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Old 05-21-2010, 07:39 AM   #326
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Passenger seat at least manual height adjustment, short people can't see out at all.

Slightly larger sun visors with sliding extensions.

Ambient lighting across the dash like the doors have.

Better lighting, lights on sun visors, floorboard lights, engine light.


I agree about the gas door on passenger side makes it very easy to get out without having to worry about hitting my door. Leave it on the pass. side.

Interior materials are fine=better materials WILL bring price up.

Paint quality is fine, unless you spend a fortune, most cars today are the same.

Thanks for great big brakes, and standard 20" wheels.

LOVE the digital read-out in the center. I had it on my Civic Si and LOVED IT. I did research on this car before it came out and for some reason never knew it had it. IMO NO need for HUD.

LOVE the Halo lights, whenever I see a BMW coming towards me I turn just the Halos on.

I forgot a few improvements:

The ability to control the FOGS independantly. To have headlights and fogs on at the same time. Or just the Halo's and FOGS.

An exhaust that sounds like an SS should sound. 426HP engine that sounds like a Camry. YUK. Even after installing my Hushpower axelback, it still DOESN'T please me.

At least 1 cup holder AWAY from shifter on manual, I LOVE to take morning drives with my coffee.

A leather console and dash option like the BMW M3 has. Awesome looking.

Even IF GM does some of the improvements I like, I HIGHLY DOUBT I will be buying another Camaro, UNLESS I WIN THE LOTTO. After loosing my job last Nov 09, I will probably have to let my bank take it away this fall, which will be a HORRABLE DAY FOR ME.

Thankyou GM for making a DREAM CAR I thought I would never ever own. At least when its gone I can have great memories of this awesome car. Thats why I have SO MANY pictures of it and love posting them. I know I will cry a RIVER when its gone. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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Old 05-21-2010, 11:20 AM   #327
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I've searched back a few pages but didn't see this -
Have a three or four extra swipes when using just the water spray for the wipers. As it stands, when I just want to wash the window, if I pull it to spray, I get one swipe. Then I have to hold it down to get it to swipe a few more times. My '00 Monte had that feature. Why it's not a standard thing going forward...I don't know
Also, my wife's '04 Malibu has the auto temperature controls...set the temp, that's it. Why not in the higher end Camaro? The cabin may be considered smaller, but the dual climate zone controls are also nice.
Finally, the heated seats in my Monte got really hot, which was nice during the New England winters. These seats do not seem to get as warm...

This stuff is mostly petty, so not a big deal...but this is what I would do, if I ran the zoo...
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Old 05-27-2010, 11:43 PM   #328
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Red face

I totally agree with your comment regarding the dead pedal placement. I'm only 5'2" and my foot doesn't rest comfortably on it. Any way to build it up?
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Old 06-17-2010, 02:18 PM   #329
Roddd 1SS
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Hi, I love the car! The 1SS is the best car I have driven. My only problems are minor ones. I can't shift through the gears if I have a drink in the cupholder. And the location for the AV accessory jack being in the center console is ill thought. It makes it hard to pick songs from my iPod. I wouldn't even call those complaints. When I got 426 HP for the price I paid, I knew there would be some trade offs.
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Old 06-26-2010, 09:27 PM   #330
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I absolutely love my car. I would buy it again in a second without a change. But given a wish list: I agree with previous votes for power passenger seat & Navigation system (onstar is cool but I miss my map). Also agree with better interior materials (within reason re: cost) - My biggest beef is the cheep plastic & limited usefulness of the visors. Next correct the ipod problems - they work sometimes, sometimes not, loud static pops intermittantly - loud enough to worry about blowing speakers. Also agree with problem with paint chipping. I love my car & take good care of it. I have to drive it on my daily almost an hour commute on country & city roads. I want it to stay nice looking a long time. My dream color - Candy apple metalic red. That is the color I wanted & bought the closest one to it. I love the Darrell Waltrup Special Editions. I also love the Coke 400 Pace car; really sharp.
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Old 06-29-2010, 12:38 AM   #331
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Let's see if I can revisit some issues after driving this car for a year now...

1. There's no light in the glove box....really now...
2. Passenger seat needs to be power. At least up and down.
3. Need a bypass for that d@mn door chime. Or at least add an option other than LOUD and LOUDER... kinda like, "OFF."
4. ABL in dash. Just because you are "possibly" coming out with a new "dash" does not mean you can simply saw screw the first two model years of the Camaro with the dash ABL. Part of the problem with the CURRENT dash is that you guys never bothered to FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED. I mean c' can't do ABL in the doors and then GIVE UP on the dash! And if I hit a nerve there, it was meant. GOOD. Because THAT IS HOW I FEEL. I spent hundreds of dollars and a good 30 man hours trying different combinations on that dash...3 different passenger inserts (at $89 a pop), two driver inserts ($40), paint, sand paper, sander, bla bla bla...

