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Dave Coyle

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Drives: 2010 SS , 1970 Z-28, 2002 Avalanche
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Back in the day I had a 1967 Camaro that I bought for $350 with a blown rearend. I was told that it was a 396 engine but later found it to be the L88 427. Any way, this thing was a beast and if I had known I would have stuck a better rear axle under it. I had found a 3.08 geared posi rear and installed it. As I said, this motor was a BEAST that loved to rev and pull strong to 7000 RPM, problem was that with the cam that it had I had a hard time coming out of the hole with the 3.08 gears. Any way, a guy I know had a Ford Grand Turino that he just knew would smoke my car. On a Saturday night while out road "cruzing" we happen to meet and struck up the bet and out we went. Need less to say that I dogged the beast when I popped the clutch and being that the Ford was an auto, he jumped me by at least 4-5 car lengths. I could see his buddies looking back at me while laughing. Long story short, once I got her above 4000 RPM's I run her to the 7000 shift points and by the time I was in 3rd gear I was passing them and what I remember most was the faces as I went blasting by them, his buddies went from laughing to the look of shock as I ending up beating them by over 4 lengths in the quarter mile. This is no BS story, really happened!!!! That was over 30 years ago but like I said, the look on their faces was priceless!!!!!
Livernois Motorsports 2C Cam kit
Kooks 1 7/8 LT Headers/Hi-Flo Cats/Corsa Exhaust
Roto-Fab CAI / Port Intake
Precission 2400/2800 Converter/3.73 AAM gears
Livernois Motorsports Tune

Best time: 11.97 @ 117 MPH
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Drives: '11 2SS/RS L99, '12 2LS LFX
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Thumbs up

My Favorite Chevy Story...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then I guess this is it. 'Nuff said...

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Drives: '11 VR 2LT HHr
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My 1st chevy was a 77 Nova 250 Inline 6 Cyl.. manual every thing cept for the transmission and only other option it had was air conditioning no radio no power brakes no power steering bench seat.
traded for my 2nd car purchase 85 Monte Carlo SS. pic taken 2 days after delivery (may 4th 85) to a 21 yr old. . .

Drove it to bout 106,000 on the odo and sold it.
then the small pickup bug bit about july 1991
1st one was a 91 Gmc Sonoma 4.3 V6 that was traded for
1994 S10-SS (wish still had it ) but thanks to mother nature and some
huge bleeping hail stones and financial curcumstances it went to the insurance company. at bout 120,000 on the odo
In its place came a 2000 S10 Xtreme pic taken june 2001 2 weeks after purchase

In June 2002 it became a news paper delivery vehicle still own it... sitting in back yard with 203,xxx on it with the body kit removed/busted.
2011 Hhr
Formerly known as Silver85IrocZ !!

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Drives: '11 VR 2LT HHr
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part II. . thought all as 1 post would be too huge
June 2007 along came a
2003 S10 Blazer pic taken june 2007

also became delivery vehicle sitting covered up body kit intact with 176,475.xx
My Fastest Ride to date came along Sept 6th ,2008 (traded for hhr)
2008 Trail Blazer SS

My brother took delivery of a 1985 Camaro Z28 Aug 8th 1985
I bought it from him sept 6th 2009 low mileage garage kept

My Current Delivery vehicle
2011 HHR dealers website photo purchased 6/30/2011 with 11,625 miles
2011 Hhr
Formerly known as Silver85IrocZ !!

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Since we've resurrected an "old Chevy" thread...

My Dad picked my Mom up on a blind date in his old Chevy with the thoughts that if she didn't like his car, she probably wouldn't like him and he'd just give her a ride around the block and drop her off. Apparantly she liked the car (thankfully or I wouldn't be around).

After many years in various stages of partial restoration, Dad was able to finish the restoration in time for another "date" on their 50th anniversary (last fall).

My folks on their 50th:

And the '28 Chevy that got them there:

