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Range V8 = What CEL w/ Headers?

Funny thing... I didn't get any codes for my headers until this Monday. I got P0420, and P0430. Both normal. I get that. Whats funny is, once I removed my Range V8, had Autozone read the codes, unplugged his reader, plugged the Range V8 back in, the codes were gone. I assumed his code readers cleared them? Shrug. They didn't come back until Thursday, and I had went to an automatic car wash. Well I don't trust people, and had no interest in having someone clumsy kicking the Range V8 unit, etc, so I removed it. So, I get the car back, turn it off, plug the Range V8 back in and turn the car back on and BAM! The codes are gone again. Hell, they haven't even returned yet and I just drove the car this Saturday morning.
This makes no sense, but since I know the module fiddles with the PCM(Whatever control module that activates/deactivates the AFM) I could understand it defaulting to no codes being on.
Either way, I am pretty confident I will be tuned in the next 2 weeks... but thought this was a rather interesting find for sure.
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My CEL would go on an off when I put my headers on too.....until the came back on once after he tuned it then he had to adjust one of the tolerances on the bank 2 #1 far it hasn't come back on, but then again its been in the garage for a week while I was away on vacation.
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Camaro Dude
and Sledge
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When I installed my headers, one oxygen sensor thread was cooked, and the Auto Parts store was I drove Sledge with no tune, headers and a gaping O2'less hole in the headers for 50 or so Km's with no cel light, mind you, I kept it below 1800 rpm as much as I could.

I eventually had it remotely tuned, all is still good.

You will get a whole array of figures reported on range until cel light comes on.
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