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Old 08-07-2009, 10:20 AM   #1

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Car show creetons!!!!

Ok, so I picked up my fully loaded 2SS/RS 6M RJT with polished 20's on Tuesday night. Car is totally awesome. A friend of a friend told me to bring the car to a "car show" cause no one has brought one there yet and I'd be the first. So, ofcourse I was happy to show off the new Camaro.

I went to a what I will loosly label a "car show" Thursday night. More like a gathering of gear heads and grease monkeys.

There was everything from ricers to big block nitro 60's camaros (one even had a wheelie bar and parachute for christ's sake). So, you know we're talking about the whole range of possible cars.

A few people liked the car but most comments ranged from slight critizm about minor things to flat out the car is hideous.

I heard, "it is to big," "to heavy," "looks like a caddy'," "its not real muscle," etc, etc.

I didn't say much to anyone cause I kinda laid back and didn't tell anyone it was mine. I kinda played "fly on the wall" and stood near people to hear their comments.

The ironic part of it all was that I walked around and talked to people about their cars and a lot of them were running times around the Camaro's 1/4 mile time, some were running 1 - 2 sec faster. These were guys who had poured thousands into rusty shit boxes with huge blowers, turbos, big blocks, nitrous etc. Their cars were stripped down to lighten them up with drag radials.

Anyway, I'm thinking to myself that either their completely jealous, stupid or both. First, the car is hot. Looks great. Anyone who doesnt think so is lying or blind.

Second, a 12.9 to 13.2 1/4 mile stock out of the wrapper car is a great time. I know that none of these morons cars (other than the z06's) could do this.

Third, if I did slightly some of the mods these guys did my car would run past them. I could add a forced induction system or laughing gas. I can (if they were out yet) throw in a set of gears, do a cam, heads and all that crap.

I'm standing there thinking to myself that my car has 100 miles on it and a 6 yr warranty why would I start messing with the car.

Also, the people could care less about air conditioning and cruise control let alone that I had a blue tooth connection, Ipod contols, etc etc.

I dont know. I kinda left a little deflated. I've had my share of fast rusty roaches and sleepers in the past. Certainly this car is a lot nicer. Oh, btw, the only guys who actually liked the car a lot were guys in new vettes and ironically new challengers. The dudes in new chargers didn't like it.

AND OFCOURSE, none of the mustang drivers liked it. I did tell them though they could stop talking shit cause I have a Cobra in my driveway as we speak so I know from first hand experience which car is better.

Guess I'm just venting. Anyone else with car show experiences.
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Where on L.I. were you ?. Sounds like a Queens crowd. Here in CT, Ma, and I have been to Annapolis Md the new Camaros get huge crowds and great respect. Stay out of the hood.
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Yep I'm back!
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Its sad there is so much jealousy and hate in the world. Most of the above can probably be related to that. There are plenty of nice people in the world that will give you compliments and plenty of jack ass's. I love the challenger and if once i get my maro i see one i will say hey man nice car. Mustangs are just ok, well base models are ok if you add a little to a stang i think it can look good. Nothing about the camaro looks bad to me but I love camaro's and always have. Nothing about it looks like a caddy though i know that for sure. I guess that why i stay away from car shows in general, I mean I'm sure all of them aren't feeled with idiots and moron's but it sure seems like a lot of them are.
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Old 08-07-2009, 10:27 AM   #4
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People will talk smack to make themselves feel better. Just know that you have the coolest car on the planet. Camaro drivers have very thick skin. Just drive safe and watch out for the idiots.
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Let the cretins have their little pity party. Waaaa!
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The car show was in Miller Place, Long Island. Actually a very nice area.
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Rogue Leader
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I had a much better response Friday nigth at Bellmore when I got the car, crowd really loved it.
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mutant chicken
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We haven't had a chance to show ours yet, although our local Mel's has a cruise in night every Thursday that we had forgotten about until we drove past last week on our way to dinner somewhere else. We might have to try that just to see what happens...

