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M45 Blinder X-treme laser jammer install

I dont have step by step install pics but hopefully this helps. The transmitters for the laser jammer have to be level to the road. This is the most difficult and tedious part of the install. The kit comes with a level that sticks in the back of each transmitter to ensure it is level but i used a small level to sit on top so i could get a better view of the level. I removed my bumper and had to cut out part of the original grille so that the transmitters would fit, the width of the transmitters are wider than the spaces in between the vertical bars on the grille. This worked well for me because i have the phantom grille. The phantom grille also made it slightly harder because they had to be level and shoot through horizontal bars of the grille. It has already protected me once on the highway, i was going 85 in a 70 and did not get pulled over after being lasered.

Step 1 Take off bumper

Step 2 trim grille to fit transmitters

Step 3 mount transmitters level to the road. You should do this with the bumper on the car. I didnt bolt it back on but let it rest there as i worked on the transmitter mounting.

Step 4 run the wires from the transmitters through the firewall into the cabin of the car, or through the trunk and up the side if you mount one on the rear bumper as i did.

Step 5 find a suitable place to mount and install the receiver module where the transmitter wires will run to. I chose inside the panel on the drivers side where the fuse box is. I wired the receiver module to the lighter so it comes on with the ignition and my Valentine 1

Step 6 Install the status light for the system. I chose to put it under the information center in the gauge cluster.

Step 7 Install the kill switch. It is a regular switch that i keep in the on position all the time until getting lasered when you slow down and then turn the system off. That is what the instructions suggest you do to avoid complications with the police.

Step 8 test the system, you can take any TV remote and the system will recognize the IR signal and go off. The first 30 seconds then system is on it is in test mode and will recognize the remote control signal and after the 30 seconds it goes into protection mode.
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Bring It
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That is bad @$$. No way I could do all that myself though. :(
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yeah hopefully they will come out with an easy install option for everybody else, looks like great install
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Just Lovin' My Camaro!
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The pictures are too big, please re-size. Great information, this is what I have been waiting for. Although, I will probably get a professional install done, you did an amazing job. How much was the kit? Do they promise to pay for the ticket if you get ticketed.
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first one

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Do these things really work? I have heard bad things about Rocky Mountain Radar jammers. Is the M-45 Blinder X-treme different?
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WFO all the way
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I used RMR radar detector jammer and it's awesome. I used to get a ticket at least once a year. It's been six years and I haven't had a single one!
And I've had many encounters where I thought "damn, they nailed me" for doing 20-30 mph over.
But they never followed.
So I figure the damn thing works!
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No offense, but it looks like whoever did the install seriously thrashed your OEM grille. Even the hole drilled in your center console looks pretty hastily done.

Any updates as to how effective this system has been for you?
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radar jammer
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