ABL IS A MUST for us STILL in 2010 and for the 2011 year. Shoot. At least give us the option of buying an aftermarket kit to complete the darn thing. You know it will sell and you know you will make money off of it. Will I buy it? You can put me first in line. PROMISE. Yes, I am happy with what I have now, but what about the other 100,000 people? Not nice...not nice at all...

...where was I...oh,

5. USB and the radio. I'm tired of seeing "no supported data found. You may safely remove the device" message on my screen when I start up my car. I have a USB. It worked for a year. Now it suddenly does not want to work? Software...give me a new update please. (I also wish it would stay in the same folder you were in once you turned the car off and back on).

6. Power outputs. Make them a constant, please....please... If I need to charge my phone but don't want to sit there in my running car for 20 minutes, I shouldn't have to. Make it to where the power can stay on (even if it's for 20 minutes) to the power outlets so we can use that power for whatever we need.

7. Give me control over my halo's and fogs...complete control. If I want both of them on at night, I should have that option...from the factory.

8. Fix the rattles. I still need to have that rear C-pillar rattle looked at.

9. Get better speakers. I was FLOORED when I heard BA was going to have the radio in the car. What happens? BA gives us paper speakers that can't handle anything beyond 35 on the volume...yet the radio will go up to 45. Why? So I can blow the speakers and get new ones? I had to put bass blockers in all the speakers so when I turn it up past 35, it does not distort.

10. Back up camera in the rear view mirror?

11. ...I'll come up with more later.

Thanks for listening.

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Old 06-29-2010, 08:43 PM   #332
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12. Make the darn homelink buttons LIGHT UP. HELLOOOOOO.... it's dark at night and when there's no light in the car, looking for the buttons on the ceiling is a pain in the grass! One of the guys here used a 3 inch light pipe and blue/green GM light source. He popped off the cover, drilled a hole in each button and stuck the light up there running it inline w/ another power source and BAM...he has light. Yes, I want to do this mod too since this is the way it should have come.

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Old 06-30-2010, 06:54 AM   #333

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Originally Posted by Brokinarrow View Post
Sound dampening? Did you install a loud exhaust or something? The Camaro has the least amount of road noise of any car I have driven, just sayin
I totally disagree. This car has no unibody insulation. Just drive over a gravel road- you would think your in an empty coffee can. I insulated my floor, w/hsgs, 1/4 panels, etc and it's like a dream to drive now compaired to before.
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Old 06-30-2010, 07:00 AM   #334

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On another note- How about a CHROME WHEEL option. I replaced my polished wheels with GM chrome wheels this week and the response on the road is amazing-
Everyone loves the look. Plus, I think GM can use the extra money.
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Old 07-22-2010, 12:38 PM   #335
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Based on my recent test-drive of the beautiful Camaro, I would like to see the following changes:

-The door handles are too big, too chrome and not comfortable to use. A smaller, higher-mounted, L-Shaped door handle would be better.

-Please add option for electronic climate control where we can set the temperature and leave it.

-Prefer a standard OFF-THE-SHELF Head unit like what’s used in the Corvette, with the option for NAV, Rear view Camera / Color LCD.

-There should be an option to have the passenger seat electrically adjustable like the driver.

-The center ac outlet on the unit I drove had very sharp plastic edges and looked unfinished. I felt like we could cut our fingers across it. There should also be some kind of trim ring around the outside. It just looks a little unfinished the way the outlet sits behind the dash and the way the round adjustment knobs are black plastic inside the black plastic dash.

-The Seat belt was a little uncomfortable against my shoulder. I'm 6'2" and it always felt in the wrong position, either in the "strap" or out. Option to move it up higher would be nice.

-The retro-style gauges are cool looking but I would prefer a more modern numbering font/style. But major kudos for giving the option to see the speed in the digital information center !

-Optional, tasteful exterior Chrome window surround like on the Malibu and many other current cars of today would be nice

-The center speaker "grille" had gaps all around it. A better fitting grille would be welcome.

-In general, too much hard plastic used in the interior. Some use of a more padded feeling surface would be nice.
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Old 07-25-2010, 03:00 PM   #336
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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
First Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to state our opinions and ideas in a forum that will be heard. You have received a lot of great ideas from Camaro owners. I would like to give my ideas as one of the guys that is truly waiting for the Z28 to arrive.

