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my contribution to fog light mod

Here is what did to mine... will work 100% like factory without having to push the button to turn fog lights on.

I finally got around to figuring out how to mod my fog lights to have them on whenever the car is on, but still function properly like they should This is by far the BEST way to mod the fog lights to be on all the time... if you have the ability to do this mod. It gives you the ability to have the fog lights on all the time by using a latching switch in the circuit, but when the latching switch is flipped off, the fog lights will still work like they came from the factory using the fog button on the head light switch. This does not require any factory wiring to be cut.
This is what I came up with. I took the factory head light switch apart and found the connections that are grounded together to turn the fog lights on. I then soldered my (2 wire) harness to those contacts on the circuit board and ran them out the back of the switch. When the switch is reassembled, this gives a nice harness with plug end to be used to hook up the latching switch. After the latching switch is hooked up, the fog lights will always be on when the car is running, so long as the latching switch is on. Turn the latching switch off and the fog lights will work 100% factory.
Here is the best part about doing the mod this way... even when the latching switch is on, the fog lights will still function the same as they do from the factory. When the high beams are on, the fog lights turn off. Turn the high beams off and the fog lights will come back on. Even the fog light indicator in the dash cluster will illuminate correctly and will go out when high beams are on.
Attached are some photos showing what contact points on the circuit board you need to solder your harness to. You will also need to trim a small piece off the inside of the light switch housing for the wires to lay in so they do not get pinched when the switch is reassembled. It is easily seen where it will need to be trimmed when the switch is apart. Also, when taking the switch apart, there are 2 small springs inside the housing that go on either side of the dimmer part of the switch. See photo for where springs go.
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