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Heavier duty springs on the seatbelt retractors!!!!!
I have shut the door on the seatbelt twice and chipped the paint in the door jam.
That is my only complaint about the car.
I absolutly love it.
Wider rear wheels would help too.
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The Z/28 model needs to be fast and have an auto trans option.
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Chev to the bone
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Z28, thats all I gotta say
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What an honor to be able to share our thoughts this go round. Most of us did not find this site until the panels were over and the ordering began.

I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed my Camaro since May 20th when I took delivery. It has help create numerous memories, and brought me together with a great group of people. If I could change anything it would be minimal..

!. Power 6 way driver/passenger seat
2. lighting in the back for book reading. off the front head rest/roof line.
3. All tires the same size from factory so they can be rotated.
4. A thicker paint without orange peel

That is it for me. Thanks for carrying the information.
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Hats off to GM and Camaro5

I'm pretty new to the club - just getting my car last month/having bad weather - just now breaking 200 miles. Enjoy reading up on all the news.

GM -Awesome job! I love the car - have wanted one since the first generation (the real camaro) first arrived on the scene - 5thgen definately hit the mark! Owned a 4th gen covertable but was not pleased with quality.

For 5thgen would have been nice to have had metalic paint options with added layers of clear-coat finish. I'm not the expert as many of the club but would like to have seen "options" from the factory to improve performance for the RS: Air-intake, exhaust, etc. I also don't recall seeing a factory window-tint option. Thanks Camaro5 for the forum!
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Old 02-22-2010, 07:21 PM   #76
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS Red Jewel
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First of all let me say that I simply love, love, LOVE my Camaro!!! There are only three issues that I believe need to be addressed:

1. Four Way Power passenger seat.

2. Better interior lighting.

3. Move the gas cap to the driver side please.

edit: On the underside of the front bumper, consider making the underside a seperate piece that bolts onto the bumper seperately (somehow). I work in a historical neighborhood (dating from the early 1800's) and my decision to exit out of a different driveway this week resulted in my front end bottoming out onto the cobblestone street as I turned into the road and an approxamate 2 inch circle / gash of paint was scraped off of the portion just under the left front bumper. Yes, it is noticable and I am going to get it fixed and unfortunately it will probably happen again.:(

I had been telling my hubby since 1983, when we got married and I learned how to drive a 3sp stick shift on his 67SS, that Chevy needed to bring back the original Fisher body. Well you did good, and I absolutely love it. He had a blue 67SS and in 2000 I bought a Marroon 67SS. We are a Chevy family and a Camaro family for 27 years.

Thank you for making such a wonderful car.

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"The CRUISE" Friday, April 16, 2010 ~ Camaro5FEST

Last edited by iluvmy67camaro; 03-15-2010 at 12:03 AM. Reason: The car sits low and is not designed for historical neighborhoods.
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Don't Like it? Suggit.
Drives: 2010 2SS/RS
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A tighter steering ratio, and AFM deactivation in sport mode! That is all!

"Tops off, tach up baby- loud and proud!"
A Camaro lover from day one- 1996 3.8 V6 Camaro, to 1996 5.7 LT1 Camaro Z28, to the sold 2002 5.7 LS1 Camaro SS, and NOW, a [I]6.2 L99 VR 2SS/RS: XS Power stainless full exhaust, Airaid CAI, BMR drop springs and sways, custom tune by Cal Speed- 411rwhp
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Love the car!!!!!!!!!!!! However, some things could use inprovment/refinement.

1. Z/28..gotta have it!
2. power passenger seat
3. Adjustable pedals.
4. Memory settings for seats, pedals and mirrors.
5. Automatic HVAC
6. Better interiour lighting
7. Light up the homelink buttons
8. HUD
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Drives: 2010 2SS/RS IOM Camaro
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Overall I love the car - detail tweaks as follows :

- Add tactile feedback and/or LEDs to garage door opener switches
- Add a light in the glove box to let us see where we are plugging in USB keys
- Improve MP3 player functionality/reliability - add support for larger devices
- Remove Onstar ..... add more standard GPS as option
- If we cant remove Onstar - find somewhere else to put the function buttons and shrink the rear view mirror

Mechanical observations :
- Improve gear shift action - the shift into 2nd was notchy for about first 2000 miles
- Give option of a handling package
- Deliver on GM options - e.g. Hurst.....
Breathing Fire since October 8th 2009 !
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okay well i know i will be repeating alot of things that are already said but still hope it helps.
1. Z28 please
2. if no Z28 (i think its rumored to look like this) can we please have a body kit or a new option for a hood and hood scoop or some other alternative that will make the camaros look like bumblebee from transformers 2 please
3. Four pack cluster gauges as an option on all models or even just the SS's and up please
4. ABL running across the entire dash
5. An option to have navigation please (not a big deal just would be nice)
6. Power passenger seat
7. I think I speak for everyone hear but can you guys please keep kicking the competitors where it hurts please!
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IMHO, Everyone needs to keep in mind that your suggestions should appeal all potential consumers, not just ones that solve your pet pieve. Things like a factory Hurst shifter are a good idea. however things like lighted homelink controls might not be such a big deal.

I agree to a point with your statement. The problem is the small things like the lighted homelink cant be done aftermarket. Things like shifters, exhaust, other cosmetic items can easily be swapped out without warranty issues. The small things will bug you and there is nothing you can do about it.
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Old 02-22-2010, 07:34 PM   #82
xman60606's Avatar
Drives: 2010 Camaro 1LT RS
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Not sure if this was mentioned already mentioned, but as a safety feature include Blind spot detection on the car. Especially since its hard to see out the back of the vehicle. This will help protect my baby in the streets of Chicago.
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Drives: 2010 1LT
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I have owned every generation Camaro and I will say this is the best one by far. The '67 Convert. ran a close 2nd for me. A few things to keep in mind going forward:

1. Better interior lighting - this seems to be an across the board issue
2. Better visors - make them bigger and put in vanity lights
3. Folding mirrors - This is an absolute must and possibly add locater lighting
4. Z-28
5. IROC anyone? - Pure nostalgia
6. Retro emblems as an option? Think 1st Gen Crossd Flags
7. Power passenger seating
8. Spare tire included on all models - peace of mind = carefree cruising; don't want to spend an extra $150 for a safety feature that should be in the car to begin with.
9. Owner Loyalty Trade-In; Everyone who bought the Camaro has basically put Chevy back in th hunt. Going forward if first year buyers want to upgrade to a newer model - like the future convertible or Z-28 - give them an extra incentive, not just book value to do it and stay with the car they love but in a newer model. Are you listening GM??
10. Allow buyers to purchase a package at factory prices later. Like an RS package. If ordered it was approx. $1450. Try doing that after the fact and you're looking at maybe triple the price. Help us out GM.

Love the car. We were ther for you GM. Please be ther for us. Listen to the choir.
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first off I LOVE my camaro. the only thing I really have to complain about is
1. the sun visors are useless.They need to be normal size.
2. 6 way power passenger seat
3. Navigation option
other optios that would be nice
heated/cooled seats (i live in the south, the seats get hot more than they get cold)
dual control climate control
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