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Old 07-23-2010, 08:57 AM   #273
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Originally Posted by ctk1 View Post
I hate that freakin wing, even though its functional...BUT I LOVE that interior!!!
yea bro the interior is like from a ferrari! its fkn awesome!
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Old 07-23-2010, 08:58 AM   #274

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I like the location of the 4 pack guages...that's cool!
2010, SIM, 2SS/RS, LS3, CGM Stripes
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Old 07-23-2010, 08:59 AM   #275

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You would think that a guy who can spend that much money modding a car could get someone to detail it properly. That thing has more spider webbing than my 1996 jeep.

The junkman would be sicken by some of those pics.

Love the motor modds though ,but I'm not a fan of the hotwheels look on the outside.
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:01 AM   #276
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I think its badass... for 320k it better be!

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Old 07-23-2010, 09:26 AM   #277
Camaro SL,UTs
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Pretty nice if it wasn't an automatic
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:35 AM   #278
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A couple things are over the top for me, however, that car is unreal. It looks like it could be a Hot Wheel! I mean that in a good way Why the 454 valve covers if it's a 6.0?... There are lots of cool details though
"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:37 AM   #279
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Nice paint job, but that interior is HIDEOUS
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:38 AM   #280
Jay J
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Originally Posted by silverfox View Post
It could not be driven on the street with those intercoolers exposed on the front. One rock and there goes your boost!
That's fine; I've done it for like over 2 years daily driven like that before.....
Dannng that guy has the best fitment I've seen on C5 so far.
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:41 AM   #281

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And it's an auto, so even my grandma could drive it.
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:43 AM   #282
Rev Couture
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What $320k buys you...

Watching this buildup over the last couple months has been nothing short of awesome.

In the competition of extreme, I don't think there is another 5th gen (or will be) that competes with this one. Like it or not, this one has taken every positive attribute of the car and pushed it to the limits.

Functionality; This car wasnt built to drive to and from work or the grocery store like the rest of us bums. Can it even rip or hold traction well enough to beat an LPE or HPE800 down the 1320? Maybe, maybe not..on paper though...

And the fact that this individual, group, or company invested this much $$$ into a 40k car may seem redic, I'm sure it was far from every last dying dollar AND they prob ALSO do spend their money elsewhere like some people said they would do with that much $$ if they had it. So its either some person will silly money or a company; but either way they hit their mark. Hell, I feel this is more justified than car collectors who spend the same money on an exotic car only to mothball it away in storage never to be driven. I'm happy someone thought enough of this platform to make it such a project, and for that I cannot knock or ridicule someone who thinks that much of the car we drive.

Then theres the fabrication on this car - go look up the build up and see the time and effort they put into tubbing out the rear. The quality is awesome. And where do you get 24 x 15" wide wheels? I agree, this car has some HotWheels-likeness to it, but only because someone's imagination has been turned into reality.

Thank you for a car that anyone can find something they like about it and for documenting it along the way - again, this is extreme.
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:54 AM   #283
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Looks nice!
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:56 AM   #284
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Ok..I'm for customizing your car and all that but they went way too far with that interior. I would go crazy look at all that red..And whoever put the ugly ass spoiler on there needs to be fired.
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:56 AM   #285
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Why is everyone picking on the wing for its looks? You've got to have something that's functional with that kind of power...
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:57 AM   #286
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Very nice fabrication work on this Camaro. It is always good to see different ways of doing this 5th gen platform. Many nice touches and ideas for others.
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Old 07-23-2010, 10:00 AM   #287

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DAMN thats impressive !!!
My build the pic. COTW 10/24/11
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Old 07-23-2010, 10:08 AM   #288
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i ve seen this in toronto auto show and those back wheels with 27 rims are not practical to drive. it begs the queestion , can you even turn with those 27 rims?????????
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Old 07-23-2010, 10:09 AM   #289
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If I had that it would probably be my coffin too
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