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I would say the most important things to adjust based on complaints I keep hearing would be

1. People keep complaining about the semi-power passenger seat and it being to low. It's an easy fix. Please do it to make them happy.

2. The sun visors are pretty much useless. Make them larger. If larger ones can't fit make them so an extension can pull down from the bottom to double there size.

3. The seat belt clasp. It needs a more powerful magnet or a bigger one.

4. The gas cap hook. This one annoys me personally. It's to small. Make it bigger or put out a kit with a larger hook that can slip over the existing one. I should not have to use a pony tail elastic.

5. The paint is very thin and chips easily. The paint jobs look great. They are better than they ever were, till you drive about 100 miles and wash the car and notice all the chips. Perhaps they need a second coat. I don't care if it adds to the price. It's worth it.

6. Offer more interior color options like the Inferno Orange. Charge more for them and make them one year or what ever. People will pay for it. Red? White? I always wanted a 2006 GTO with blue interior. I missed that boat. :(

7. A small thing but rear floor mats. Again even if it was a $60 add-on it would be nice to have them from the factory.

Things I would really like to see added to the 5th gen.

1. NAV! Arrows don't count, Onstar isn't good enough. People like to see a visual map I spent $38K on my car I would have spent another $1000 on an in dash nav.

2. Back up camera. I missed out on the sensors by a week but I really would like this. It could integrate with the NAV screen or hide in the rear view mirror. Either way is fine.

3. Cooled seats. Heated ones work great, but my dad's car has them and I'd totally have paid for them if they were available.

4. HUD would be cool, but I'll be honest it's on the low end of my wants.

Things for the 6th gen.

1. We assume it's going to a lighter platform with the CTS thats a good thing.

2. I love my V8! Do everything you can to keep one in the Camaro! That said I think as an alternative to the V8 and V6 a turbo 4cyl on a lighter platform would be a popular option. Figure the ecotec from the Solstice GXP pumping out 260-290hp would be a great idea.

3. When you design the 6th gen remember that a large number of cars will be bought with a manual transmission. With that in mind put the cup holders IN FRONT of the shifter. I could understand this oversight in my CTS but this is a sports car! Hook us up!

Thats pretty much what I'm looking for. At this time we can pretty much assume a Z28 is on the way. So I won't ask for that. I love my car. It's everything I could have hoped for. The feelings of joy I have when I drive it are unmeasurable. It's everything I dreamed it could be. GM makes the best vehicles and always has. They have made mistakes along the way too but they hit a home run here. Thank You. From the bottom of my heart Thank You. To some people it's just a car, but those people just don't understand.

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camaro noob
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(Like on the concept)

I'm sorry, did someone just say something??





...I swear I could have just heard someone say something...






Oh, right...those things. Can we please get those? They are so beautiful, and go oh so well on the car. Maybe make them only available with the RS package? I dunno, all I know is that I want them. Badly. Along with HUD and dash ABL. Seeing those after burner tail lights would make this kid very happy indeed.

There is actually another thing, but I'm really scared to bring it up cuz no one else has mentioned this know those pressure pad door handle things they got on the Vettes?? Those are amazing. Is there a reason people don't like these other than cost?
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I love how this car was designed, first off.

However, the understeer in this car needs to be considered. It's whippy enough for a spirited drive but plows when it's pushed. I'm shopping around now for a suspension to mitigate the understeer.

It's picky, but how about a fuel door release in the car. I hate the "push-pop open" cover on the car. Why not the locking fuel door that's sold aftermarket being stock?

The passenger seat has been covered.

Interior lighting has been covered.

This is my first Camaro and intend on keeping it for a loooooong time! I think it's a home run. I appreciate the fact that you made this car affordable and comfortable.
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Power passenger seat, plus upgrade available for existing models
More interior lighting
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Two main things I'd like to see, from the perspective of someone who's seen it up close, but still shopping against the competition.

1. Interior. I've seen it, sat in it. I don't think its the materials, its just... half done. The radio/HVAC controls just don't flow into everything as well as they could, and there's a big ole slab of nothingness on the passenger side. I think GM should integrate some of the Malibu's interior, two tone colors on the dash that you could integrate with the door panels and seats; and some faux brushed aluminum looking trim pieces, help break everything up a little and keep it from looking so desolate.

