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Am I understanding the reason for tuning?

I am currently waiting on my LS3 6M ordered a week ago and am in the process of educating myself as to what N/A mods I would like to make. I have spent a lot of the past few days reading though all of the information posted here as well as links to other tuning articles that folks have posted here to try and get a grasp on what tuning is and when it is needed (yes I am a noob to this).

Correct me if I am wrong here in my assumption but the main reason for tuning appears to be to adjust/optimize the air-to-fuel ratio for different throttle positions and rpm ranges. The stock tune that comes with the car is only capable of adjusting things plus/minus a couple of percent so if you add things like a CAI, long tube headers, etc, anything that really lets the LS3 breathe beyond what it came with from the factory the stock tune can't handle and you'd wind up running too lean.

If my simplified assumption is wrong please let me know. I am VERY early in the learning curve as I would eventually like to tune my own vehicle and I have 5 years or 100,000 miles to learn how to do it unless I say screw the warranty sooner.

Thanks in advance for any feedback...

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Based on my own limited knowledge, I believe you are correct There's also a performance boost, to an extent.
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From what I've read, the Camaro is actually running on the rich side from the factory. Adding a CAI will most likely balance out your AFR (or at least get close).
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on a L99 a tune is good for around 22 HP and 40 torque, some have added headers after a tune and only gotten 2 to 4 HP more. tune is most bang for your buck plus all your AF ratio and timing is optimized.
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It also can improve the performance of the auto trans immensely (and reduces wear as well).
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you are right. You are basically working with three variables - air, fuel, spark. For example, a new intake changes the amount of air your engine will flow, and tuning allows you to adjust the amount of fuel In order to keep an ideal air/fuel ratio to compensate for the additional airflow. A tune also let's you adjust spark timing to get a more efficient power stroke while preventing detonation.

There's a bunch of other stuff a tune can give you (enabling/disabling features like skip shift, dfco, torque management for auto trannies, etc) but what I said above is the simple version for tuning to add power.
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I just added a Roto-Fab CAI and Solo Performance cat back and did not touch the tuning. It feels like I had it tuned because man what a difference! I have been told that with the Roto-Fab CAI a tune only nets 1-2 hp because it is so dialed in. Could be what was said about leaning out the AFM to where it should be by adding a CAI. I don't want to take any chance on warranty so I will sacrifice a couple HP for peace of mind!

After 7-7-14, when my 5 year runs out, I will go nuts with a cam, headers, and tune, till then I'm just going to enjoy what I have!
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