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Drives: 2011 2SS/RS IOM ~ 2009 Traverse LT
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Its just my brand.. I owned a 1998 camaro V6.. 09 Traverse LT and in a few days a 2011 Camaro SS ...
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My dad had a 63 Corvette when I was growing up that just sat in the garage. It was given to him by my uncle just before he died of lung cancer and I think it was just too painful for my dad to work on it after that. I asked him about it right after I started college, 10 years after my uncle died, and he said "If I could get some help working on it I might do something with it". Well the next day when he came home I had the entire front end out from under the car and after that we built it back from the ground up. We finished all but the body work when my cousin (My uncle who died son) asked my dad to buy the car. My uncle had not wanted my cousin to have it when he died because he was too young and would have probably killed himself in it, but now he was a 30 year old adult with a family and he wanted to have the car to finish and remember his dad. It broke my heart to see that car go, but it was the right thing to do. I put a lot into the car, and had a lot of good memories with my dad and I hope my dad and I can make some new ones workin[IMG]file:///H:/Jody%20Media/Pictures/2003/Old%20Laptop/Florida/P6250019.JPG[/IMG]g on my shiny new 2012 SS. That is my Chevy story.
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I really enjoyed reading all the above stories...some of them are amazing! I don't have a truly interesting Chevy family always bought GM products (mostly Cadillacs) so growing up I became obsessed with cars, especially GM vehicles. My first Chevy was a 86 K20 pickup:

It served me well but just like any other vehicle out of the 80s rust ate away at it's life and I sold it as a yard truck

My next Chevy was a 2001 Z71 Suburban which to this day was my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. I had a vision for what I wanted it to be from the day I brought it home and I spent years slowly rigging it out myself and have many unforgettable memories in the Burb. I never thought I'd part with her but I ended up trading it in for as much as I payed for it years before with 40k more miles and body damage was too hard to pass down!

While I had my Suburban I also bought a 1994 Corvette Greenwood which unlike the Suburban was a thrill to drive. This was the car I took to shows (since the Suburban usually got laughed at) and drove through the summers while the Suburban took a rest from long New England winters. Another Chevy that I thought I'd keep forever, I traded it in for my 2011 LS Camaro after the Vette needed more repairs than it was worth.

My next Camaro...traded in my Vette for it October 13th 2010. After storing it for the winter shortly after I bought it, I've been slowing modding but mostly driving it all summer!

OH! I can't forget my 2006 Uplander LS! This van is a tank...I'm from the island of St. Croix and that's where she resides...besides our horrible roads with pot holes deep enough to hide in, I take the Uplander up mountains and through lost rain forest trails and never have any issues! Sorry about the stupid picture, it was the only one I could find!

Well those are all my Chevys...if I included all my other GM vehicles (especially Cadillacs) this post would become a thread...and no, I'm not trying to "show off", most of my GM fleet is all beat to hell!
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I'm your huckleberry...
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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, '88 IROC vert
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This is a piece I wrote when I was a senior in high-school (11 years ago). It's not really up to snuff with what I write now, and it's not really perfect because it encompasses several stories, but here goes:

Learning to Fly

One hundred forty-five miles per hour. When you're six years old, the white lines of the midnight freeway sink behind the headlights of youur car like a million shooting stars. You feel lik ethere's nothing in the world that could catch you, sitting beside your proud father, gazing up at his cool, confident expression. At least, that's how I felt. I think that's the moment I realized that I would never stop believing my father is the most incredible man ever to live.

At two or three in the morning, everything seems just a little bit more intimidating. But I remember thinking we were part of the night. The mooth black of the Camaro faded slowly into the ebony air all around us. Part of the energy was from lack of sleep, and part from cola laced with near fatal amounts of caffeine, but I remember the exact feeling as the lights from our car cut a swath through the otherwise pitch-black night. It was an incredible feeling of invincibility, and I've never experienced anything quite like it since.

There have been may times when I have shared wonderful memories with my father, and many timeswhen I have felt close to him. But oddly enough, most of those times have been the two of us, listening to the song of the open road, just blasting past everything... unthinkable, unstoppable, and almost unreal. You know, someone once told me that if God drove, he would drive some old beater because it would be the modest thing to do. I don't buy it for a second. I think if God drives, he drives a midnight black 1988 Chevy IROC droptop with gray leather, because if God saw how close my father and I became on the freeway that night, on the way back from a long fishing trip, then he wouldn't want to drive anything else.

So anyway, I was sitting at the dentist's office a week or two ago. I turned my eyes from the window for an instant, but turned back suddenly at the sound of a loud "thunk!" Some overgrown lady with her tiny, little foofy dog, while clumsily stumbling out of her greed Dodge pickup, had opened her door right into my passenger's side mirror. So, being the polite, reserved young man that I am, I confronted her--at first, politely. "It's just a scratch," she said. "It's no big deal." I could only reply that it was more than a scratch: it was a scratch on the face of a million memories. Well, when she just didn't get it, I started to get a little mad... but before I could get her insurance information, she drove off, smirking, her overgrown rat barking in the passenger's seat like a miniature Cerberus. People like that get me steamed! It's not just a car!

