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Old 01-24-2007, 05:05 PM   #1
Bowtie Guy Z28
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Hit the garage with my Z28

So, I live here in Denver and anyone that has looked at the news in the past month knows that we have been hit with a bit of snow, to put it lightly. Well we had some melting a couple of weeks ago and the street sweepers came through so I couldn't resist and I took the Camaro to work. When I got home I went to put the Camaro in the garage but the driveway had iced over and it's a slight incline.

I put down some salt and chipped away the ice and snow for half an hour. I tried to go in again but got stuck. Spent the next hour shoveling out the car and clearing the rest of the drive but it still wouldn't make it in. So I popped the hatch and tossed in an 80lbs punching bag and a 40lbs tent. Well that gave me the weight I needed and I proceeded to back the car in when I hit something. Well I got out to see what I ran over and it wasn't that at all but the hatch hit the top of the garage F***@%% up my one month old SS spoiler. The old Z28 spoiler had enough clearance but the extra 3 inches on the SS didn't make it. I went and got 7 estimates and the cheapest one was @ $280.00. I paid $225.00 for it and the Wifey had it painted for an early Christmas present. Anyone know what I can do to NOT spend another $250.00+ on the same spoiler????

Ohh and also just two weeks prior to this I hit a rock in the road and blew out the oil pan! I had just gotten it back from my insurance place.
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Ouch that sucks I live in fort collins going to college im glad i came across a cheap pickup so i can keep my camaro in the garage. its only a v6 but its my baby. Ive only drove it once this winter at thanksgiving if you consider that winter. as for the spoiler You could try the color match pens however it is probably not going to match perfectly
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Old 01-24-2007, 09:41 PM   #3
God of thunder
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you are a lot more patient than me , I had a flat on my gto and could not go to work that day, and I punched three holes in my front door at my house..
the tire got fixed for free at the dealer but had to buy a new front door and frame since I broke the hinges and cracked the frame hitting the door .well better than hittng the gto!!

sorry about the spoiler and oil pan , look to jc whitney for a new spoiler or get online tips how to sand and fix the spoiler yourself and save lots of$$$.
And the camaro said there Is a better way, for I am the way, the route, & the RIDE!!!

My first car was a 72 ss
I've owned 9 camaro's over the yrs...:
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Old 01-25-2007, 01:41 AM   #4
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That sucks. No tips for advice except to do it yourself if you have the know how.
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Bowtie Guy Z28
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Drives: 98' Z28 08 CC Z71 2010 SS/RS
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Denver, Colorado
Posts: 493
Some good news....kinda, I talked to my mom's boyfriend and showed it to him and he told me to seal the minor crack with some kind of appoxy that I can get at NAPA. Once it warms up he said he can sand it a little on each side then using a small air brush he should be able to paint so that it's not noticable. The bad news is, after he said that he said "I might have to practice on something first since it's been a while since I've done that".....

Okay now i'm nervous.....

Oh and I got the pictures back of when I hit the rock and blew the oil pan. I'll have to get those posted here soon.
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