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Cool Peoria auto show, with pics

On display:
Black LT

I kinda feel bad for all the other cars there. These 3 were like Kobe cows dropped into a school of piranha.

I initially ordered CGM, then changed to black.
This was my first time seeing both the Camaro and the CGM (on the ZR1 of course)
I am disappointed with the black. This is one color that photographs beautifully and is so flat and lifeless in person, I'm thrilled my car hasn't been delivered yet! On top of that, this particular car had severe paint abuse, it looked terrible. Word to the wise, for those who are ordering, DO NOT let your dealer wash the car.

I'm not a red kind of guy. I've always bought black. This RJT is gorgeous! It looks so good you just want to lick it. Easily the nicest color on the floor.
Will I change to RJT or back to CGM, I don't know, but I will not get the black.

The opening into the car is huge. I'm 6'1" 180 lbs and it was easy to get in and out. The seats felt great, very snug and the leather felt good and grippy.
The passenger seat does not have the same range of movement of the drivers seat which is substantial. I was very happy with the seating position and I would add that visibility is not as bad as some have written. Of course, what you're used to has some bearing on your opinion, I found the driver's side glass large enough to allow a good look over your shoulder, over your right shoulder, forget it...that's what the 400+ ft lbs of torque are for.

The wheel and dash are fine, I saw no issues with fit and finish.

Both these vehicles were autos and I'm concerned that the shifter for the manual will be to high and forward based on the position of the auto, we'll see.

I could not sit up straight in the back, not an issue for me personally. My 5 year old son fit just fine, although he would see nothing outside the car.

The grill is cartoonish, I will be looking for an aftermarket replacement, something darker and inset further.

I was very surprised by how skinny the tires are, another aftermarket must.

I'm concerned about some of the reviews descriptions of numb steering, and the lack of feedback. I think I'll have to drive it before I commit. The throttle response can be fixed with a tune, but don't expect GM to fix it, you will have to pay someone for that. The steering, I just don't know how that can be modified, that may be a baked in problem (for me).

All things considered, I think we have a "best bang for your buck" winner here. The aftermarket will be tremendous for this car and it rolls off the lot in fine shape.

My favorite part of the car is the quarter / rear window transition. That's what I really liked about the 60's cars, and it's executed beautifully here.

NOTE: Our TBSS is Black Granite Metallic. It shows all the way from silver to black and it's deep! The closer you look, there more it draws you in like a tractor beam. CGM on the ZR1 is just like that. Lots of blue & green, but he "BGM" is the best paint I've seen on a stock car, until I saw RJT that is. Of all the colors available, why would GM choose "just black", when something like BGM is already in production and has so many fans? I saw clean ABM in the sun yesterday and it was stunning. I think SIM shows the car's lines the best and has that character. Our first TBSS was ABM and I still love that. I will say this about the black paint on this car, it makes it invisible. I remember seeing one of those first videos, filmed at an intersection as a procession of camaros passes by. All the cars stood out clearly, except the black one which made me wonder for a second what it was. Then there was the recent pic of the transport, it had a black one in the middle and an RJT behind it, which stood out like a jewel. The black one is invisible! I like that. It hides the lines of car from a distance, but up close it's like a mirror and around the! I would not be disappointed to get black, if it's a clean base. Standing in the middle of those 3 cars though, I still don't know.

How much would it cost to get the camaro painted the same color as the ZR1 calipers? I think they're afraid of painting an entire car with that for fear people would just pass out from awe.

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thanks, the ZR1 just looks killer
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Wow! Great shots of the CGM and the black camaro in the same pictures. Gives a good idea of the contrast between the two.
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NOICE!!! ™
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Cool pic's
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Good work
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Old 04-05-2009, 09:21 PM   #6
2SS/RS Black/CGM Stripes
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I think the CGM will look fantastic with the black! Thanks for the pictures!
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Those are some nice.....BIG.... pics. I like um! I am loving that RJT SS!
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Great post, THX for all the info and I would like that paint as well!!!
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nice to see those car together love them both thanks for the pictures
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Also the ZR1's are done for now. No plans to make anymore for at least a year from what I read on vette forums. Since the vette plant is close atm anyway.
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Speed 1
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Thanks for the pictures!!! Black looks great.... can't wait to see it in person.
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The Great KJ
The Great KJ
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Good to see Peoria represented, bought my 2nd Camaro "87 IROC" at Dennison in Pekin.
Former Cars - 1980 Z28 / 1987 IROC-Z / 1991 Z28
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Can you really discern which color stands out !! Black or RJT !! Awesome!
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This Car Rocks !! "Bring It On" GT-500
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Silver Streak

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Great pictures, thanks alot! Love that CGM!!

"What? You wanna lay the fate of the world on that kids Camaro? That's cool!"

"The future is in the windshield, not the rear-view mirror!"

"If you haven't gone a 175 mph on land, you haven't lived! That's just a fact!" - Ricky Bobby
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