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Originally Posted by srevoal View Post

move the cup holders on the manuals.
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1. Nav has become what CD players were in the 00's: if your car doesn't have one you'll be forced to add a portable one that looks kinda cheap and cheezy. So many people have it in their dash. Please add Nav, it's 2010. (and reverse cam )

2. I'm not really big on how the car is from the passenger seat because I'm NEVER over there, but I have had complaints from shorter passengers. It would be nice if the height were adjustable, but again, I'm NEVER over there.

3. Full Dash ABL

4. HID fog lights offered with the RS package, maybe

5. Exhaust tips from the concept

6. Make any changes made on the 2011 model available to 2010 owners at a discounted price

That is all
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Now that I have converted to Chevy I cant complain about this car it is amazing, a couple of things that would be nice would be illuminated garage door buttons and passenger seat power. Other than that leave it alone.
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Originally Posted by srevoal View Post

stronger buttons on the seatbelt strap holders.

move the cup holders on the manuals.
shifting with a drink in the current cup holders r a nightmare!

also a real gas cap holder instead of that little hook thing that is there now.

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i havent got my car yet so im just shooting from the hip so to speak. i have heard rummors here about about changes in the front clip.
such as somthing like in transformer 2.please dont do it!
this front end is perfect rate the way it is!!!!
other than that maybe a littel more alacart option ordering of accessiores,like a spoiler w/o rs
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Originally Posted by sscamaro View Post
The two things I would like to see most are HUD and a memory package for seats and mirrors. Other wise I love the car the way it is. I have owned every generation and this by far the best of all. It makes me feel like I'm driving a modern 69 Camaro.
IAWTP. A HUD would be great, as would memory seats/mirrors for when I get my seating position just perfect.

Also, proper nav system, please. OnStar is nice, but a screen would be even nicer.
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LOVE the car, wouldnt change much..

More ABL... maybe dash? foot well?

T-Tops would be amazing!

different engine cover/dress up

louder SS exhaust smaller mufflers

maybe more leather.... dash/ doors?

navigation option

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Z28 please and thank you :p
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Rolling along...
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Here are the things I'd like to see:

Short term:

1. Height adjustable front passenger seat (don't care if it is power or manual, just make it go up/down).
2. Rear seat reading lights (for those of us that actually carry passengers back there). Maybe from the B or C pillar instead of the roof.
3. More secure latch on folding back seat. Tends to need to be slammed closed to get the current latch to lock sometimes.
4. Better PDIM audio design...built in HDD or a way to keep from having to re-index songs at every start-up (without resorting to buying an Ipod).

1. Don't touch a damn thing!

Long Term:
1. Start figuring out how to put an "optional" performance version of the VOLT powertrain into the Camaro. [Don't bash me on this...looking out for those that want a great looking car without the stigma of being a gas-guzzler...]
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I love my camaro and i sure wish that there was more options for add ons at the factory. Simple things like.

painted ground effects.

1ss leather upgrade

More engine options( make every Corvette engine available at a price.)

performance upgrades at factory level such as:

short throw shifter
interior painting options
cam upgrades
CAI upgrades
Muffler upgrades
Halo Upgrades
suspension upgrades
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I love this car, it is my first camaro and i wish i owned all generations. but a complaint that i have heard a lot is the passenger seat not being fully adjustable. Shorter people just cannot see over the hood. i think they should make the future models both seats power seats 6 functions (UP, DOWN, backward, forward, and tilt front and back)
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Apex Motorsports

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1) Build the Z-28 and keep it under $50k.

2) Fake vents and intakes cheapen the vehicle. Open up the "mail slot" and make it functional, or at least clear the way so the aftermarket can make a conversion.

3) Reduce weight. Its free performance and will help with CAFE.

4) Move fuel filler to the drivers side.
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HUD please.

Thanks for taking our feedback.
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To start, I have to say, that I can honestly say that I've never loved a car so much! Even though it's sitting in the garage because of the snow, I still open the door just to look at it. But if I had to suggest some improvements, I'd love to see ABL across the dash, possibly a small reduction in weight, and a soft touch dash-board. Also, as someone else suggested, if the Camaro does in fact move to a smaller plat-form, please find a way to keep a v-8 in that bad boy (is diesel a possibility to get better fuel efficiency?). And finally, if and when the Z comes out, how about a customer-loyalty trade or buy incentive for current Camaro owners?
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If the line of sight around the rearview mirror on the front windshield could be improved, that would be great. I find myself constantly having to look around it especially at intersections. It's mostly the black out shield on the glass behind the mirror.

I have to park my Camaro through a narrow garage door and if the sideview mirrors would hinge I would not worry about damaging them as much.

Not a fan of the how the automatic window openers must operate by cranking up and down a 1/2" by themselves to get around the top seals when opening and closing the doors.

Ipod connections standard on all trim levels.

Mufflers that are painted out black...or hidden from view.

