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3rd Generation Camaros 1982-1992 Camaros

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Drives: 92 z28 camaro 350tpi heritage ed
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my 1992 camaro z28

hey guys i bought a camaro the other week normally i but firebirds ( 1996 t/a lt1 i owned and a 1989 gta trans am ) i was looking for another firebird when driving i came across this setting in the back row of a car lot, the car lot was for sale and so was the car the owner had the car for the last 11 years i asked him how much he gave me a price... i gave him my price i bought it cause i think i got a heck of a steal but now i want too know what you guys think i spent 8 hours looking up info and all research i can but i cant find anyone who can help me out on the value of mine so with all that being said here is what i know if im missing something let me know cause i wanna know anything and everything i can about my camaro! btw at the time i knew nothing about camaros i have been a pontiac man my life of course chevy but never owned a camaro so never felt like researching them until now

its a 1992 camaro z28 350 v8 100% stock motor with the heritage package, here is a photo of my rpo code i saw somewhere on here to black out the vin.. not sure why but i did it anyways but u can read the rpo's here are the rpo codes that i came across that had low production #'s ac3
1fp87 z28
81/877 bright red paint code
822 code for gray leather
i can not find anywhere how many z28's that were made with the l98 350 motor and heritage package combo all i can find is a lil over 8k had the heritage package and only 5197 z28's where made in 92 so all i can go by is i got 1 of 5197 z28's with the package so does anyone know how many z28's had the zo3 package with the l98 350 v8 motor package aswell? would be so cool to know but with my hours of searching i could not find the info,my car was made at the van nuy's plant im guessing it was made before the middle of the year because i read that mid to late year in 92 they switch the motor covers from silver to black?? maybe thats wrong info but anyways just trying to give you guys every detail info about my car so fill in any blanks, and any rpo codes that i did not list that you think would add value or even just rpo codes that i should make a note of that are cool or so forth let me know so i can add it too my book as for my car the body has only a few chips / scraped on it mainly 1 or 2 scrapes on the nose and maybe a chip or 2 on the body molding at the bottom behind the front tire nothing major paints good body is very solid under the car there is 0% rust on the body/frame only on the exhaust is any rust which is stock only thing changed were the tires and exhaust tips motor is super clean or at least i feel it is if u look at the photo here um... inside the carpet needs cleaned sadly there alot of stains the top dash pad is cracked few places i been looking around and for 200$ i can get a mint condition one its just the top part the bottom and all around is mint condition still the old radio was taken out and replaced with a cd sony radio but nothing was cut up it was done right so it looks good, the seats are leather they have some tears but z28 seat covers can fix that, its power driver seats, rear seats/leather is great shape, the headliner is id say good++ condition no rips hatch is elec to open and close has a lockable storage on the driver side where my rpo code is safe and sound
here is a photo of the side it needs a few things like driver window weather strip sometimes there is a penny size thickness gap but if u push on the window when its closed it can close that gap until door is opened sometimes the driver side lock to unlock the car dont unlock it get stuck so a new driver lock would be needed um pretty much only the power buttons could use replaced there kinda old 1 is cracked again mostly just little picky things need done, now the only big thing i think is the miles and trip set do not work the last owner said 11 years ago the owner before him said the miles started to skip he said he would drive 10 miles and 25+ miles would show up so when it got to 167k miles he has the ship disconnect something so it would stop jumping so high so how many miles are on the car is only a guess by the looks of the motor i wouldnt say many miles it runs / ships great no problems it does idle very high on a cold start once its warm it drops from 1200rpms to 700-800 rpms um.. i hope i gave u guys all you need to know to kinda give me a value on it.. and again fill me in on anything i missed!! here is 1 last photo
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Drives: 92 z28 camaro 350tpi heritage ed
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: pa
Posts: 5
sorry for any miss spelling :P sometimes spell check dont agree with what im trying to say and picks something else lol
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1992 camaro, 350 92 camaro, heritage package, z28 350

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