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What should I do?

I'll be taking receipt of my camaro in about 3 weeks, and I'm wondering how I'll be taking care of the car's paint. I'm going to have to make three decisions: do I let the dealer detail the car or should I receive it in the wrapper? Do I buy the dupont clearcoat from the dealer? Do I get the 3M clear bra? I'm not inclined to let the dealer detail the car because I'm afraid they'll just put swirls in the paint. Furthermore, I feel like I'd be a sucker to buy the clearcoat. I plan on Zaino-ing the car, does anyone know if Zaino is compatible with clear coats? I think I want the 3M clear bra, but again, how will that affect my ability to Zaino the car? Thanks, I'm pretty confused about what to do and I don't want to make a huge mistake on my dream car.
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If you receive the car and its been on the rail line u have to get rid of the rail dust so a clay bar is something u dont want to skip. I would detail it yourself dont let the dealer touch the car period. Those place's are a hit and miss for there quality of detailing. As for the line of product my 2 fav lines is zaino and adams but if u want to only buy over the counter turtle wax ice and megs NXT are good products. Here is a good video on how to take care of your ride. This is the first of 10 video's in raw form. Grab your fav drink sit back and relax.

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Yes, but I'm also curious, how does Zaino work with a clear bra? Do you Zaino it and then have the clear bra installed? And if you do that does it do any good to polish on top of the bra? I've been wondering this as well...
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htp autoworks
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Zaino works very well with clear bras. In fact I recommend all of my customers to use it instead of wax. I have been using Zaino on film the last 6 years and it works jsut as well as it does on paint.

Get the clear bra. The Dupont stuff is really snake oil and I have never heard of it really working. I could be wrong but from everyone I have spoken with its been a big waste of money.
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Looney Tunes
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I recommend a clear bra. You won't regret that..
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