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Jannetty Racing Review

To be as honest as possible Jannetty Racing Dyno tuned my car in 2010 and also installed SC in February of 2011. Everything was fine from a driving standpoint although I didnít log back then. My issues started in September of 2011 when I broke passenger side axle. Though I was offered from another source a stock axel to put back in, Ted talked me into the 1400hp axels. He called a couple days later and told me I also broke the posi unit. I agreed to a new posi unit along with his posi mod and billet caps. I get the car back in October and immediately notice it vibrates at hwy speeds. Talking with Ted about the vibrations he informed me I also twisted my DS. Setup an appointment to have DS replaced and add converter also. This is all done in December of 2011.

Pick the car up and I notice itís still vibrating ďWtfĒ. Call Ted again and bring car back to him in January. On January 13 he sends me an email stating they had to modify rear end and shim transmission and this cured 75% of my vibrations but the DS still had 0.012 runout and that is too much so they shipped it back. He also said they like no more then .005Ö On January 27 he sends me another email stating that they are waiting on a 3rd DS that 2nd was too short. On February 3rd I receive another email from Ted stating that 1 of my axles was bad causing the vibrations and they had a set in the shop to throw in. He just needs to give it his blessing.

Picked the car up in February and itís better but still vibrating over 70 mph. A few days later I notice diff fluid on garage floor. I send Ted my next email on how dissatisfied I am with the ongoing vibrations and now leaking Diff. Ted tells me to top off fluid level and get it into him when I can. Bring car back in March and leak turns out to be seal. Ted then tells me car is vibrating because tires are cupped. I order new tires and still doesnít fix the problem. At this time I start emailing axel vendor and they agree to send Ted brand new axles using special grease and other new stuff.

In April of 2012 I have my 3rd set of axels installed from Jannetty. Slightly better but still vibrating. Couple weeks later while making a left hand turn I feel a boom and immediately pull over. Car wont move, luckily I was only about 2 miles from home. After having it towed home I jacked the car to find the driverís axel disconnected at the stub. I contact axel vendor who asks me to check other side for loose bolts. I find every bolt loose. They ask me was the axel torqued before install. I respond I donít know I didnít install them. They send me out a new axel overnight. In the mean time I email Ted to let him know what happened. He informs me no fault on his end the axels come torqued. Well after I pulled axel out I notice a sticker right on the shaft that reads please toque to ? ft lbs before install.

Well now were in May-June of 2012 and Iím still vibrating but I also have clicking and howling. After back and forth correspondence with axel vendor he suggest I move down to the 1000Hp axels and heíll cover all install cost and reimbursement for price difference. I also find a Diff online and ask Ted can I ship it to him. He says sure and heíll trade me upgrades and install for my old diff. I bring back to Jannetty for another axel install and replacement of diff. While the clicking and vibrations now gone I still have howling.

I contact vendor again in July with video proof of issues Iím experiencing. He responds to me that from video my DS still looks too short. He asks me to please measure for him. In the meantime, I send Ted an email stating what vendor wants me to do. His response is ď Go ahead the DS is perfect been there done thatĒ. I measure for vendor and find out the DS is too short. Ds vendor sends Ted a CF DS for all my troubles and agrees to pay for install although he made last one according to Jannetty specs. Again just like the axel, Jannetty doesnít admit to any fault on his shops part. Pick the car up and itís still howling. Talking with Ted he states that itís normal nvh and that with my mods Iím going to have noise and everything is fine.

Fast forward to November-December 2012 I have concerns with my fuel pressure. It keeps dipping to 48psi on wot runs. Instead of getting a ZL1 pump I pick up a fastlane dual pump. Ted refuses to adjust tune for it stating itís garbage and for me to stop being cheap. I explain to Ted itís the same cts-v pump that all the vendors are using and modifying. He sayís he cant help me. I spend the next 2 months calling around to every vendor I can find. They all are very helpful and say they can adjust it via EFI live or HP tuners but are not familiar with SCT. At the same time ADM FPCM is the hot ticket for ZL1 pump so I decide to pick one up. Ted does adjust my tune in February 2013 for the new FPCM which solves my problem.

In August of 2013 I contact Ted for my still noisy rear and some knock issues I start seeing on my logs. He responds that I should try lucas heavy duty oil for diff and to send him logs for knock. After sending him logs he states I have a rattle or octane issue. I check and change my whole exhaust to eliminate that. In September I go to his track rental, I add Ĺ can more than I usually use of Torco. After logging and checking a couple passes I shut it down because of bad knock. I send him more logs and he responds to bring the car in. They check car for any rattles and then ted and I proceed to drive up and down 84 him logging while Iím driving. He makes many changes and tells me car should be good now. The funny thing is my car howls up and down 84 but he makes no mention of it.

October 2013, I go to another rental and log. First pass looks good no knock. I log the next couple passes but donít check until I get home. I find my knock issues werenít resolved. After this and seeing a fellow Jannetty customer go thru his 4th motor that day I had enough. I schedule the car to go to a new shop to retune and fix knock issues and see if he agrees with old shops assessment of my rear.

As you can see from above Iíve had a very bumpy ride with Jannetty starting in 2011. I gave them ample opportunity to fix my issues. So please donít say I should of given them an opportunity to fix it again. Ted barely had time for me and I felt like I had to beg him to check a log for real and or fix something. I constantly felt the need to praise him so maybe Iíd get better service. Ted is also 2hrs away from me. You can imagine the frustration of money and time wasted on so many trips. I can provide any and all receipts and correspondence between myself and Jannetty Racing. Iíve kept them all.

The other thing I donít mention above is Ted nickel and dimes you to death. Below are examples..