I remember one day some kids from school asked me to go play baseball. They'd never been nice to be before, but, being the naive little boy that I was, I was excited at the thought of someone who actually wanted to include me in their game. When I walked to the park, three or four of the neighborhood boys ambushed me with super-soakers. As I walked home, soaked by tears and squirt-gun water, I remember how ashamed I felt. But when I got home, my dad and I just hopped into the car again. We drove around for probably half an hour before we found the boys, walking home, giddy with laughter. I watched my dad pull the shifter to first, then felt the mind-bending acceleration of full throttle; I was surfing dizzy, intoxicated in the sideways slide of a burnout. As the blue smoke rose behind us, the boys ran screaming home. The only things to remind me of my soggy encounter were my wet clothes and a 150 foot patch of black rubber left on the deserted street.

I don't know exactly why the car helped bring us closer together. In fact, I think the car wasn't so much a tool for bringing us together as a representation of the times we've had. It's mostly just that taking road-trips gave us time to be alone with our thoughts. Most of the time, school has me running around in circles like a disgruntled chimpanzee, and work is usually keeping both my parents busy. But as soon as we hop in the car, the rest of the world just seems to fade away. There's just something about flying down a dusty deserted highway, looking over at a man I am proud to say has shaped me into the man I am today, sitting there in his mirror tinted bug-glasses, that makes me feel like everything's okay.

Through rough times, my dad has always been there for me. In times of need, there hasn't been a single time when I've had to doubt that he's right there behind me to catch me if I fall. Sometimes, late at night, I'll just sit back and reflect on all the wonderful times I've had. When things get really bad, I always find peace in the memories I have with my dad, and also in the ones that are to come. So when someone tries to insult me, I don't care. I don't even hear them, because I'm thinking of the day my dad took me to the Chevy dealer and told me "Pick out any one you want, Mike. It'll be yours someday." We had a lot of memories in our old Volvo; we were always carting around our yellow lab Teton. He'd recently died, and the car reminded us too much of him. I was too young to understand all that at the time, but I remember gazing up at the six feet one inch of towering perfection that is my dad, the way his shaggy mustache accented his warm smile, and I remember knowing that day would be the beginning of something special.

I still have this car, although it got wrecked by a kid in a lifted truck about five years back. I'm slowly restoring it to the car it once was... and I plan to give it to my children (when I eventually have them) someday.
'88 IROC-Z vert (14.9 @ 92.3) //
'10 2SS/RS LS3 - 423 RWHP, 418 RWTQ

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When we were kids back in the late 60's all the neighborhood kids and I would walk home from school. My older Cousin had just returned home from Vietnam and purchase a 1964 Corvette with a really nasty motor open headers (flames would shoot out the side) and could wake the dead. Every time he would fire it off all us kids would run like hell (because of the noise and how he would rip around with it. So one day he is in his garage working on it and says if he fires it up are you going to runaway? I was thinking to myself hell yes! Well I froze like a deer in the headlights! He backs it out and rips through the gears going down the street! He comes back and from that moment on I was hooked! Well years later he would run the car at the track and I would go and help out as much as I could. As time went by he sold the car and sometime after that he pasted away. I was out of school and started my life but never forgot about my first chevy experience. Then one day for giggles I started looking for the car and found it 2 years later! Looked nothing like it does here when my cousin owned it. Still makes me smile! Anyway here it is.....

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My first Chevy was when I was 19 in 1979. My 3rd car in a year. The first one caught fire (Pinto), the second blew an engine (VW). The third was a cream colored Chevy Nova with 72,000 mile on it. It had a Black vinyl roof. It was the most reliable car I had ever owned up to that point. It wasn't anything fancy just a great all around car. Had a lot of great memories with that car. Got rid of it after 5 years and 60,000 more miles when my dad gave me his '77 Nova. Wasn't nearly as good or reliable as my 72 but it was newer and had less miles. Kept it until some guy ran a stop sign and totalled it. Then I went down the Dark side (Toyota) for about 15 years then I came back to GM, Pontiac and Chevy and I wouldn't even consider anything else.
2012 45th Anniversary Edition 2LT Auto with Sunroof
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yeah, i'm a GM guy... not just Chevrolet

at 15 I bought a 1998 Chevrolet S10 4.3L 5-speed in 2000, had it until I was 17.. then bought a 1996 Camaro Z/28 6-speed, had it until 2006... then bought a 2004 Pontiac GTP... only had it about 2 years and bought a 2008 Cobalt SS... it got totaled out in May(not my fault)... I bought my Camaro two weeks ago

always been into the performance side of things:

