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Excali SS
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New car will sit for 30 days at a stretch

Ok guys, Here's my question:
I work overseas and should pick up my baby when I get home (4 weeks). Only be able to drive it for 1-2 weeks before I leave again. It will sit stored for 30 days.
I plan on changing the oil befor I leave but should I do anything else to it, any certain oil is best for long periods od "Storage" time?
I know synthetic is best but anyone have the same situation?
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Don't do anything with the oil, unless it has 500 or 1000 miles on it.

You may simply want to disconnect one wire of the battery, so it won't drain.
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I don't know if 30 days is considered long enough to do all this but what we do for extended storage is;

- drain the gas tank
- drain the oil
- remove the battery
- jack up and put on blocks
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XcaliSS, I sent you a message also...I am guesing that being from La and working overseas, a month at a time, we are in the same profession more or less...

I am in the same boat. I should pick up my car my last week home this next hitch, which is good but sux, I'll only be able to play for a week or so, prior to leaving for a month again.

Having worked overseas for 28 days at a time, I have only occasionally had issues with other cars. I do try to make sure that I'm not due an oil change when I prep to head to work. Two reasons for this, I don't leave old oil in it and it's ready to go as soon as I get home. I've never has issues with gas and I only use Premium in my cars. Try to leave the tank full as there is less tendency to have condensation build up in the tank. (big air gap, changing temps, leads to water vapor buildup.)
I have learned to ensure that all plug in electronics are unplugged. Phone charger, GPS, etc... Even with no phone plugged into the charger, I have had to jump start my car if the phone charger was left plugged in. (They are not necessarily the best quality electronics) I just built a shop for my woodworking stuff, and as a place to park my Harley. Wifes' SUV stays in the garage as did my Harley, but the Camaro damn sure aint staying outside, so, the Harley goes to the back yard.
If your concerned about the battery, get a trickle charger. I have one for my bike, and the battery is four years old with no signs of quitting. Very unusual for a moto battery.
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