1. Tried to charge me full price for diff when he agreed to take old one in exchange. Still winded up paying 600 donít ask me how.
2. He charged me diagnosis fees for vibrations
3. He charged me for new axel seals after diff leaked even though he just replaced both axels
4. I asked him for an estimate when doing the converter. He said should be around 1200. It was more like 1600
5. Ds I had to haggle with him over price. He was msrp on it. I told him everyone else sells it cheaper. He agreed on a price and then tried charging more after
6. Many more little charges here and there. Iíd have to go thru invoices again

I am happy to report the car drives beautiful after retune and rear fixed.
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Very thorough and well written. I have always been curious to hear the whole story.

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I can't wait for my next
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Man I feel bad for you. Glad you found out, and can now enjoy your car!
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Originally Posted by TBone View Post
Very thorough and well written. I have always been curious to hear the whole story.


Thanks for sharing. Glad you have gotten your problems fixed finally.
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Glad you got it fixed
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bars suck
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Exactly why I stick to playing with older cars that I know how to work on myself and leave the ZL1 stock.
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What ended up being wrong with the rear end?

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Can u say what problems the new shop found with the previous work done
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Really at a loss for words to comment but great write up for certain very professional.
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Sucks you got the run around and spent more then needed but glad you're happy now and it's all of the issues are fixed.

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Originally Posted by Retro69 View Post
What ended up being wrong with the rear end?

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Originally Posted by BplumCrazy-SS View Post
Can u say what problems the new shop found with the previous work done
It would take someone who understands more then me to tell you what led to everything failing.

I can say the shims were removed. The slotting of the rear was repaired and pinion angle was then correct. 1 axle was too long and bound .The following is from Slowhawk the shop that fixed it.

Pulled the posi unit out and noticed the bearing wear inside the races, then noticed the wear on the cap/case that shows it walking/spinning.
Measured the caps ect. got a .0002 interference compared to the bearing race. Could of been from the worn in case race, don't know.

And keep in mind Slowhawk had my whole rear taken apart and problems identified in a half day. The whole thing DS,axels, and diff.

Here are some pictures from diff

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Jannetty Racing Review


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Wow. Great write up. Very informative. Thank you for sharing your experience, as this is what should happen in the Vendor Review section. Glad your car is finally running properly.
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Quick question—what equipment were you guys using on your tunes for data logging? I understand that tunes are less accurate without wideband gauges, and I haven't seen a lot of them on the forum.
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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
Quick questionówhat equipment were you guys using on your tunes for data logging? I understand that tunes are less accurate without wideband gauges, and I haven't seen a lot of them on the forum.

I logged on the dyno with SCT and an air fuel gauge.

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This review falls inline with what I have heard from way to many people in the LSX community.

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Wow I'm stunned. I will most defintley give a second thought to whom I let touch my car now..... I gotta check out Slowhawk...
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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
Quick questionówhat equipment were you guys using on your tunes for data logging? I understand that tunes are less accurate without wideband gauges, and I haven't seen a lot of them on the forum.
In June-July timeframe of 2013 I hooked up a wideband to it. I sent a log to Ted and he responded with my AFR was spot on. All future logs included the AFR.

While at Ted's shop in September if I'm not mistaken he used HP Tuners to log but didn't use the wideband. He would have to explain as to why he didn't use it

I will further add that after my Meth install at Slowhawk's the AFR didn't have to be touched. Usually when Meth is added it goes up to a point rich. Mine was perfect after the meth which leads me to believe I was up to a point lean.
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Very nice write up. Glad to hear everything is worked out now and sorry you had a hell of a time getting it right. I can relate.
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come find out;)
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2 years of running around with the same problem and still doesn't accept blame? Wow that is all I can say.
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Sucks to hear all the bad things that happened to you! But glad you finally got it fixed!
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I don't think I've ever seen a more patient person. I know I would have had a very hard time keeping it together , especially with the distance you were having to go to get the work done.

Great write up and I'm glad you've been able to get all the links worked out.

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Dan Your Agenda and Motives are very clear to Drive business away from JRE in an effort to push it toward Slowhawk.

When you have a screen Name Saynotojre on another site it speaks volumes.

The information you put up Left out all the Warranty work we did at no charge to you,
All The FREE tuning I did to constantly improve your ET, and all the 50.00 tips you gave the mechanic since you watched him work on your car and you were so pleased with the attention to detail.

It also left out all the great times we had together here at the shop and at the track and at C5 event.

You never once had to beg me to work with you, I bent over backwards to help you, and provide unparalleled customer service and track side assistance at every turn.

Your car is on the fast list and has been for a very long time, you beat the car like a red headed step child so there is a certain amount of responsibility that goes along with that.

You have had your fair share of bad luck with axles, I know I lived it and absorbed a tremendous amount of cost for it, Yes you left that out too.

I also Offered you a Brand New Diff, as soon as I saw Slowhawks Post.

I contacted you offered you a Brand New Diff No charge and you refused so you can go on an rant about how bad we are.

The information you received about our workmanship and Tuning is Bias and Malicious with all to gain and nothing to lose Same agenda.

You Beat your car for 3 years and never a hiccup from the tune and your car is FAST for the Minimal Mods.

I expect you will take apart what I wrote here and twist it in your favor.

That fact that your Band of JRE haters, Most of which were never JRE customers are going around and PMing JRE past present and potential customers with the same agenda is nothing more than Cruel and Highschool like.

People who have been pm by the JRE Haters club have been forwarded to me by some of those members asking what's up.

I am always available to resolve any issues, and even with your Malicious post My Door is always open to Move past this anger.

Technical information, Parts Sales, Professional Installation, and Custom Dyno Tuning.
Please vist our web sites for all your performance needs!
Ted Jannetty
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Bo White

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I called Ted one time, he answered my question and was sure of his abilities and services.
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