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AFM suckage

Great mother of all AFM suck-iness. I tried to drive my A6 SS today in D, after switching to using the paddle shifters in M mode shortly after I got the car in December. I now have over 1500 miles, and was hoping the car would act somehow more behaved now that it is broken in more or less. Listen up GM, this engine/transmission tune in this unmodified car is the worst behaved automatic driving car I have ever driven. Feels like I have 10 gears and the car is switching between them constantly.

I have taken it to the dealer and let a tech drive my car....(yea I was in it).
He thought it "kinda slipped a bit" under normal driving. I could tell he was bummed how it drove, as it was his first time driving one. (He said the dealer didn't allow them to drive any Camaro's at all). Anyway, nothing definite can be diagonised by the dealer, so they kinda just shrug and say, "Sorry dude, wish we could do something for you, but there is nothing technically wrong".

Is there any known newer tune or re-flash or something I can go to them with, that can be done to get the car to drive smoother?

Otherwise, I feel that I am going to have to be forced by GM to chunk my warrenty and go get a aftermarket tune.

Back to driving with the paddle shifters in the mean time. I admit using them is kinda fun.

Any suggestions that will not behead my warranty? Thanks.
2010 SIM SS/RS see garage for mods
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Have you tried the fuse pull? Dyno the car and see what numbers your coming up with.

The car is heavy which is part of the reason it does not fill very fast..
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have you tried driving in sport mode ?
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Just have a tune and tune out the AFM.
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