1996 Z28:
3.73s, CAI, LT headers, 3" catback, hypertech programmer(hey give me a break back then there wasn't many options for tuning), drag radials... was a decently quick car in the early 2000s, considering it was running 2-valve GTs I had no problems defending the General with it

the Grand Prix GTP: I was going to college at the time and the Camaro had 140,000 miles on it, wasn't that I didn't trust it, just decided for something newer and got the GTP... should have bought a LS1 f-body but I wanted the 4-doors at the time... mods? I actually modded it pretty good: 3" downpipe w/ highflow cat, CAI, 180 t-stat, 3.5" s/c pulley, 1.9 ratio Roller rockers with Ls6 105# valve springs, DigitalHorsepower tuned.. was a solid mid 13-second car, no world beater but quick enough at the time

the Cobalt SS... bought it in 2008 brand new it made it approximately 800 miles before I started modding it, lol... in the end: 23psi Trifecta tune(on E85), Hahn CAI, Injen Upper IC piping, ZZP 3" downpipe, Magnaflow catback, Synapse 600hp Intercooler... was a solid 12.7-12.9 car and was hell from a 40 roll, it dynoed 331whp on 93, never got it on the dyno on E85 it only saw E85 for 2 weeks before getting totaled, though the E85 tune had gained around 25whp on MOST LNFs... only had a hand full of races with it on E, one being against a bolt-on LS2 Vette... from a dig he got me pretty good, from a 40 roll, I kept 3/4s of a car on him to about 130, so it was decently quick

but now i'm back where I belong in the RWD V8 game, and its going to be a fun ride

2010 Camaro SS L99... has a few mods
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My first car was a 1962 Impala SS. My first new car was a 1970 Camaro. I have owned 28 Corvette's in my lifetime... 7 of them brand new! My 2011 Camaro SS is my 4th new Camaro. I have also owned various lesser Chevy's new and used. That's my Chevy story!

2011 GS 436HP LS3 MN6 NPP exhaust
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Papa T
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Becky GREAT thread. I'll be back with some early 70's Vega, and a 76 El Camino stories.
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Got laid for the first time..

in the back seat of my 57 BelAir.
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Papa T
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My First Chevy to drive was actual my dad's Chevy Vega !!

(Not sure what year the Vega was but close to this.)

I got to drive it back and forth to high school about 10 miles from my parents house. I would always take the back roads so I could give it all she's got (which was not a lot ) But still was a lot of fun.

Then my dad got rid of the Vega and picked up a 76 Chevy ElCamino !!

(not my actual car, but a close)

I would drive the ElCamino so much (school, work, out on the town) my dad eventualy said "You drive it like it is yours, so why don't why don't you buy it from me." So I did!!
So that is how I got my first Chevy!

Many years pass, many non-Chevy years:(. (Honda, Honda, Ford, Dodge...) We need something to tow a camper... Chevy to the rescue. we pick up a 95 Chevy Suburban.
(something like this, but maroon on red)

Then Chevy had the "Employee discount for everyone." We upgraded to a 2005 Chevy Suburban. (Silver to match our Airstream camper)

Then the concept 5th Gen Camaro is shown.

Ooooo I LIKE IT!!

So I tell myself, if they ever bring this to production looking like that… I want one. (Thinking production cars NEVER look like the concept cars… so I’m safe.)

Then “DARN YOU CHEVY YOU’VE DONE IT… you’re done it you made the 5th Gen Camaro and it looks 95% of the concept… Arrrgh!!!

Many months of waffling, many stressful conversations with my wife, (I even threw away the original brochure I had to stop temping me.) Decided not buy one and move on with my life… Tic, tic, tic… I’VE GOT TO HAVE ONE!!!!!

Three dealers and several weeks later: THE ORDER IS PLACED. 6 weeks later… We picked it up our:
2011 RJT Chevy Camaro, 6A, Polished 19" rims.

And as they say the rest is history!!

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Going places
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Originally Posted by WOMPUS View Post
Back in 1973, I gave a girl a ride in my wagon, She crawled in and took control, she was tired 'cause her mind was a-draggin'. I said, get some sleep and dream of rock and roll.

'Cause like a princess she was layin' there, Moonlight dancin' off her hair, She woke up and took me by the hand, She's gonna love me in my Chevy van, And that's all right with me.

Wait a minute, that never happened to me...Damn!
I think thats an old song!

"just stay with traffic, you'll be fine". = famous last words
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