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Originally Posted by Panzer VI View Post
to CGM2SSRS et al: I have INVESTED TIME and have my own opinion. I asked for opinions and experiences of others, which I THOUGHT was a big part of this site "Sharing experiences and opinions".
Et al; there is an ASSload of opinions,comments and complaints on all the above if you exercise your fingers and mind. I just shared my experience and opinion again with you. Good luck.
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We partnered with Pfadt for several reasons but the biggest is that you can talk to the owner at any time and the R&D that Aaron does before he releases his products are tested, not just for the street but for the track too.
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Pfadt seems to make good products. I have Pedders on my car and I am very happy with it. They have been very good to deal with and a lot of information provided on why they make the parts the way they do.
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Thank You GM
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I will be going with Pfadt. After speaking to Aaron and researching both on the Forum, it seems more of a personal preference, but I like what I felt with the Pfadt in another local members car......just right for me!
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IPS Brandon
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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
The Pedders camp has kept us in the loop on their zeta II testing, and have brought their numerous years of zeta platform experience over with them. You'll notice they're always here, glad to answer questions, technical or otherwise.

Pfadt makes good products... For the Corvette. I haven't seen much R&D from their camp on the zeta platform other than a skid-pad video.
Every product Pfadt has developed has been created with a lot of R&D with stress analysis testing via software analysis, and real world testing on their shop camaro, im not sure it is fair to say that Pfadt has less research and development then Pedders...

Another item to consider is where the product is produced and the materials used. Pfadt trumps a lot of manufacturers with this, American made products held to strict tolerances and quality measures to maximize customer satisfaction, and winning performance, you will not find ONE product made by Pfadt from China or East Asia.

With that said price between the two pedders seems to be comparable, but it seems the majority of members have seen the benefits of the pfadt springs, and many are choosing them hand over fist. If you would like, PM me and I will shoot you our Camaro5 pricing for members. Good luck in your decision, but to me its relatively easy, American made products, with quality and commitment win every time.

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i cant speak on any other companys but im very pleased with pfadt and brandon at ips and i. both Aaron and brandon were great with helping me. Aaron always replied to my post and emails quickly and answered everything in full detail and brandon even stayed an extra half hour past closing just for me to order my coilovers and sways! (thank you brandon! sorry i wasnt able to call till the next day) i dont know many places that will do that. if there service is this good than i cant wait till i recive and install there products cause i know there gonna be top notch.
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VERY happy w/ Pfadt springs & swaybars on mine.
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I too was on the fence between Pedders and Pfadt, had had several conversations with folks on the Pedders side and will say that they were very responsive and informative but at the same time I have gotten a great deal of "pre-order" service on the Pfadt side as well. I have had several exchanges with Aaron Pfadt via PM and he has been very forthcoming and responsive when I contact him and I also have nothing but good things to say about Brandon over at IPS Motorsports. He has made the actual transaction part of this process very easy and VERY competitive on pricing. I have Pfadt Front and Rear sways sitting in my garage now and am just waiting on delivery of their Coilovers as well once they become available. I will be doing the installation myself and feel very confident that the support will be there from both Aaron and Brandon when the time comes.

In the end I chose Pfadt based on several different things but mainly where the components are made, the VERY competitive pricing from Brandon over at IPS, and the investment I was getting from both Aaron and Brandon during the process and the insight they were able to give me as to why certain things were designed into the Pfadt components. I have spent COUNTLESS hours trolling all of the suspension threads I could find, that reading coupled with my conversations with these two very professional individuals was enough for me.

Sometimes getting the answer between the two major companies in the forum here winds up turning into a pissing match, it wasn't until I started contacting folks involved with the companies that I was able to make my decision.

Good luck with your decision and remember, it is YOUR decision, there are plenty of folks happy with both companies.

Now I just have to look into Pfadt mounts and bushings to really tighten things up and handle the Supercharger I am looking to get in the spring

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Nine Ball

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I did a lot of reading and research. Being a mechanical engineer, I'm kind of obsessive like that . Spoke with reps of both companies mentioned here, decided to go with Pfadt products on this Camaro.

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We want to thank everyone with their comments regarding our company and the products we produce for the community. In addition, we want to make sure everyone knows that we are here if you need us, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you.
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Account Suspended
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I went with Pedders, I too read and did a lot of research and talked to Pedders Reps. I was recommended a shop in Inglewood, CA and they went into more detail with the Pedders suspension. The shop owner gave me a demo in his G8 that had full Pedders suspension. I'm making my Camaro go to track days at Willow Springs, Button Willow, California Speedway, and Open Road Racing in Nevada. So Pedders had the full line of suspension needs and bought one. Besides, Pedders had a lot of years dealing with ZETA suspension. Thats how I came to decide on the company.
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Pfadt springs and swaybars for me as well.

I don't have personal experience with Pedders, but I'm extremely satisfied with Pfadt components and customer service.

I have the Pfadt control arm stiffeners for the rear as well...just gotta find time to install them and get an alignment done afterwards.
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I went with Pedders 1 inch drop.. Car handles and looks great. One thing I don't understand. Phadt recommends cutting the bump stops, Pedders absolutely says no. I didn't and I do bottom when I hit a dip or bridge abutment. Roads around here suck. I don't understand the differing opinions? Anyone know the real deal. Knowing what I do now I would go with coil overs....I think....
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Hi Mark-HD,

We can't speak to anything regarding another company's products, but we can tell you why we reccommend cutting the bumpstops in our procedure. Our Pfadt drop springs provide a 1.25" drop approximately. As a result of this change in static ride height, the usable region of the damper travel is offset, to be approximately 1.25" lower. The Camaro has a very limited amount of bump travel to begin with, before contacting the OEM bumpstops. We recommend to trim 1" from the bumpstop in our installation procedure to give you back that 1.00" of damper travel, that is not influenced by the added spring rate of the bump rubber. We leave some bump stop in place to give a rising rate on big hits. This conclusion was made from testing, and experiencing the same bump characteristics that you mentioned. This of course, is just our position in regards to our own product installation, and I thought it was relevant to what you were asking. Hope that helps clarify the difference.
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