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Signed Litho Print Questions & Answers

Camaro Owners

First off i want to personally say " Thank You " to all of the Camaro5 members for believing in General Motors and the Camaro Build Team. I wish i could meet and shake all of your hands for making this car the huge success it has become. It is because of you that the new 2010 5thGen has been the hottest car in North America. I'm very honoured to be part of this team and proud to be an employee of GM.

Now as far as the signed litho/print goes and seeing that some members are asking when they are getting one ! The truth is i do this on my own , (GM is not involved) i research each member who visits here ( camaro5,5thGen) and read their comments and stories. I make some notes and then contact them to see if they would like to receive a signed litho print from different Camaro Build Team Members. I include some build info and their Camaro's VIN #s. I then go about getting the signatures from my fellow workers on my lunch and breaks.

I look after all the shipping cost and the special envelope that goes with it , plus a Thank You letter from myself. Now there has been a couple of exceptions when someone has asked for a print and they covered the cost.

As of this date i have sent out 28 prints to different points around North America , from Alaska to California to Hawaii ,Texas,Florida,Virginia,New York,Newfoundland,Ontario and all points in between. I have not decided on a final number but it will not exceed 50. I have received many requests but i can only devote so much of my time to this project and seeing as most of the Camaro's are sold , it would take me another 100 yrs to send one to each owner.

I apologize to each and every one of you who have asked "why they have not received one" but as i'm sure you can understand its impossible for me to make everyone happy.

In closing i again thank all of you for your kind words to myself , my fellow workers and GM. You truly are the greatest customers . Best Regards

Mike Judge
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You guys rock!
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I can't tpye!
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You guys are awesome, love my camaro, and would certainly love to get my hands on a litho, but can understand that you can't do 30K of them.

if you decide however that you want to do them for a small fee plus shipping I would be all over it!

Thanks for a great car!
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Yea...very awesome!

If you want someone in Kentucky to send one to...look me up!!
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A litho would be cool, but I am just pumped that you guys are putting these babies out the door with such a high level of quality!! Thanks very much for the awesome job you guys did on #9471

Keep it up!

(Maybe I'll ask you for a litho when you can order Z-28's )

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
.........we are far from finished.................
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thanks for all you do!!
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Thanks for all the time everyone at GM and those on this forum spend making sure we get a great car and all the information we need to enjoy it!

Now...for the waiting.....

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Thanks Super60 - to you and your teammates. We all can be proud of our2010 Camaro because of the craftsmanship you guys put into each and every one of them. Thanks to you personally for your extra effort with these plates. I am sure all who receive one will be beaming from ear to ear! I know I would be.

Keep up the great work!

Long Live Camaro!
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what if our camaro doesnt have a VIN?
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Maybe you could arrange with camaro 5 to sell them. I would buy one
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Thank You! Keep those '10 Camaro's rollin off the line
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I was one of the unbelievably fortunate Camaro owners who was blessed enough to receive a truly "priceless" signed litho on Monday from Mike...(#27 of 30) soon as I get it framed, I will be sure to post photos...

I already thanked him with a private message, however, that being said, I would like to publicly thank Mike and all the Oshawa employees that were kind enough to take time out of their busy day to sign my litho...........

I feel as if I already know Mike, aka super60 and Rob, aka the Mole personally...I have conveyed my love and thanks to them and all the GM employees that so lovingly and carefully built my "baby" as if they were building it for themselves or a member of their own family...

They are all part of my car, as they all had a hand in the making of my "ROCKETSHIP"....I feel as if their "blood, sweat, and tears" are forever etched in my car and etched on my heart....

In today's "me, me, me" world, it is comforting and gratifying to know that there are still people out there in the world that care about others and take pride in what they do...

I salute you all...GM, the designers, engineers, builders, and anyone involved in the "resurrection" of the beloved Camaro...

I was also fortunate enough to get to meet the beloved Fbodfather, aka Scott Settlemire, as well as Cheryl Pilcher, Al Oppenheiser, John Fitzpatrick, and John Cox at Carlisle, PA in June for the Camaro/GM Nationals and they signed the engine of my "baby"...

I didn't think it could get any better than that, until I received the signed litho...

This car is by far, above and beyond my wildest dreams and is so satisfying to own a car with all the people attached to the car, now a part of my life forever...I will never be the same...

My heart is so full with love and joy and admiration for all of you and as some of you already know, anyone that has read my many very enthusiastic and sincere posts and threads, this car has changed my life forever...I have been to "hell" and back in the last 2 yrs, and on the other side of my sadness and grief was my Camaro, another word for love...IMHO.....

I know this is a very long letter, but I hope you all take the time to read all of it and come away from it with a renewed respect and admiration for the Camaro and the many people "behind the scenes", so to speak, that care about all of us...

Job well done, guys!!!!....take a "well-deserved" bow...

love and thanks from a very grateful and happy Camaro owner and Team Camaro fan FOREVER...


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Well, thanks for doing this for those that have or will receive them. I would have liked to be in the select group, but I was thinking that this was something that GM SHOULD have been doing for those that have waited and waited..............guess we know now though.

So, let's see..........

Can't get the right, original window sticker.
The reprint sticker doesn't say EARLY ORDER ACTIVITY on it.
Probably won't get one of these lithos........

But, at least my tranny hasn't blown apart either.
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Thank you Mike, and the rest at Oshawa! You guys are doing an awesome job and thousands of people already are very appreciative of your work. Keep it up...

....and if you must get one of those signed lithos out to Oklahoma....well....that would be awesome! lol

Thanks Super60!
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