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Originally Posted by LegacyZ28 View Post
I think people on this forum are making Karl out to something he is not.
How many dealers do you think will give you MSRP when the Camaro comes out?
It's still a good deal. He was just being honest about the Z28 or whatever it will be, although it's not even confirmed yet. When that car comes out for say, 42,000$, most dealers are going to try to make 15k off of it initially. The Shelby GT500KR sold for 50,000$ above sticker initially. If the buyer is willing to pay it, the dealer should accomadate the buyer. If you don't want to pay a higher price, it won't hurt to wait a couple of months. It's just how the business works, and he's just being honest. The seller is going to try to make as much money as possible, the buyer is going to try to make as much savings as possible, and they make a comprimise.

As for the allotments, that is sort of shady unless you tell them what could happen with the allotments.

Thank you.......

If there are only 5000 Z28's produced, then I would imagine Iowa will get 75 or so total Z's. Of those 75, my dealership would probably see 10. I see no problem with trying get get the a premium price for a vehicle that will be this limited.

Once again, we will not mark up V6 and V8 SS Camaros. I also have never seen us not reduce price on a car that did have a mark up. Asking price and selling price are always different.

As far as alotment, when we take a deposit, we let the customer know that it might be a while before they get their car. We also ask for a check, and we don't even cash it. It is more an ernest deposit that anything.
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Good Idea: Telling potential customers youíre selling a hot car at MSRP.
Bad Idea: Telling potential customers youíre selling a hot car over MSRP.

I think GMs sets a fair price with the MSRP. GM makes money, the dealerships make money, the salesperson makes a fair commission, and I figure I was treated fairly. But if a dealership feels justified charging me over MSRP for the Z28 Iím going to wonder if theyíre going to try and screw me on a Chevy Beat in a few years . I know, Iíll just stop shopping at the farmers market and start shopping at Wal-Mart, at least I know Iím keeping an child employed in China somewhere . Hey Wal-Mart is successful for some reason, though I donít think itís always due to selling at a list price.

Of course Chevrolet dealerships could do what some questionable dealerships do to get around the MSRP policy. Put a few miles on the car and sell it as a used car at a ďmarket adjustment rateĒ. We all know a few people will pay, some will wait, and some will go to the competition.
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Maybe I am out in left field here, but, in my opinion, no one is holding gun to your head to purchase any vehcile regardless of price. If you have such a burning desire to pay any price for a given vehicle, then that is your personal decision.

As far as myself. I would walk away from any dealer that has slapped on any kind of " Market Adjustment" onto the Sticker price. Again, it is a personal decision on the part of the consumer.

The decision rests with the consumer. One needs to be savvy enough to play this type of situation out.

Does anyone recall what happened when Chrysler started selling PT Cruisers? The dealers were hammering buyers with additional charges at the beginning. Once that pipe was filled, the prices dropped (big time!).

Caveat Emptor!!!
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I received confirmation yesterday from the owner that we will be selling all Camaros at MSRP.
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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
Its not that you took a deposit on a car not on your lot. Its that you took a deposit on a car that isnt even released yet. You could possibly run into customer service issues (Like many dodge dealerships did with the chally) where the final product did not meet the customers expectations/tastes and therefore they where out the interest etc on that deposit.

Its just a customer service type thing.

That said good luck with your sales.
Out the interest???? on the $1000.00...Dude I dont know where your banking at but my moneymarket account gives %2.79 whith over 100k in it lets see 1000.00 at 2.79 for 6 months =$13.95 Now thats worth crying about..Hmmm I can either put my order in for a new CAMARO and be one of the first to have one...NO but wait!!!!!! if I dont like it I WILL BE OUT $13.95!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK! if your worried about being out the interest YOU CANT AFFORD THIS CAR!!!!!!
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Holy resurerection batman!
"Faith is nothing more than the license people give themselves to keep believing when reason fails."
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WOW - I don't even think "better late than never" can apply to this resurrected thread no matter how hard you try! L O L !
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Wow, this is almost better than the breaking news "Camaro at Nurburgring" thread yesterday!
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