote on this poll

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The wife says: Go get a Vette if you want one. What to do?

So my 60th is quickly approaching. This morning over breakfast at Angelos Diner she says. "You have always wanted a Corvette, so for your birthday go get yourself one and I will make up the difference in the payment."

Wow. The payment was never a problem for me I just didn't think spending almost (60%) as much as a small house here in South Jersey would be a prudent move for a toy.

I already had my dream Vette picked out:

A Torch Red 1LT C7 Stingray with:
  • M7
  • Z51
  • Black Wheels
  • NPP
  • MR
  • Red Seats

I do love (in the car sense) my 1LE. And trading/selling a 6 month old car would really be a stupid move.

What to do? What would you do?

Edit: Dropped the Nav. I have come to the conclusion the NAV is an anachronism when built into a car. Better cheaper solutions out there. Learn from the young. But just to seem old I still carry some cash.

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2cnd chance
It Will Be Mine
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Life's short. Get want you want (if it's personally affordable).

Oh and Key West is nasty.
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Do it before she changes her mind...
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Pro Stock John
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What do you want?

You ain't lying about housing costs, I'm from there (May Landing, etc).
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Captain Gingerbeard
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Trade me your 1LE straight up, and trade in my 1SS for the new 'Vette.

Where at in South Jersey? My girlfriend is from Cherry Hill.
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Why not

I just recently came from a C6 Z06 with all the bells and whistles. It was a perfect car in every way. Thing is, I just get bored with anything over time. So if you want to try a vette, I doubt you would ever be sorry. The C7's are just so cool!

The only drawback for me was, when you step up to a vette is the cost. They are wonderful cars but they arent cheap. Honestly I think I get hassled by the law alot more readily in the camaro, than I did in the vette.
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Keep the camaro and get the Vette. She didn't explicitly say to get rid of the camaro did she haha

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Only you can decide!
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Drive the 1LE and wait for the C7 Z06 and then trade in the 1LE

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Go for a ride in the C7 and pop the top off. I am 100% sure u will have ur answer.
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Vette, nuff said, why even debate it. Camaro younger smart a _ _ brother of the Corvette!
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Never seen a hearse pulling a Uhaul...Get it if you can

Edit: After looking at the poll.....Definitely Key West..Not even close.
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Have fun and enjoy the life you have left. If you are like me the kids are now on their own and you can now have fun for yourself. Just do it!
There's more to life than gas mileage

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Remember the Charleston 9
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I would keep the 1LE. An IOM 2013 is pretty rare. I love the Stingrays but that's a lot of money for a car. You know your situation and what you can afford. If possible, like others have said, take a test drive. See if the car feels like it's worth $30K or so more than the 1LE. I know with my 1LE as much as I paid for it I can be too careful about where I take it for fear of something bad happening to it. If you got the Stingray you might treat it like that too, so you might have more fun in your 1LE. Just some thoughts.
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Originally Posted by 69camaroSS View Post
Drive the 1LE and wait for the C7 Z06 and then trade in the 1LE
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Camaro Dude
and Sledge
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You will have your answer in the test drive.

Do the test drive, go home, sleep on it, and the following morning, if you are still thinking about it, then go sign the damned paperwork.

...but don't come back again 8 months later, wanting the next iteration of the Corvette, after you buy this one, because you know that_they_WILL_have_something. It's called marketing , and yes it's a trap!

Which is precisely why I drive my 1LE and mind my own business, and don't look at nothing else. Hell I'm not even going to the auto show this year, because the temptations can be.......
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