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Originally Posted by BLKnCHRME09Deluxe View Post
Thanx for the answers to my questions.

As for the sarcasm you gave the same on your first post to me. Im heavy skinned as i see you are too....

The wheel size will be 10.5" rears with 9" fronts.
I noticed that the PFADT set-up only drops about 1.5" max which i don't think this may be enough. And if i wanted to go lower im sure the ride would suffer tremendously with springs.
As i stated above i know nothing about coilovers in a Camaro, thats why i ask about them.

As for you.....LMAO!!! Theres always a tuff guy behind a keyboard...and your it aren't you. Well if your ever in KC, MO look me up..PLZ!!!! I do visit OHAHU as i have some extended family there. We should hang PLZZZZ!!!!!! "keyboard toughguy" You have nothing to offer to this thread so stay out..THANX "keyboard toughguy".
Man i tried to be nice help you and make conversation with someone that has same interest as me. All you did was stick your nose in the air and act like a jerk till you got what you wanted. This is a very welcoming site and most people in here are friends, if you're looking for a fight go somewhere else. Dissmissnig everyones comments and help is just childish.

Im not a tough guy behind a keyboard, just calling out a jerk when i see one.
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Originally Posted by Bentley78 View Post
Hey OP, You dont even know what you're asking...If you know so much about lowering cars and have been to alot of gay rodeos then you would know aftermarket coil overs would give you a more "Comfortable" ride, You should have used that word from the begining btw. You aslo should know since your SO exp in lowering of vehicles that you have no ability to adjust compression or rebound with just springs, so basically; are you answering your own question?!?

Try to have a little more class and humble your self when people are just trying to help you.
C'mon man your "gay" comments don't sound nice too me. So PLEASE don't act like a kiss a$$ now. I never said i knew about Camaro coilovers as i posted previously. But i have had several lowered and raised vehicles. You may try and read post before you insult others "keyboard toughguy". Like i said before "PLEASE LEAVE THIS THREAD". THANX!

"Try to have a little more class and humble your self" This is something you may try...
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Originally Posted by BLKnCHRME09Deluxe View Post
This is just the info i needed ...THANK looks to me that coilovers may be my best bet.

Looks like you have a great product....Not trying to be a smarta$$ but is there a reason that you guys are charging about $800.00 more than Pedders set-up. coil-overs...Will you guys price match Pedders.

Because we have not officially launched our coilovers yet, there is not a tremendous amout of details out there on them. I'll try to fill in a few of the high points of what is coming. Those of you who made it to SEMA could see the package, but that has been the only real public showing. I've added some info below in regards to the features of the Pfadt coilovers and why they are a bit more expensive as a result.

The main features of our Pfadt Coilovers:

Inverted monotube design in on the front strut. This provides that really large shaft section that you see with our front coilover. That is important because the front strut takes cornering loads in these cars and the stiffer the tube, the better. This has the effect of placing the adjuster knob on the bottom of the strut for easy access. It is a click style adjuster with 20 clicks that are very positive and easy to feel. It is a simple matter of reaching around the front tire and making a couple of twists to change your damping.*

Inverted body design on the rear damper. This reduces unsprung mass (a good thing) and also places the adjuster at the bottom of the damper where you can reach it. It is also a click style adjuster wrapped around the shaft section just below the spring perch.*

Our dampers in both the front and rear feature single point adjust-ability which controls both compression and rebound damping together. This is a design that we have found to be very flexible and user friendly in our Corvette offerings. Basically, you do not need to be a damper engineer to be comfortable making adjustments and it is easy to switch from a 'street' setup to a 'track' setup with just a few clicks.*

Our damper are mono-tube design and feature a separate internal gas chamber, which in the industry is referred to as 'non-emulsion' design. Mono-tube non-emulsion shocks are what you find on most every production based race car everywhere. It is the best design and provides the most consistent and reliable operation. Many of the other offerings for the Camaro are not, ask the manufacturer if you are curious.*

The final feature about our coilovers that I will share today is that our coilovers take a 'standard' flat ground race spring. Many other use a custom spring to fit the Camaro specifically. Using a standard spring size allows extreme flexibility in spring rate choice. You can call up any race supplier and order springs in 25 lb/in increments that will work on our coilovers. We provide a set with our coilovers that will work well for most people, but the flexibility is there for those who want it.
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Originally Posted by axis View Post
What drop are your coils? They have a few different ones.
I don't remember the part numbers but they are the one inch (smallest) drop springs....
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Originally Posted by BLKnCHRME09Deluxe View Post
THANX MAN...Is there a big difference in ride between the two options? Also when raising and lowering coilovers do you have to align car at every adjustment?
Yes, with a ride height change the alignment should be re-set. Both the camber and toe will change.
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I don't car how informative this thread is.

Personal attacks will get threads closed.

Also, please negotiate with vendors privately
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