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Day 3 and no problems with 1st here (feathering the gas a little), but finding the sweet spot to shift to 2nd & 3rd is taking some getting use to.

I fell like I'm nose diving every time I hit second and third.

I know how to drive a manual (last five cars were manuals) so I'm telling everyone in the car that its all the horsepower that I'm not use to!!!

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Camaro SL,UTs
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I had not driven a car with a manual transmission in ten years. I have yet to stall my new Camaro. I think it's easier to drive than a little econo box with manual.
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no stalling here, although the clutch disengagement is loud sometimes at a crawling speed when putting it into neutral coming to a stop, parking, or rolling. I just hate the 1-4 skip shift!
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yeah I never use 2nd gear.... I almost always go straight from 1st to 3rd
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Nerdy one
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Great I have not driven a stick for 14 years and then it was only for a few months. Well if I stall too much I will just wear a Bra and clown nose. Nothing distracts people from noticing poor driving like a fat guy in a bra.
Dave McFly:
Modern cars are awash in “It-goes-to-11” ergonomics. No one asked for it. It’s just in your car because—like black mold or a carjacker with herpes—it can be.
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when i first got mine the clutch was on or off. very little room for slippage. i really had to pay attention to prevent stalling. i now have 2200 miles on it and the clutch is much more friendly. even my wife is happy with it now. she was afraid to drive it when new.
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Old 01-03-2010, 09:01 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by cheaplabor View Post
my wife bugs me cause i stalled ours a couple of times also, i have size 12.5 feet which dont fit well in the foot wells. cowboy boots don't help either!
my fourth gen was so easy it just about drove itself, my heel could stay in one place and i could push the clutch in with my toes, i drove my cousins
cts-v and it is also very easy, this car is kinda wierd to get used to. embarassing, lighting up 20's is expensive....and cool
hey I was laughing too! First time I have ever seen you stall anything!

With your "trouble" in mind...I did not stall it
89 Formula 350 with alot of mods
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750 rpm idle. But here in Phoenix the air is always dry and warm.
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Wild Bill
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500 RPM at idle. This is not the issue. Release the clutch in reverse propotion as you increase the fuel. I have driven manual sport cars my entire life, mostly camaros and Vettes. This was the hardest clutch to get used to though.
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Roger Ramjet
Motor Head
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The idle RPM is ECM closed-loop commanded to 550 RPM with random injector no-pluses to reduce emissions. This is what causes the little shake.

Although I didn't have any clutch release trouble at 550 RPM, I did raise the idle to 800 RPM. The engine accels quicker and it sounds meaner.

My launch method is to hold some throttle constant then release the clutch. That way you can control the engine load with clutch only - and don't have to coordinate clutch and throttle.
History Camaro's: 83, 93, 95, 98, & 10.
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Hey Dans2ss,
Mine took awhile to get used to, mostly because I did not want to give it too much gas from a dead stop. $ months later, all is right with the world and the clutch too.
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Go Blue!!!!!
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I too had a 2006 GTO M6. I'm not really seeing any major difference in the shifting of the two.
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Mines around 600rpm, and I can let the clutch out slowly without gas and it will move right along without stalling. And that's at 6000ft altitude(according to Wallace racing, 77hp loss at 6000ft.).

SS/RS M6, SIM, CGM stripes, Barton S/T, BMR trailing arms, ADM Race intake(no scoop), Texas Speed 1 7/8" headers and full 3" exhaust, RMCR custom tune.
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