1 - I loved the HUD in my 99 Vette and would pay for that option again.
2 - Memory Seats, a much needed option
3 - The interior lights on the rearview mirror from the Corvette worked very well to light up the interior.
4 - Please DO NOT MAKE THE Z28 A TT V6!
5 - I will be happy with the LSA engine. Much, much happier with the LS9 engine. Take a look at Edelbrock's E-Force S/C package as a possible alternative to the Maggie S/C.
6 - A true air induction hood that looks like the SLP hood design.
7 - Use original Camaro colors, 67 Marina Blue is an excellent choice I might add!
8 - LED tail lights and parking lights to help distinguish the Z28 from LT & SS but please keep the RS Halo package.
9 - Any kind of weight reduction would be good.
10 - Include a short throw shifter with the Z28 package.

It is a beautiful car and I am ready to order a Z28. Thanks for this opportunity.
Hello Disciples,
The pictures of the red test mule (possible Z/28) have just been released. A lot of the items on my wish list from four months ago seem to be on the possible prototype. It has the Jay Leno Camaro front facia, CTS-V Brembo 6 piston calipers on the front, wider wheels and tires, lowered stance, smaller rear mufflers with dual tips and a supercharged engine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not going twin turbo. Although I would prefer the engine being the LS9 over the LSA, I can very easily live with either engine. All the items shown on the prototype are positive steps in the right direction. HUD is now available and should be available on the Z/28 along with the Hurst short throw shifter. Being greedy there still a few things that I would like to see on the Z/28:

1. - A hood scoop with functional air to the air box. The SLP hood is a great hood design.
2. - The side air brake vents from the Jay Leno car in front of the rear wheels.
3. - A taller rear deck spoiler, again the SLP is a good design.
4. - Keep the RS package available as an option.
5. - Keep the sun roof as an available option.
6. - Memory seat for the driver and power passenger seat.
7. - Pick a blue metallic color that makes the car look 'alive' and ready to pounce on the competition. 1967 MARINA BLUE would be an excellent choice. Or if you have paint left over you need to get rid of, the JETSTREAM BLUE from the ZR1 Corvette.
8. - Use the Heritage Grill with the the new facia.
9. - Get rid of the fake 'mail slot' in the front bumper.

The CCW wheels used on the red prototype in a fully polished version would be really, really nice. OK, this is my update. GM and Chevy are definitely on the right track and are so close to hitting a home run on this car. My deposit is already in at the dealership and awaiting the first day of being able to order the Z/28. You ladies and men have a great responsibility, make us proud. Good luck. Steve
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How about a curb view mirror option for backing up? It's tough to see those parking stall lines without opening the door!
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el ess A
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A chrome wheel option I'll second/third/fourth, etc...

Also, if the power adjustable passenger seat is a no-go, how about modifying the manual adjusting lever for the front/back position. The wife's calf hits it and she's not all that happy about that.
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Gavros 4 Life
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Quick Easy Summary:

-Fix the gas door so they don't hand the cap against the car
-ABM lighting across the dash
-Power Passenger Seat
-Memory Seats
-Leather going around all the seats (EVEN ON SIDES)
-Better material for leather
-Lighting inside during driving at night (lights to see)
-6 piston brakes like the Cadillac on 2SS/2LT
-Supercharger options or performance packages like the mistang
-Switch to turn on or off Active Fuel Management
-More options for colors* Especially for the stripes (red, green, blue etc)
-More add-on features (not necessary but would be VERY nice to have more options)

Personally tremendous job on making the camaro , however, i only feel like buying the 2SS/RS which is basically fully loaded should have a little more i love the car to death but just a few add ins for the top model seem necessary
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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
OK, I thought of a few more things over the past few months;
1. - Since the 6 piston Brembo Brakes and larger disks from the CTS-V Caddy fit the Camaro so well with very little modifications, they should also be included with the LSA engine package for the Z28.

2. - The heritage grill should offered as a painted RPO or included in the Z28 package as a painted grill.

3. - Have the engineers look at putting 275/20 tires on the front and 315/20's on the rear for the Z28 package. Also have them look at using 19" rims with 275's and 315's front and rear for the Z28. The CTS-V used 19" wheels and it would lower the Camaro a half inch.

4. - Different spring rates to lower the car about an inch and still keep it safe without any kind of rubbing. 19" wheels and lowering the car an inch would give you a .02g increase in handling.

5. - Please change the fake 'gill indents' in front of the rear wheels to REAL air intakes for the rear brakes like Jay Leno's camaro, ZR-1 and Z06

I am done for now, thanks again. Steve
After seeing the pictures of Bumble Bee from the T3 movie and the possibilities of different items from BB/T3 being used on the upcoming Z/28, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE REAR WING !! I can go with the new front bumper, the quad exhaust, really love the rear brake vent in front of tires and front air splitter. But the high rise wing simply does not go with the car. Use the SLP design or something that is a little taller than the stock rear spoiler, but please no wing!!!
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