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Originally Posted by JANNETTYRACING View Post

Data logging is great if everybody has a wide band air/fuel meter in their car. We have all of our tunes perfected when the end user gets them. We mainly use data logging to find problems.

We use HP Tuners, LS2 Edit and EFI Live in house, so we know the benefits of all of them. In the early days we actually used the GM software to edit files. I personally have been tuning LSX cars since 1998. We started remote tuning in 2005 and have tuned well over 1400 late model LSX vehicles since then.

Some customers like to change limiters and such once they receive their calibration. We cater to the customer that wants the best calibration they can get for their EXACT set of modifications and leave it there. Also, we NEVER have issues with new GM software releases that can leave a customer with hardware that does not work.

We have full transmission support with ability to change torque management by shift mode. You can drive like stock in Normal mode and have an aggressive shift in Sport/Manual for example.

Like you we strive to keep our customers happy and have an excellent customer support record. Our PowerFlash customers have my personal cell phone number and can call 24/7.

I would like to send you a TCM file to try if you want.

At this point we are beating a dead horse. This "I'm better than you" stuff gets old quick. We are both obviously passionate about what we do and will do what it takes to keep our customers happy.
That would be Great, I have an L99 car here now we just installed a magnacharger and Meth injection with a 3.4 pulley and have a 3.0 pulley on stand by.

I never once doubted your ability , and I am certainly not better than anyone, but I am passionate about what I do, it was simply a comparison of product in the customers eyes, but your right lets move on.
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Missing Big Red
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So, it looks like either way I go I win. Looks like you are both very dedicated and knowledgable in your respective forte, just 2 different ways to skin the cat! It will come down to price and support for me when I decide to do a tune. I like the portability of the Diablo but also like the no charge future tunes and 24/7 support that come with the Vector! Sometime this winter I'll order, she's in her winter hibernation till April. Thanks guys for all you both do!

Not a Camaro but it works for now!
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Originally Posted by Steve@Vectormotorsports View Post
There are TM settings in the ECM, there are methods used to control this torque in the calibration strategy. But we have seen stock cars produce over 320 ftlbs. under 3000 rpm with a factory calibration.

I have HP Tuners and played with the torque limiting settings per gear today and did feel any seat of the pants difference, not saying it didn't affect anything but I couldn't feel it.
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