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Old 05-15-2008, 04:14 PM   #35
Mr. Wyndham
I used to be Dragoneye...
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Originally Posted by rray200 View Post
Unacceptable even for a V6 car. Put some meaty 275s all the way around for the V8 car.
"Your eyes can decieve you. Don't trust them." :

Originally Posted by left lane news
A close up of the Camaro's wheel also reveals the car's tire size — 275 40 R 20.
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Originally Posted by Cyberstyx View Post
Managed to miss the exterior shots, prolly a post while I was posting too.

That black shiny color is a bit confusing to me. It somehow manages to make me miss the curves of the nice body, especially the back part.

Certainly don't like the size of the rims/tires. Gief huge rims and slim/wider tires.

The signal lights look rly... ordinary. I guess a Bumblebee signal light would be out ofthe question, would not be visible in daylight, but I hope for a better future design.

Oh, and they are missing the "Camaro" word on the side. Gief!

And what IS that thing sticking out of the car at the back? Looks like the driver stuffed in the trunk an old man he accidentaly run over with reverse, and a bit of his walking-helper is sticking out ^^
simmer down there buddy... these aren't final production pics... no bells and whistles on this one just yet... wait until September and then pass judgment on what you'll do to it... that pipe is most likely for testing something...
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Looking good.
I'm going manual too so looking forward to seeing what that will look like.
I'm going to try and swing the "top dog" model so I'm sure the rubber will be plenty big enough.

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Old 05-15-2008, 04:24 PM   #38
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Looks Great!
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The brake is just wrong to me.....but I'm sure I'll get used to it. The interior shots are ok, but don't tell me a lot about what my upgraded Z/28 is going to look like. I don't like the buttons on the stereo. They remind me of the old GM non CD radio that was in all GM's cheap cars (think Astro cargo van) a few years ago. I'd love to know that that button is in front of the shifter as well. And please make the shifter for the manual something special.
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Old 05-15-2008, 04:38 PM   #40
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The Interior: JesusJosephMary!!!! What an interior!!! that blows Mustangs interior out of the water and not that it needs to be said but definatly the challengers boring mass quantity interior. This Camaro is gonna hit big when it finally hits. Cant wait to see them on the streets!!
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how is it we dont see new info for weeks and then today 2 new things for the homepage.. not complainting but just curious??
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Auto Pilot
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Where's the manual shift function? I guess you have to get either a V8 for that or a stick. Sucky.
"Let the rest of the world dream of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and dinky little British two-seaters. In this country speed doesn't look like that." Got SS?
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Holy Sh!t! im loving this interior! i actually think it looks way better than the concepts, and that steering wheel! world class car GM loving it!
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There's nothing like this car inside or out. I know, while waiting I keep looking for an alternative (Corvette, G37, G8, BMW), but I keep coming back to the new Camaro.
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In the first picture of the exterior of the car, you can see a red reflection on the slit of the hood. For a second, it looked like a KITT scanner in
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Old 05-15-2008, 05:13 PM   #46
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TBH I really like simplicity, I drove my tacoma today for the first time since I bought another camaro (about 2 months) and realized how much more I loved the interior. A stereo, ETC POWER button, and thats it. I have driven around cars with steering wheel controls, and they really don't make anything too much easier. Plus they don't play well with aftermarket systems. Hope they are an option, I will choose no thanks :/

On another subject, WTH is this?
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most likely a laptop mount for testing. Rest assured that will not be in your camaro.
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the interior

Seats look like cloth, nice touch around the shifter for the automatic, the center between the tach and speedo was to have the gas gauge as well as directional signal, SES lamp, the 4 floor guages should be an ammeter, engine temp, oil pressure, torque. With the center housing the gas gauge, it looks like it is correct. (IMHO-why a torque gauge? Put the gas gauge on the floor like the cluster in 1969. If there is to be a torque gauge, it should be up by the tach!
The tach has single numbers (X 1000). Too much like Ford products.
Renumber as 10, 20 (X 100) to match the speedo.

Above the radio, is that one of those GPS navigator systems!

This one also has a DARK color in the interior. I hope there are some lighter colors.

Nice smaller diameter wheel with large leather wrapping-nice touch.

Nice blue backlights

Would have liked an ignition push button, key in column combo.

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It look very good to me.
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I like it - it's functional and has some style too. Better than many interiors I've been in!

If MY Camaro has wheels smaller than 20 inch from the factory then I'm going aftermarket - they are toooooo small! :P
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I'm totally digging it!!!! I love the old/new look of the stereo, actually. Yeah, it's more close to complete, but I'm sure those switches in front of the shifter are for test equipment. That would be a pretty weird place to put switch gear, esp. for windows/door locks. I'm pretty sure that would be put behind the shifter. Anyway, this was almost as good a present as getting my leave date today!!!! WOO HOO! I'm gonna be driving my Bitchin' Camaro this time next year!
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