Otherwise beautiful car...the best I've ever owned.
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Full ABL on the dash
Better snap/button for the seat belt
Front License bracket that doesn't have to be drilled into the bumper
Polo Green exterior

Thanks for allowing us to voice our thoughts. I'm sure whatever the end result is it will be spectacular.
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this is an awesome car and to keep it #1 I'd like to see the following:

1) better interior lighting without all the night vision problems, ie replace the dome light with targeted area beams, and light up the homeLink buttons.
2) driver memory at least for 2LT and 2SS
3) better gas cap holder
4) more "stop" positions for the doors
5) make the DRL for the RS package work like FOG lamps... on the very foggy nights the HID's will blind you. Maybe keep the DRL's on when you force only the parking lights to be on.
6) power passenger seat
7) Hud
8) gas used readout for the DIC
9) a "burnt" orange color with same dash/door trim color.
10) backup camera
11) forgot the automatic climate control shame on me.

going forward I for one would hate to loose any interior room... an inch lost in any direction would mean I wouldn't be able to fit and more importantly buy one.

keep the 5th gens going for at least the 2015 MY... I'd like to have twin 5th gens in 2015... my current 2LT as my winter beater and a 2015 convertable Z28 for my summer fun car.

Keep fuel door on passenger side... at first I didn't like the idea but it makes my life so much more easier now.
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please offer a dovetail spoiler and more chevrolet accessories. car is great keep up the good work
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Option to replace back-up sensors with a back-up camara (screen either in HUD or in rearview mirror). Just get rid of the dots, takes away from the beauty of the design.
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Hell yeah I'm Guilty.....
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C'Mon...its a MUSCLE car kids!! CUP HOLDERS???

heres what I want:

Stronger Axels, 1000 HP from the factory

A track pack link bar to firm up the rear end (similar to whats offered by the aftermarket guys now)

A better selection of factory headers and performance parts (NASTY cams, intakes, exhaust)

Lighter car with less understeer (suspension upgrades).

More engine choices (LS-9..ohhh baby)

A COPO option ready to run, No frills, radio and heater-A/C delete optional.(Body in white is out now and is an awsome idea)

Functional RAM AIR or Cowl Induction.

A bullet proof driveline!!!! (Anyone remember the M-22 Rockcrusher??).

Better guage placement, OR a hud. that would cure it!!!

Move the paddle shifters OFF the wheel and onto the column behind the wheel, ever try paddle shifting with the wheel at 90 degrees??? Very hard to road course race like that. On the column they would always be in an accessible spot regardless of wheel position, like the high end Euro cars.

Retro colors: a dark Forest Green, Lemans Blue or Marina Bay Blue, G.O.L.D..that gorgeous 67 Camaro GOLD!!!!! lighter color interiors: tan, white, bright blue.

Ability to custom tailor some of these options individually instead of every thing being a package deal!!!!! The old days you could order any array of stuff, thats why there are so many unique cars out there.

Finally: WARRANTY this stuff, GM sold me ALOT of performance parts and when something broke they stuck it to me as far as warranty. If you sell a performance car or parts....dont punish me when I use it that way!!!!!!

I absolutley love this car, make it better and the heavens will open up!!!

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I don't own my camaro yet, but I should by the end of the summer.

In any case, here are my suggestions:

1- height-adjustable passenger seat - my girlfriend could barely see over the hood when we rented the car, took a lot out of the cruising experience for her...

2- How about front sensors, the back ones are great, but once again, for shorter people that hood can be huge, even when driving.

3- Blind spot warning on the side mirror, like they have on the mazda 6 for example

4- I want to say a Nav system, but seeing as these are usually priced, I say don't bother unless you can keep the price relatively low

5- Performance options for the V6! I know a lot of people here will just scorn at this, but classic muscle car V8s belong to the 20th century, let's start building the future!

6- Leave the fuel door on its current side!! Much better IMO.

And also, thank you so much for your time!

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2011 Camaro

Z28 427-502 engine w/Supercharger handling package steering improvements suspension etc...
Thank you

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As a non fanboy of either the mustang or the camaro i only have a few issues I'd like to see worked out. With the coming of the 5.0 mustang there is serious consideration on my part to buy one because of these issues, which btw are all defaults on the Camaro's part.

1. Weight
Idk what you can do about this but you have to find a way to shave the weight. With the mustang having a distinct advantage in the weight department, this is a big selling point for me because I don't have any gripes about the Camaro's horsepower, but with the increase in hp that the mustang is getting and the weight difference I'd have to think that it would be a much better performer.

2. reduced power in the auto SS
I don't have any problem with anybody driving a stick but for me it's just not practical at all. If i cant have the same amount of horsepower as the stick then whats the point, if I'm buying a SS I'd like to think that I wouldn't be worried about gas mileage or at least it wouldn't be a huge selling point for me. Thing for me is I know that GM can put an auto LS3 in the camaro!

3. The radio
I know this is a retro car but the radio shouldn't have been made like it's the 60's. I NEED the option to have a nav screen, or at least be able to buy a aftermarket piece to put in the car, but i wouldn't be able to because of the curve that the radio sits on.

Those are my only gripes about the car, they are MAJOR selling points for me and unfortunately the mustang is winning but I think the camaro is a much better car made by a much better company who could do much better. the camaro is a much better looking car and if GM could just tweak those things I'd be more than elated to purchase one!!

Love @ 1st sight

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Illuminate, or raise the Homelink buttons
Auto hvac controls
Full dash ambient lighting
Lumbar adjustment in seats
Turbocharged V6 option
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Thanks for doing this.

I love the idea of the HUD and NAV systems. Because of the cost, maybe offer it as an optional upgrade?

The HID foglamps would also be nice.

I would also like to see climate control. While the retro gauges are cool, having to always mess with the controls is a bit annoying. I would love to "set it and forget it".

All in all, I LOVE this car. Please don't change the body style.

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