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This is awesome news but hard for me to believe. I see 2010 mustangs EVERYWHERE! GT's and V6's galore. I estimate I see 10 2010 mustangs to 1 Camaro. Probably the same amount of Challengers as Camaros too.
Apparently they are selling but I dont see the results yet. Congrats GM!
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I think it's only natural that the Mustang is going to outsell the Camaro at some point.
For most of the pony war's history, it's been that way. From the late 60's to something of more recent years, it's been the Mustang outselling the Camaro (looking at all the fourth gen Mustangs I see on every drive I take).
Does it make it a better car? Not necessarily. If anything, it's just been more advertised. I know I'm always seeing commercials for the Mustang whereas I hardly see ANYTHING for the Camaro.
Now, if GM were to get their asses out of their chairs and start advertising something more than an LT/RS, the sales might be more impressive. If they came out and said "We're still beating Ford by 14 ponies," there would be people who liked that.
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Originally Posted by RAdams View Post
Will there be an uptick in sales in the coming months due to the higher output engine? Most likely. Will it be significant enough to overtake the Camaro sales? Welllll, maybe. Having the highest HP motor will only matter to a narrow category of buyers. Mustang and Camaro may be in the same general category, but from someone who has driven and loves both cars, I consider them to be VERY different vehicles.
I agree with you but right now the Mustang's powertrain options are just terrible and it's obvious to anyone that cross-shops the two cars. Many buyers will overlook this for various reasons but when the performance gap is as big as it is now it's going to make a noticable difference in sales. I really think there's room for more of both as long as the economy doesn't get even worse but the rest of the competition like the Challenger and Genesis Coupe are going to get left in their little niches eating dust.
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