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Originally Posted by garagelogic View Post
I want to know what the fastest partial-motor Camaro has achieved. I mean, I have never gotten why people throw around the term "all-motor" like it should make a difference.

Believe me, I understand the differences between what can be achieved with a normally-aspirated powerplant versus a forced-induction one, but it's the term all-motor that tickles me. It's not like a supercharger or turbo is not part of the powertrain of certain vehicles, too.

To me, it would be like a math major bragging that he/she took a test using "all-brain" versus using a calculator. In the end, it doesn't matter how you got the result, it's the result that matters. I'd rather get an "A" grade using a calculator than a "C" grade without one.

Of course, the guy who got the "C" grade would probably say, "Yeah, well, I got my grade "all-brain" and didn't have to cheat!"

Oh, congrats on the run in any case. N/A or FI that's moving in a stock suspension car.
This is a great post. Pretty funny too.

And +1 on the congratulations. OP, that was a great run. I'm sure you'll hit 200 mph with your new monster setup.
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Awesome! Watching that rear view camera makes me think it's going to lift off at some point.
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What is an H/C package?
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Originally Posted by chevyridinghigh View Post
Awesome! Watching that rear view camera makes me think it's going to lift off at some point.
When I shoot for 200+ I need to do some aero work or it probably will!

I have a few great shots and video of the car at 160+ fromn the outside, it's easy to see the "flaws" and what can be done better for such speeds.

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
What is an H/C package?
Sorry! It is a head and cam package. They are CNC ported L92 heads with a custom ground cam.
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What a sweet run. Looking forward to seeing more of this lean mean machine.
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Originally Posted by Erik@Torq View Post
Went to the Top Gun Run Standing mile event this weekend, pulled a 165.8mph run with our H/C package!

Fastest all-motor Camaro to date?

and that depends... are we limited it to a standing mile? lol
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I agree, shifts could be much quicker. You could pick up a mile or two with just that.

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Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
So you have 1 mile to reach your top speed? Is that correct?

How much faster do you think you could have gone if you had an unlimited distance?

A camaro ss delimited will do about 174, popular mechanics did a salt flats run agianst a GT500.

GT500 stomped the camaro obviously, but 174 stock, thats hella fast!
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