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Mr. Wyndham
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Arrow Voice Your Comments/Suggestions/Input for Focus Group on 2010 Camaro

Put it here!!!!

You've all seen Fbodfather's post about the "12 Disciples of which there are 15". Well, there is going to be a Focus Group/Conference occurring in May of this year with these 15 lucky people. They will get to offer up some view, opinions, and general feedback directly to the Camaro team themselves!

Our site member Garfin (Elie), one of these 15 folks, has very graciously volunteered to bring with him any input our members of happen to have for the team when he attends the Summit. So, before anything, I think we all owe him a big thanks.

Thanks to Garfin, there's no reason to go off to any other sites to offer input if you didn't want to. Now, ANYTHING you may have to say, any suggestions ranging from praise to powertrain to marketing suggestions, put them up here. The folks on the team are great listeners, and want to know everything we're thinking, so don't hold anything constructive back, even if you think it's a minor detail.

The moderators here will take the ideas and compile them here, in this first post, so that it will be easier for Elie to print out. And it will serve as a guide for you all to go by, if you're wondering whether anything has been said yet.

I must ask, however, that you do not put up any nonsense, or goof around in here. We don't really want to read through all of that just to find something useful. And by useful, I am insinuating that we will use our better judgement when choosing what to copy in here. If somebody goes off on a rant about how he/she wishes they wouldn't use the headlights from the prototype...obviously that won't be included. So please, think about what you're going to post before you post it. Thank You!!!!

Remember also that none of what you post up here will mean that that "issue" is resolved your way, or even "resolved" at all. It may not be an issue to the other 99% of people. The point of this thread is to simply provide our thoughts/feedback to the team; they want to know what's going through our heads. And chances this point in the game, 90% of what you'd like to see has been discussed/finalized already, but don't let that stop you from speaking up.

With out further Ado, and once again our great thanks goes out to our friend Elie, Post away!!!!

The following is *NOT* the opinion of Dragoneye alone, but of all the members on this website.
----------------Updated as of 4/17/08 EPM----------------225--

