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Question Give me your opinon on the Z28?

Sorry for the other post it was an error, I don't know how to upload a video.

I was thinking about a comment I heard by logan1080 question from Bob Lutz.

With multiple vehicles taking on the SS badges, is the Z28 name gone for good?
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No names are ever gone for good, seemingly.

I came to a reasonable solution on what I think GM is thinking, which is the following: I think GM is trying to find an alternative fuel source to back up the Z28 and still give out the same horsepower or even more. I know a few cars that do that now. Like the BMW 750 Hydrogen,GMC Yukon Hybrid, and what Chevy is already coming out with which is the Chevy Equinox.

Comment back and tell me how you feel.

This is my source from my theory:

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JiXeR'z DoDgE/FoRd KiLLeR
SSiCk MeMbEr!!!
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I just wanna know if it's coming back or not...I'm seriously sick of waiting on an answer!
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Originally Posted by JiXeR'z DoDgE/FoRd KiLLeR View Post
I just wanna know if it's coming back or not...I'm seriously sick of waiting on an answer!

However, I can see why GM's kinda' pulling back right now.

As far as the hydrogen and such, I think that technology is still pretty far away from being ready for the public. There is a shared hyrdrogen cell development project building, with litterally like all the major auto' manufacturers five minutes from where I work (GM, Ford, 'Yota, Honda, BMW, etc.) It's like a joint effort on all of them to move this technology forward I guess. I don't think it's going to be practical for a very long time. Sure, maybe they could produce a car that's reliable and such, but there's no infrastructure there; no fuel stations. HECK, in my area, let alone state, there is hardly an E85 station to be found. I work for the State and use a State truck on business, and in my travels up and down to California, I have not found an E85 station for our E85-compatable truck.

I'm not saying your theory is bad just it seems like perhaps they're leaning more toward a hybrid, like it looks like you suggested too. We're just going to have to wait...
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Convertible Lady
Convertible Lady
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convertible Lady

Thanks for the pics before it all starts. Wishing I could be there, it would have been fun to take my 69. My husband isn't into cars, fishing & hunting for him, so it is harder to go to things like this. :flag1:
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I think the Z28 is a great classic car. It represents a Camaro-only trim, making it unique and special to Camaro enthusiasts.

At the same time, GM has made great strides in recent history regarding the quality of cars and investments. Right now, a Z28 doesn't make sense. There's plenty of demand, but it is hard to place in such a high-performing lineup. If a super Camaro were to exist, then it might be called a ZL1 rather than a Z28. The Z28 would have to be between the performance of the Z06 and the Camaro SS, which is a pretty small area of horsepower. Since they are so close in performance, it is better, for now, to release stage kits or GMPP kits that enhance horsepower and torque to make up for the temporary hiatus of the Z28. With a Z06 running at 505 hp and the Camaro SS running at 400 hp (L99), a Z28 would have to compete somewhere in between. Adding 50 hp to a Camaro SS is not a good enough investment to justify producing a Z28 right now.
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