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Post DIY Changing SS/RS Emblem Color

So I did this a while ago, but decided not to put it up until I was able to do some testing. Any for the last year or so I've had some Testors model paint on my "RS" emblems. I wanted to see if would hold up over time so mines been through numerous car washes, drive through, spray booth, and by hand by now. And after this winter in Canada with all the salt and grime they are still good!

Today I decided to add a few coats to them because the front emblem on my car has taken a beating from road debris and had a few chips in my paint job. So thirty minutes of my time and I put some fresh paint on them. This is probably one one the easiest DIY's out there. The only reason I'm writing it is to let people know what paint I used cause I was worried about how this stuff would hold up over time.

Anyway here is the stuff I used

There is a huge variety of colors out there. They are self leveling paint and go on real thin so if you use a lot of coats then you should get a nice finish. Mine turned out well but if looking really close and I mean really close you can see some minor brush marks. One glass bottle is about 2 bucks by the way, The brush actually cost me more than the paint! You should be able to get it at your local craft / hobby store.

Here's what you need...
Testors paint
Very Small Brush
Handful of q tips
Bowl of water
Rubbing alcohol
Paper Towel
Liquid wax (optional)
Some kind of chair (mine is a recycle bin)

1. Clean the emblems with rubbing alcohol. Make sure they are completely dry before painting
2. Shake up your paint well, and apply a very thin coat the red / white area of your emblem (try to be as steady and a smooth as possible). I would recommend starting with the rear emblem since I found it easier that way you get a little practice. You will still be able to see the red or white through your paint for now. Now you probably got paint onto the chrome area where you don't want it (I did), take to q-tip dip it in water and rub off the excess paint. This paint is not water soluble but the water seems to help remove it. (If paint drips onto your car anywhere aside from this emblem wipe it up immediately! It will not be easy to remove if you let it dry on any painted section). The paint doesn't like to stick to chrome portion and rubs right off, even when half dry. You can even scrape it off with your finger nails really easily. I wouldn't recommend using your nails as they will be very colorful by the time your done.
3. After about five minutes (this stuff dries real quick) apply another coat and remove the excess paint as described in part 2.
4. Repeat until your color is consistent and you are happy with the results. I did 6 coats on mine as I used a metallic paint that is very thin. Thin coats and smooth brush strokes are the key to a nice finish.
5. Once finished let the paint dry for a few days and if you like use some liquid wax to polish them up a bit. (This part is unnecessary, I did it. In the picture below that is without wax however as the paint is fresh).

My very small amount of supplies needed
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Final Result
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Your done , now keep the paint somewhere safe if you are in an area like me where there is lots of sand, salt and gravel on the roads because your front emblem may need a touch up from time to time from stone chips. In one year of driving (about 30 000 km of driving) I had about five chips in mine. But the thicker the paint the less likely it is to chipping.

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Raising the dead here but nice DIY. My RS logo has taken a beating from three New England winters. This writeup is exactly what I was looking for!!!
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diy, emblem color, rs/ss

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