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Mark T
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My Camaro almost saw a sprinkle once.

But I check the radar before backing out of the garage.

And yes, my wife knows I am insane.
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Yes, drive that car man and enjoy it while you can

My Build
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Why go through the expense of a high priced car if you are going to be afraid to use it when the weather isn't perfect? I can't believe you spent probably over $35,000 on a car just to be its protector. Unless you're planning on using your car as a show car, drive the darn thing. These cars are loads of fun to drive. Get some bang for your buck. Chances are you are, at some point, going to trade it in for a newer car. Are you going to keep spending boat loads of $$$ just to keep a car looking pristine in your garage?
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Originally Posted by Ryanbabz71 View Post
My 2012 has just under 3K miles Dont care drive it when I want mainly around town. When the person giving you a hard time is paying your loan then they can dicate how/when you drive it until then enjoy it the way you want to.
This X's 100.


"Silly Americans, taking from the rich and giving to the poor only works in fairy tales. Success is earned here!".
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I wont do short rides in the rain. I hate having to clean it and after its been in the rain black cars look like they haven't been washed in weeks. But if I have a long drive or I am getting close to needing to wash it anyways I will drive it in the rain. Rain doesn't bother me at all I just hate the 2-3 hour wash process. Bring out all the wash stuff set up wash, Dry, Put wash stuff away, Detail spray, drive down the highway, Detail spray to remove the water that came out all the little places, Detail spray door jams under hood and trunk lid.

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Out 1LE is a daily driver. Living in the southeast corner of GA, it will probably never see snow. I hear people complain about the tires in the rain, but I have never seen it. Car works just fine. We did avoid using it in the sub 40 degree weather due to tire warning. The car was bought to be driven, and it will be. When it is worn out in 8 - 10 years with 200K miles on it, it will be replaced. Its your car, treat it as you want, but just ask yourself what you are saving it for?
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I never drive my good cars in the rain. I have a car that I use if I have to drive in the rain or take a pet-to-the-vet.
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Master of Nothings
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Welcome and you will realize that many people on this forum have varying opinions....about YOUR car. LOL Some like v8's only and think all cars below that are toys, some like v6's only for economical purposes, some drive theirs daily, others only drive on the weekend....and the list goes on. Keep your car or drive it how YOU want to. If I was able to own other vehicles right now and had the room, I'd probably park my Camaro for a little while too. My other car would have to be just as fun or better but still I would give the girl a little rest here and there. I don't have another car so I drive it daily, sees rain, snow and even bird poop. Enjoy YOUR ride! lol

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT/RS
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It's your car, so you get to drive it however you like

The only comment I have to offer is, make sure to look at the bigger picture. Does not getting it wet in the rain make you happier than actually driving it? It goes with the assumption that in 20 years, your car will be just another used Camaro with miles on it. It's never going to be a 0-mile survivor that was taken from the assembly line and packaged away in a freight container, only to be discovered 20 years later with the plastic still on the steering wheel and the dealer tags still on the keys, i.e. your car probably won't be worth a whole lot. So why are you preserving it?

I can see keeping it out of Michigan winters. Snow states seem to destroy just about any vehicle in a period of about 10 years. But rain?
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Jamie Mac
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It got pounded with water in the rain booth at the factory. Then it sat outside waiting on a rail car. Shipped by train then onto a transport truck to your dealer. I hate be the bearer of bad news but your car has been dirty and wet. Just enjoy it
also drives a heavily modified Jeep Wrangler. It has LED headlights and wheel weights blacked out with Plasti Dip. It's Baller.
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Res Ipsa Loquitur
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No rain or snow here either.
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My wife and I just purchased our's this past weekend and I told her it wouldn't be driven in the rain or snow. Beautiful sunny days that's all the car will see.
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Im in ohio. Its garaged thru the winter. I will NOT drive in the rain if possible. If its supposed to rain, the car can stay home. If I get caught in the rain, so be it, but I DO try to avoid.

Also, after microfiber towel drying the car, get out the air compressor with the "spray nossel". Blow ALL the surfaces where panels come together, mirriors, rubber seals, watch all the water come out, then wipe dry. This will save the "water streaks" when you drive after washing

I am FAR from rich or even "having money" ..... I JUST got into this thing. Its my baby, my toy. I want to keep it as nice as possible for as long as possible. I doubt I will ever be able to get another car like this again in my life.

Screw the nay sayers!!! Keep it in the garage when its raining! YOUR GOOD MAN!!!!

EVERYONE thinks im nuts.....girlfriend, friends, neighbors........who cares sh!t looks gooooood
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Just remember rain is just water just like what comes out of the hose. I personally would enjoy and drive the car. Here is my story:

I kept my SS as a garage queen for almost two years and it only had about 3000 miles on it. I hurried home at the first sign of rain. Due to a new job and location the car ended up sitting outside and became my daily driver. After the first few weeks of trying to keep it spotless I gave up. A crazy thing happened. I enjoyed the car more! Sure I cleaned and waxed it but the little things did not bother me so I found myself looking forward to driving it and not worrying about rain, bugs, rocks, etc. (heck I ran it through a car wash.... the horror ) When I sold the car for my ZL1 my SS had 12,000 miles on it. (9000 in that last year) As a 3 year old car it was way under miles. You know how much more I received for the car on trade due to the low miles? ZERO. I got a good value but not worth not driving it.

From this experience my ZL1 is driven a ton. 13K and counting. It has been rained on more times than I can count. Sure she has rock chips but a little touch up paint and it is all good. As for rain... wash off the dirt and then wax.
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Emerald Coast Camaros
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I will avoid taking it out in the rain, but if I am out and it is raining then there is nothing I can do about it other than clean it once the weather has cleared up. Since owning mine, I think it has seen rain less than 10 times.
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You, sir, are not insane. You just like keeping your car clean. While my 2SS has been rained on once or twice while sitting out in the driveway (which is not the same as 'driving it in the rain') I avoid driving mine in the rain to avoid having to detail it all over afterwards. This is why I had three vehicles: one to drive semi-daily (2001 BMW 740i SWB Sport), the 2SS to drive on nice days, and a third car that I bought 5 years ago (and detailed it top to botton) that was not only never driven in the rain since, it never saw a drop of water on it at all; dry detail only.
Yes, I am OCD, but not insane (well, just don't ask my neighbors, they think I am). Enjoy your Camaro!

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