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Allan Hernandez
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Stp octane booster and Lucas oil

Question is kind of dumb but what does stp octane booster do for your car does it really work and if so how often should I use it in my car I drive a 2lt/rs.Same question goes for lucas oil
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It boosts the octane of the gas so it runs richer, but I'm not sure, Id like to see what other people have to say
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I read somewhere (maybe here?) that you do NOT want to put any "additives" or octane boosters in your car because it can 'gum' up your engine with deposits, etc.
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Originally Posted by Allan Hernandez View Post
Question is kind of dumb but what does stp octane booster do for your car does it really work and if so how often should I use it in my car I drive a 2lt/rs.Same question goes for lucas oil

Well, they boost the octane rating which reduces the chances of a given compression causing the pre-detonation of the gasoline in your cylinders.

As far as I know, it will not do anything to help your v6 LT as it is designed for 87 from the get-go. I use it for my SS, but only because the LS3 loves 93 octane and the best this lousy state will give me is 91..

Edit: As far as which brand, I always use Lucas Oil when given the option, always have had great luck with their other products.
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Increasing a fuel's octane reduces engine knock and allows you to run more advanced spark timing for more power.

The STP Octane Boost will increase your fuel's octane up by about 0.5. So if you add it to 91 octane gas, you end up with 91.5 octane. Not worth it...

Best octane booster I've used is toluene. It's 114 octane. You can buy it in 5 gallon drums at paint supply houses. Suggest some Google research to learn how to do this before trying it. Storing 5 gallons of explosive 114 octane toluene and mixing it with gas and marvel mystery oil is not simple, but it does work the best IMHO.

1 gallon of toluene blended with 10 gallons of 91 octane pump gas, results in 93 octane. For a tankful, add 1.7 gallons toluene to 17.3 gallons of 91 octane pump gas and get a tankful of 93 octane. Not very good for drag racing to carry around a full tank of gas tho... 2-3 ounces of marvel mystery oil mixed into the fuel blend lubricates the engine, as the toluene dilutes pump gas' ability to lubricate. You can also use any TC-W3 rated outboard 2-stroke oil instead of marvel mystery oil. I have been running about 6 ounces of it per tankful in my turbo'ed gas silverado. I buy the TC-W3 2-stroke oil at Walmart by the gallon and use a large automotive syringe with a hose to pull out the right amount of oil to put into my gas tank. Anyway, don't skip adding the oil or you could wear out your topend prematurely. And bonus, my truck smells like my motocross bike now.

For the dragstrip, 7 gallons of 91 octane gas blended with 2 gallons of toluene gives you 96 octane. Of course, now you have to go out and get tuned for 96 octane.

Lucas Oil products? Never used any of them. I regulary use Red Line to clean my fuel system and injectors. I somethimes use Chevron's Techron fuel system cleaner when I need something quick and I'm out of Red Line.
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