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Drives: 2012 Camaro Convertible
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2012 Camaro Convertible Top Problems

Has anyone had problems with there convertible top collapsing because of a clip breaking off therefore causing a pin to come out? This happened on my 2012 Camaro with only 23,000k's. When my husband and daughter came home a few weeks ago they were still sitting in the car while putting the top up and my daughter noticed the drivers side of the convertible top coming down on his head and when she yelled he turned to face her which was good because the top was falling towards the side of his head just about to hit him in the cheek. My husband couldn’t close the top so he put it back down. I called the dealership and spoke to the parts department. They faxed me a diagram and my husband went to work trying to figure out what was broken. He found it was a pin held on by a clip that was missing and presumably fallen down inside. We ordered the part which took a week and a half. I had to call to see if it was in because the dealership didn't let me know. I then made an appointment for the next day.
My husband took it in at 8am the next morning where they installed the $10 clip and pin but the roof would no longer close. When up it was tight on the drivers side but over 6 inches out on the passenger. They looked and looked and after $364.00 they said they had no idea what was wrong. Frustrated, my husband came home and the dealership said they would talk to GM about the problem. I decided to call that afternoon when my husband came home because that just didn't seem acceptable to me. I spoke to the service manager who didn't seem too concerned at all. This was a new service manager that I had never dealt with. The previous one was very good and we had never had an issue he couldn't fix. This was a different situation unfortunately. He proceeded to tell me that it was in the hands of GM's engineers and he had to wait to hear back from them. He also said that every time he spoke to them that GM billed the dealership for the advice. He assured me they would come back with a plan and he would contact us as soon as they did but he had no idea when that would be. I asked what he thought they would recommend and he said they would probably come back with instructions on replacing A,B,C and if that didn't work they would come back with a plan to replace D, E, F and he wasn't even sure if they would send a tech from Toronto or just have the tech's at the dealership perform the work. I asked what if that didn't work or what if it never worked properly ever again and he said that was the chance we took. I said then wouldn't it be better to just replace the whole thing and he said no it would cost upwards of $4,000 to $5,000. I added that at the rate it was costing me $364.00 to tell me they didn't know I could only imagine what it would cost to actually start replacing parts. We didn't hear anything for the next 3 days.
I decided to call a friend in the auto body business to see what they do if they have an issue with a convertible top and he directed me to the guy in town that looks after their shops and dealerships alike. My husband took it in to him and he noticed right away the wear marks and grooves the pin that had broken had made in the plastic piece that the top has to pass while going up or down. This piece sits just behind the drivers door about 4-6 inches below where the convertible top rests when down. It was apparent that the pin had been hitting that plastic piece and causing damage and loosening the plastic piece for a long time. The plastic piece was loose and deeply grooved. This plastic piece catches on the clip while putting the top up then falls back down when the clip pushes past it. He then said he couldn't tell us what was wrong until he could remove the headliner and have a better look. Another thing he noticed was that our latch that closes the top wasn't working and the entire latch cover was missing.
We called the dealership and asked about where the latch cover was and were assured that they would have given it back and that nothing was there. After a few words from my husband they went searching and guess what? My husband drove in another 45 mins to pick up the cover on the Saturday morning but none of the senior techs were working so he just took the cover and left since no one appeared to know what happened.
By this time I am already fed up so I called and asked for the Service Manager and he was unavailable so I asked for the owner as I know him by name from many years of buying vehicles at this dealership. He too was unavailable and I was asked to described what it was about by the receptionist. I explained everything and she connected me with the General Manager. After explaining everything to him he said he would go investigate and get back to me right away. He did call that afternoon and admitted that they had broken the latch and latch cover while taking it off. I was furious because that was never the problem in the first place. I guess I paid for tech labor to try to fix something that wasn't broken and then proceed to break it. He agreed to cover the cost and replace the broken pieces. I simply said I would never step foot on that lot ever again if they didn't. That was Wednesday and Friday afternoon they had the parts in so I took it to have them installed. While there I asked the tech to take pics and video of the top working and catching on and moving the plastic piece. He agreed that there wasn't enough clearance for the top to go up or down without hitting that clip and it was probably a matter of time before another clip broke off. Both he and the General Manager agreed they would take this information to GM and see what they said.