  • T-tops, we've been told that they aren't feasable, but we still really like T-tops
  • More agressive hood for the upper trim levels
  • Regarding the "Sharkfin" XM/Onstar antenna:
  1. Make it smaller
  2. Or, if it's going to be used on the production car, color coordinate the "shark fin" with the body color
  3. Or, hide it somewhere, please.
  • The front scoop is one of neat little things we all like about the car (the fact that it's non-functional is a little issue to some, though)
  • At least open the front scoop, even if it's not feeding the engine
  • Make every attempt to not use amber colored directionals for Europe. Use amber bulbs instead?
  • Try to keep the exposed black plastic exterior pieces to a minimum
Lights/exterior trim:
  • LED lamps all around
  • Smaller repeater lamps on the sides
  • Relocate the reverse lamps to somewhere other than the middle of the bumper
  • HALO headlamps (like the concept)
  • Keep any daytime-running-lights out of the main Headlight assembly, if possible
  • Side-mirror heaters
  • Offer multiple stripes packages, the Concept Convertible's style, the side "hockey-stick" stripes, and the center cowl-hood stripe
  • Could the stripes be painted on, as opposed to vinyl?
  • Offer a close-to-Bumblebee yellow
  • The Gunmetal grey/steel color on the ZR-1 is HOT! Can we get a very similar color? Pretty please!!
  • Can the stripes NOT come as a mandatory option when purchasing higher trim levels?
  • Would love to see some of the First-generation colors offered (i.e. HUGGER ORANGE!!!)
  • The faux vents in front of the rear wheels. Could those have something done to them to make them look open? Instead of just being indentations in the sheet metal
  • The exaust tips on the Concept were pretty neat. If something could be done like that, but with a little less BANG: LOOK AT ME! That'd be nice.
  • We know that selling the V6 is a big deal, and we agree - but can there be a concious effort placed on differenciating the V8's from the "lower" trim-levels? The V6 doesn't need to look "less the part", only different.
  • The general concensus seems to be that the subtle spoiler on the Concept was an Outta'-the-ballpark-Homerun design feature. And we BEG you to include it on the Production Camaros.
  • The Rear lights. PLEASE, PLEASE keep that "afterburner" look from the concept. That was gorgeous!
  • Offer different grille/headlight treatments
  • Keep the amber directionals on cars sold in countries who require them only. Not as a generic export treatment to the cars to be shipped out.
  • LSA or variant. Supercharged 6.2 for the top-of the line model
  • Paddle-shifting with the Automatic transmission
  • All Wheel Drive?
  • LS3 engine or "better" (pretty please!!)
  • Short-throw shifter for the manual option
  • Optimize the Exaust note when in 4-cylinder mode
  • AFM-equipped, E85-capable V6 AND V8 engine
  • Did we mention E85??
  • 300 hp Direct Injection V6
  • Offering a, 4 cyllinder engine, is a good idea for the success of the Camaro. We won't hate you for it.
  • A sport-tuned Suspention
  • 4-piston calipers, slotted/cross-drilled rotors
  • Impressive braking; ie. Brembo brakes
  • Please keep the tires the same on all four corners so they can be rotated
  • Please try and minimize if not totally eliminate the "Wheel-hop" issue as found on the newer GTO's.
  • Limited-slip differencial, like the G8, but tailored for the Camaro.
  • The idea of an E85-capable V6 and V8 is continuing to be mentioned by every other person here, even after it was put on the list - we think E85 would be a HUGE selling point as far as "eco-friendly", and one more advantage over competitors.
  • The ability to shut off traction control. Sometimes it can be intrusive.
  • The availability of a manual transmission with the V6 engine is important to us
  • Keep the torque gauge, and keep that quad-gauge cluster right where it is!
  • Heads-up display option (preferably as it's own option)
  • Dual-zone Climate Control
  • Auto-dimming mirrors
  • Hands free Bluetooth
  • Homelink, Temp, Direction, and Onstar (possibly all on rearview mirror)
  • Premier sound system: Bose, Blaupunkt, Boston Acoustics, JL
  • Quality materials, (i.e. Not hard plastic everywhere)
  • Make a few Color accent schemes available
  • Offer the ability to change the dash backlighting, ala Mustang
  • 6-disk changer standard?
  • USB slot for memory stick/MP3 player (MP3's type receiver so no more having to use CD's)
  • Please make the manual transmission shifter resemble the Concept shifter (obviously NOT made out of billet aluminum)
  • Include radio controls and cruise control on the steering wheel/seering column
  • Heated/cooled seats. Cloth Heated/cooled seats?
  • Navigation system available
  • Media storage system? Hard Disk Drive, maybe?
  • Could the rear seat have 3 belts? For 3 people...smaller people, like kids.
  • Taller people really like this car, too. Will they be able to fit inside this piece of art?
  • Tilt/Telescopic Steering wheel, and adjustable pedals.
  • Alacantara. Praying for it to be standard, but maybe on an Interior Upgrade package, if not?
  • The Radio/CD player Head Unit doesn't seem easy to replace for aftermarket audio upgrades, could some RCA outputs in the back be implemented to that aftermarket amps can be installed?
  • The belt-buckles found inthe concept were really, really neat. PLEASE keep them.
  • side-curtain airbags standard.
  • We understand the advanced components, and better interior, but please try and keep it affordable (as near to the Mustang as humanly possible)
  • Reduce the "clumping" of options
  • Offer LOTS of accesories/customizable "aftermarket" options
  • IF the options MUST be packaged together, try to seperate the performance options from the luxury options (seperate packages)
  • Highlighting the fuel-efficiency is a good idea
  • Any ads must make as strong a statement, and be as bold as the car is
  • Have a little hint about performance, like "Camaro: you'll spend more on tires than you will on gas". And highlight all the different fuel-saving features, AFM, E85(?), etc.
  • Sell it in Europe, and Australia (it would only be fair considering they helped engineer it...) and in Right-Hand-Drive, preferably.
  • The younger generation is a good friend to have as far as marketing targets go.
General Feedback:
  • You've been able to keep this close to the concept?!? Wow. Great Job, and Thank you for that!
  • The car is coming together really well.
  • Thank you for bringing the almighty Camaro back to us!
  • Please, spare no effort to absolutely destroy the GT-500 in the Camaro's corresponding trim level
  • Thanks for listening to us!!! We really appreciate it, and want you to know it
  • We are soooo PROUD to know that it will hit dealers soon!!
  • Wieght is a big issue, both in terms of fuel economy and performance. Please keep wieght down on this car to around 3600 lbs (ideally).
  • Are there any fuel Economy goals for both the V8 AND the V6?
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During this meeting please mention a T-top option. There shouldn't be a problem with structural integrity because if there was they wouldn't be making a convertible. Same for the side airbags there already making a convertible. There's no good reason that I can think of for not having the T-tops. And for those out there that don't like T-top's (don't pay the extra fee for the option). I understand Chevy cant please everyone. There's always that one percent. but by making T-top's available as an option. Chevy will lessen that one percent.
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Supercharged 6.2L (LSA)!!!