I've tried to hang back when ever I can to listen to peoples reactions and so far it has been good. I hear a lot of the usual misinformed stuff ( It's the new Mustang !, I hear it costs $75,000 !!!, it's the 2009 ), you know what I mean, I can't think of any negitive comments I have heard yet, although my wife did get in the usual q&a session with a guy at the gas station and at the end of it he said he liked the Mustang better and that he was a diehard Ford guy, the he proceeded to get in a Dodge Ram and drive off. I think he was just mad though, my wife had to correct him on all those things listed above that he had gotten wrong. Yesterday we had a guy wait at a stop sign for us ( didn't realize it.. ) and when we stopped he screamed at us " THAT CAR IS F***ING SICK !!!!! I HAVE GOT TO GET ME ONE !!!", it scared the heck out of my wife who was riding shotgun and texting at the time, heck, it made me jump, I felt like we were being ambushed or something. We had a good laugh after that.

I wouldn't worry about the hotrod crowd too much, I think they are seeing a stock, new car sitting there and are more than likely jelous over the fact that it can run with the big dogs right out of the box. My first car was a '67 Firebird and I had to put a ton of time and money into that thing to make it as fast as this Camaro is, and then it still would never handle as well, ever.

Enjoy your car and don't worry about the people who don't like it, it doesn't matter what you drive, there will always be people who don't like it, that's just a fact of life.
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So far I've gotten nothing but nice comments, but then again, it's Cedar Rapids. People here are unnaturally nice in general. I have a friend from New York and it actually creeps him out.
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See, that's the thing about most car shows and car meets...there is never a shortage of morons and envious people. If you are going to any of these events thinking anything else other than simply sharing your car with other car enthusiasts and seeing and enjoying others' cars as well, then you are going there for the wrong reasons and comments from morons will bother you. Why stoop to their level?
One of my cars is a Factory Five Roadster and morons always like to make negative comments about it being a kit car, etc but as I always politely explain, I can't afford a $700k original Shelby 427 Cobra so this $60k replica with all new parts top to bottom, front to back, will do for me just fine.
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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
I had a much better response Friday nigth at Bellmore when I got the car, crowd really loved it.
ya i was gonna say it probably would get a good response in bellmore on friday nights
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My first night in Bellmore was actually great. Just about everyone loved the car and I basically spent the night answering questions about it. Really no negativity at all.
During the drive by Challenger owner asked for a pick with his.
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I believe alot of the ney sayers are coming from a different angle than some are realizing. I obviously love my car and love the new Camaro, but there can be a certain amount of pride in building a car vs. buying a car. Not to downplay anyone who bought the new car and worked hard in order to afford the new car, but the guys that sweat out getting the output from their car feel they 'created' their cars.

Just as the new Camaro owner will have pride putting catback exhaust, CAI, tune chips, etc. to get even more beef from these Camaro's, the guy that restored and beefed up that old '69 Camaro or '71 Mustang has pride in getting the results in his car that he feels he actually created rather than simply modified.

I'm not trying to downplay schmucks talking smack over a beautiful new car that they may simply be jealous of, but there are those decent guys that really don't feel the link between a car show owner of a modified vs. an owner of an innovative new design.

I restored a '77 Camaro from ground up and at shows I attended, there might be a Viper show up or something along those lines. Obviously that Viper made my Camaro look like a Ford Pinto in comparison of power, comfort, etc., etc., but I had pride in knowing I built the car from frame back up and what it is, is what I myself put in the car, not a production line. If I could have afforded the Viper, absolutely I'd love to be in that car instead, but my fall back was that I did it, while he bought it.

Not meant to annoy anyone here, just offering a different perspective.
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Comic Curmudgeon
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The Heck with 'em!

I have pretty much had mostly positive responses at cruise nights.

If some folks don't like the car, too bad.

The first one I took it to (In Michigan) an older lady, sat there and treepeated over and over as I drove past - " I don't Like that car! I don't like that car!" Her husband sitting there shaking his head. As far as I am concenred, the heck with that mentality.

Last month I took it to a local cruise night -"Keep it old!" Some woman yells out. I looked at her and just shook my head.

I agree with the OP, we have one heck of an awesome automobile. Sure I haven't done any mods (yet), but I also like doing as much promo as I can to show these "Cretins" that the age of the Muscle Car may have gone on hiatus back in 1972, but it never died.

All I can do is be gracious, talk to those who want to know more, and ignore those who "Don't Get it!"
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