This past Monday I took the convertible back to the expert in town. He removed the liner and found pieces bent. He said when the top collapsed on the drivers side it twisted the passenger side and bent some of the arms that rest mid way above the window. Unfortunately these are riveted together which he said makes it impossible to replace. He managed to get it up enough to close it but he had to do some adjusting and guiding into place. Unfortunately I can't leave it outside because the top is offset and doesn't line up with the windows any longer. The passenger window can't go up all the way due to the roof being lower on that side. He advised me to be careful not to break my window. He also found that the liner was ripped beside where the pin broke and there is a wear hole in the liner on the passenger side as well as one coming through on the top itself. More good news! I went straight from there to the dealership and explained everything and even showed the general manager the holes. He said that he called his rep and explained the situation whereby the car was out of warranty but only had 23,000k's on it. Its is immaculate, never been in an accident or winter driven. He said unfortunately his hands were tied because when he mentioned to the GM rep that I said it was dangerous for that to happen and a safety concern the rep said he would no longer have anything to do with it and I would have to go through the customer complaint department and they would then forward it to the legal department. Unbelievable!!!!! So here I am with a car I can't use and my dealership has washed their hands of it. I'm not sure where to go from here, I guess I will try GM but from what I have read they are ignoring more serious problems than this. I only know that the top that was on the 2011-2015 Camaro is no longer made. Huh, maybe a problem? I have 3 vehicles in my driveway that are GM and if this isn't resolved reasonably by GM they will be the last. As I mentioned to the General Manager I have bought 3 vehicles there in the past 5 years but there won't ever be another if this isn't resolved. Just as my husband decided he wanted to buy the new 2017 SS model because he loved ours so much. That will definitely not be happening if this isn't dealt with by GM. Having a $70,000 car with these problems would send me over the edge. When I was at the dealership with the car my salesman not knowing what was going on drove the new 2017 SS model up to service where I was standing and said take it for a drive! He was not impressed when he heard what was happening and that we won't be buying anything until this problem is rectified. Any dealership or car company would be happy to receive my money and I as a consumer get to decide where I spend it! Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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'11 cyber grey vert
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Wow..just Wow....unfortunately you are out of warranty...
I have had all the top problems with mine, broken 5th bow, water management leakage etc.( all my problems started at less than 10,000 kms)...I managed to get GM Canada corporate involved with mine, but they did not extend the warranty on mine.and mine was still under warranty when I had the problems...
I would call GM oshawa and ask for the presidents office...
You can also email [email] she is the head honcho at gm may not get a response from her office...but worth a shot.Maybe she can refer you to someone higher up in GM Canada corporate to help resolve things...GM USA and GM Canada are 2 different corporate entities.
Definitely have it repaired by the specialist and not the dealer...most dealers do not know how to repair these.Hopefully GM Canada will step up to the plate and give you some kind of assistance on costs...They probably won't cover the whole cost.Good Luck and keep us posted.

you can also call Enco Trim in Thornhill.....they have repaired many of the camaro tops from 2011 and 2012 MY ...did my repair through my dealer and others on this site as well as they have done work for other dealers
phone # (905) 881-0464

also maybe post in the convertible section

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I think she has won the award for longest post on Camaro5. Sorry to here about your problems.
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Drives: 2012 Camaro Convertible
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Kingston, Ontario
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2012 Camaro Convertible Top Problems

'11 cyber grey vert - I appreciate all your suggestions and I will definitely try them out this week. I will keep any news posted!
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Drives: 2012 Camaro Convertible
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Kingston, Ontario
Posts: 4
I'm so sorry for such a long post. I over describe everything lol.
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So you cannot get any replacement top? I thought there is a law where vehicle companies must continue to make spare parts for a specified period of time? Might need to try a junkyard? Good luck definitely sounds like a PITA

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New complete top and mechanism listed on ebay for $1500 4 or 5k quore from the dealer!
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