LED headlights and taillights

Smaller marker lights

Privacy glass

Smaller radio antenna

More aggressive hood for Z28/SS

"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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I'm gonna piggyback off radz28203
I agree with all his suggestions except the supercharged 6.2.
I think it would be better if it was the LS3 430HP with optional 6hp duel exhaust for a total 436hp. then anyone who prefers turbo or superchargers have a great platform to build there own custom camaro. I don't know about you but I don't want the same camaro as the guy down the street. that's the problem with the 03-04 cobra's there all stock supercharged and everyone has the same thing.
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First of all, thanks Garfin
A big thing for me would be the automatic transmission with paddle shifting. It keeps the sportyness in an automatic that some may find boring without it but still leaves the option for people who dont want to shift all the time.
Also I would love to see halo HID headlights (like on the concept).

Thanks again

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Miller High Life
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Keep the options individual, not everyone want the same options. I hate when they group the options into packages.
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IS IT 2009 YET???
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I agree with RAZ and Rich!

I want something that will customizes easily something I can make my own creation. something personal for me.

Also...would love to see AWD

FYI...this is why I ask for was sunny this morning on the way into work. As i sit at my desk, it started snowing! to love March in the northwest.

Can’t imagine driving a 500+ HO car home in this with RWD only!
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1) Keep the trapezoidal exhaust tips as an aftermarket item. They are beautiful!

2) The backup lights need to be moved and hidden better. Possibly in the center of the inner brake lights?

3) Keep the wheels from the concept.

4) Hide the mufflers better, they are too easily seen.

5) Keep the torque gauge.

6) Make the rear spoiler a little smaller, but keep the same design.

7) HALOS!!!

Regarding the rear spoiler being too big....

If it followed the contour of the deck lid instead of just being flat, it would have a smaller profile and appear smaller. That would work better than making it shorter, since the height can only be adjusted so much. Make it much shorter and the "arms" will touch the car.

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Originally Posted by bouncertime View Post
Keep the options individual, not everyone want the same options. I hate when they group the options into packages.

+1 I hate when you have to buy a whole large package of stuff you don't want in order to get what you do. A performance package is one thing, but if I have to get something like satelite radio in order to get leather seats, that's not cool.

Keep those accessories coming too! I'm planning on intake, catback, shifter, and some other goodies depending on what engine is going to be offered.

Thanks (sorry I didn't post that the first time.)
"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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please open the hood scoop, even on the V6 model. A muscle car without a hood doesn't make sense.

standard 17" or 18" wheels with fat tires, ( I love the crocked 5 spoke design from the concept) unlike the base dodge challenger SE anorexic tires, or the mustangs pathetic 16" wheels.

optional HIDs.
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One thing I've mentioned before that I really hope the designers take heed of...if the car is equipped with Daytime Running Lights, I hope they are integrated someplace other than the main light/grille assembly. The grille area is absolutely menacing and in the right shading, that dark maw with the Bowtie in the center is an awesome effect. If the main headlights get DRLs, it will ruin that. I hope that any DRLs put in are given their own separate lights in the lower fascia, like in the driving lights, or elsewhere.
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Thanks Garfin and GM for hearing our voices. Stripes painted on, color coded and smaller roof antenna, option to have a chrome insert for the gills.
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Lots of things!

First I'd have to say that they should let the buyer be able to individualize the car to the way they like it, kind of like Scion does it. Secondly I agree that that hideous spoiler has to go, keep it low and integrate it into the deck lid. Third, OPEN UP THE HOOD SCOOP!!!(atleast on the V8 please, pretty please!)
"It sucks gas but it kicks ass!"
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sports suspension
3.55 or better rear axle
tight short throw shifter
LS3 pretty please...
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