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My CPR Experience - First Impression

I stopped by CPR the other day and this was my experience:

1) I was able to see into the shop from the front office:
a. The shop was very full - which is a great sign.
b. The techs were moving at a good pace, completing customer upgrades - very professional, even when they didn't know someone was watching. This builds trust in my book. God knows, if I had a choice, instead of Cisco Networks - I would be bringing horsepower and smiles to performance patrons and going to work would be a joy, so I would probably be laughing and joking a lot while doing my work. NOTE - I didn't say that I would not take the utmost pride in my job while doing it - just that it would be a joy to do what I love. But that is a different life from 20 years ago

2) Justin was on the phone with a vendor when I arrived so I had some time to myself to check out the office and peak into the shop (probably should have been point 1).
a. He was... how do I say, "Immovable" in getting an order with a vendor expedited for a customer
b. He came out as soon as he was free, greeted me and asked all the right questions to find out my history with F-Bodies and what my vision was for the car before offering any advise.
c. He was very knowledgeable in the advise he gave. Based on what I have read here - he was dead on!!

3) All of a sudden, with a full shop, Joe shows up. The neat part here is that when he came into the room and the way he presented himself - I thought he was a tech with a question!
a. When Justin introduced him as the owner, I felt 5 things at once:
i. This is a guy that views everyone there as an equal - Big Kudos on management style from me on that.
ii. He took time from his schedule, and work, to meet (AT THAT TIME), just a potential client. More kudos here.
iii. I was mentally scrambling here - I thought I was talking to the head honcho, and then I meet him... chagrin on me
iv. Joe was able to give me further answers to my questions and he made me feel like the most important person in the shop - even though there were cars there that were not only worth 3 times what mine was but also doing 10 times the amount of work I was talking to them about!
v. I actually felt bad about taking Joe's valuable time.
4) I was looking for an Intake, a VMAX throttle body, JBA LT Headers, Catted Mids, and Cat-Back and a tune.
i.Talking with Justin, and with Nick-D doing their tunes - when he told me they had an in house porter, I weighed the difference of core charges and turn-around times against what I had read about this shop and pulled the trigger before I even left the shop I was told, with the holidays to expect to wait at least 2 weeks.
ii. The very next day, Justin calls me to let me know that my TB was done. Yep, impressed!! PS, the porter flew to Yuma last year to take care of a group buy. I have never heard of that in my life

I apologize for the length of this post, but I am so happy with the service I have received so far at CPR- I had to give a detailed explanation so anyone looking for a home for their performance upgrades would have a detailed report to reference.

At the end of the Day: they have exceeded expectations on what they were able to deliver, proven to me to fight for the customer, and have earned the right of "The place I call home for anything done to my 2SS".
2015 grey 2SS/RS. STOCK, for now

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Joe and the crew at CPR are awesome to work with! With just a stage II build on my ZL1, I am running 11.20@125.60 at a track elevation of 3000ft. I need to get back up there for the Cam install.
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Joe not Jon.

Great shop, friendly people, good prices, good techs.

Mario, Bryan, Joe, and Justin are all good people.
Corvette Z06 -1200ish rwhp
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Drives: 2015 Camaro 2SS
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Aww, I got bit by autocorrect!

Thx, editing now
2015 grey 2SS/RS. STOCK, for now
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F-Body? Not going to mod your Gen 5 Camaro?
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Drives: 2015 Camaro 2SS
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Location: Gilbert, AZ
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Mods are in the works.

I have a ported throttle body by CPR waiting for me. I also just ordered the Vararam CAI.

F-Body is the GM designation for the Camaro / Firebird

The club's used to reference this... When I was in Chicago, it was the MFBA " Midwest f-body Association" and here it was AZFBA " Arizona f-body Association" Now referring to them by generation seems to be more popular. Hope that helps.

Next round of mods is JBA long tube headers, catted mid pipe, and cat back exhaust with a Nick D tune.

2015 grey 2SS/RS. STOCK, for now

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