2. (sorry for the caps) LOOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!!!!!! PUT IT ON A DIET!!!!!! IT IS TOO HEAVY!!!! I don't think they should invest another dime into the powertrain or the suspension. Find some way to cut the weight down to compete with the mustang, and as a side effect it'll have better handling, be faster, and get better fuel economy.
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I love this thread, so thanks for the opportunity. I also love my A6 SS/RS, but if I could change anything it would be with the cars software.
1. Fix the PDIM.
2. Allow us to choose what can be displayed on the DIC, any input available.
3. Firm up/quicken the A6 shifts in Sport mode, or allow selection of shift firmness.
4. Add a 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile timer to the DIC.

There have been many other fine suggestions that I agree with, too.
1. Memory for the seat positions.
2. Less weight.
3. Rear camera.
4. Make the cruise control button raised so I can find it without looking.
5. Badging on the front quarter panels.
6. Louder exhaust or at least make it a factory option.
7. Push button start.
8. Darker factory window tint.
9. Factory chrome wheel option.

Well that's enough for now, I'll be back.
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Love my 2010 ss, 6 speed, I would love to have the option of a supercharger, looking to the aftermarket for the install, hard to stay with shelby, I would of paid for this upgrade at the factory

utilize the "blind side zone alert technology" for the limited visiblity of the camaro, great enhancement on the suburban, and would be fantastic for the camaro

Rumor or fact on the z28, would love to see the cadillac-v powertrain be part of the z
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Camaro Disciple
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Originally Posted by fighterace34 View Post
make it like the ol' 69 was! bigger engine that produces more.

Sometimes bigger doesn't equate to "producing more". In '69 you could get a 302 ci with 290 hp or a base 327 ci with 210 hp or the optional 350 ci with 255 hp, so sometimes "bigger" doesn't equal more power. There's more to it than cubic inches.

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Lighten the car as much as possible, use soft touch material for the dash, and redesign the flimsy centre console lid. Minimal changes if any to the exterior because it's near perfect!
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dr damon
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1. I think new vibrant metallic colors such as synergy green are a great idea, especailly for the younger market. it would make the cars broad appeal even broader. i hope synergy becomes available on the ss.

2. make the ss front and rear emblems optional from the factory.

3. longer rally stripes (front and rear)

4. dusk/jay leno wheels available

thanks for listening GM!!
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Like it but some easy improvements:

Make the depth of the trunk less and provide the seats in the back for actual use.
Offer other than summer tires when buying the RS

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First off, I would like to thank you all for hearing us all out. It's truly an honor to have us give input to what will lead to future generations of the instant classic you all have brought to life.

With that said, I do agree that the car could lose a little bit of weight. It would improve performance numbers all around.

Another thing that should be changed is perhaps changing the mail slot to the hood and making it a functional hood scoop. It also looks like it kinda interfered with after market part manufacturers. If they offered a hood with a hood scoop, they would then have two hood scoops on their hands.

Final thing is the lighting. I have a '99 Camaro SS and I liked the concept of having the light on the back of the visor.

Other than that... awesome.
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1: Make it fit Taller people better (I am 6'4")
2: Factory fog lights with the RS Package (same bulb color as well)
3: Lighter
4: Drilled/Slotted Rotor Option
5: Supercharger Option (Z28)

Thanks for listening
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Originally Posted by HTWLSS View Post
Sometimes bigger doesn't equate to "producing more". In '69 you could get a 302 ci with 290 hp or a base 327 ci with 210 hp or the optional 350 ci with 255 hp, so sometimes "bigger" doesn't equal more power. There's more to it than cubic inches.

Check out
2BBL 350 was 250 hp and the 4 BBL 350 was 300 hp in 69, 327 was dropped very early in 69 model year.
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1) T-tops or Targa top

2) Memory seats

3) The option to have leather in 1ss without the purchase of all the gadgets

4) Navigation w/screen, not onstar
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Yeah - I think Onstar is getting a little played out considering so many other manufacturers are getting into touch screens and what-not.
"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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I loved my new camaro but i would like to see some improvements in the next upcoming models.

1: bigger sun visors mirrors because the one that has its so tinny.
2: bigger sunroof or targa roof like from the C6 corvettes
3: A factory supercharger option
4: A better quality material for the dashboard, example like when the new nissan Z350 come out it had some cheap plastic material in the interior but they improved the interior material on their next model the Z370.
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